Instagram for Android

The latest Instagram update is now rolling out to the masses. While it is a minor bug fix for most folks, if for some reason you still have a Android 2.2 Froyo device in your hands this will be one you'll want to grab. It addresses some bugs in certain devices running Froyo as well, adds support for the Samsung Galaxy Y. As always, you'll find the download past the break.


Reader comments

Instagram update going out - Adds support for the Samsung Galaxy Y while addressing bugs for Froyo users


I'm still having two problems with Instagram:

1. after taking a photo the picture goes out of centre
2. all photos have violet/green line at one side (this one is especially annoying and I must always add frame if I don't want it to show)

I use Desire S, 2.3.5.

You guys should do a spinoff site -

Seems like every other post is about Instagram, so there seems to be enough content to support it.