Fighting games are tough to get right on mobile devices. Sure, we have physical control options like MOGA controllers, but most everybody just plays with a touch screen. One fighter that really gets it right is the Android version of Injustice: Gods Among Us. It packs the graphical flair and chaos of the console games, and yet plays quite well on tablets and phones.

Clearly Injustice has done well for itself, as today Warner Bros. announced the mobile version has been played one billion times across Android and iOS. That’s a win for the publisher, but also players. In celebration of the milestone, everyone who plays the game by the end of the weekend gets 30,000 credits free. Use them to unlock playable DC Comics characters in the game!

Hero takes on hero takes on villain


On consoles, Injustice is a one-on-one fighting game that plays a lot like Mortal Kombat. The mobile version looks and plays a lot like its big screen counterpart, though the combat has been greatly simplified. Characters walk automatically, leaving the player free to tap and swipe to perform normal and super attacks.

The mobile version of Injustice doesn’t feature a proper story mode through which to unlock characters. Instead, players simply take on numerous battles and earn credits. These credits can then be spent in the in-game store to unlock cards that represent new playable characters. Each character card can also be leveled up to make it more powerful.

If you don’t want to grind your way towards unlocking the big heroes like Batman and his BFF Superman, you can always choose to buy credits through In-App Purchase. With Warner Bros. giving away a bunch of credits this weekend, players can get a jump on the unlocking process without having to buy a thing.

The 30,000 free credits promotion lasts through Sunday, February 2nd.

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Sunday isn't February first....

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Masterramy says:

I was gonna say that too!!

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DaYungGawdd says:


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neonworm says:

That was random...

Paul Acevedo says:

Thanks for catching that. Fixed.

tdizzel says:

Thanks for the heads up. I hadn't played in a couple of weeks but I might as well load it up for some free credits.

gonk24 says:

Must be a glitch in the system because as I've browsed back and forth between the shop and collection menus I've been presented with the 30,000 bonus credit screen multiple times. I've netted 240,000 so far.

Jal253 says:

#gonk24 ,hello could you explain if you left the game or just browsed the menus back and forth only? I am really interested :-)

keith2k1 says:


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ShiftPursuit says:

I can confirm it happening. I just downloaded this game for the first time and that One Billion Play Sessions image keeps popping up, giving me 30,000 more coins each time. I'm at 270,000 coins as of now and haven't played a match yet.

It seems to happen easily when going into options and backing out a few times.

kalel3038 says:

Darn it I should have Continued I just got enough to buy superman should have continued to get Batman and wonder woman...

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JFMobile says:

Fun game.

ltracte says:

I have not received the bonus credits at all. just downloaded the game a few hours ago, and havent seen any free credits appear. how do you get them

TheEijk says:

Neither do I :S

Didar27682 says:

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Aredubu says:

I just received 302,000 credits and I haven't started playing the game yet. Alternate back and forth between options and shop for the credits.

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Sean473 says:

I'm getting nothing.. Do you need a WB account?

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bigtank says:

i have a WB acct and haven't rec'd anything either

Bobhfx says:

i was awarded the credits then the game took them away.

Same here. What gives?

N3 via AC App

Same here. What gives?

N3 via AC App

dyastrab says:

I only got it once.

Love this game.

abhi2nahi4 says:

I got it 10 times to a total of 300000 credits after which it stopped.

BldyIdt says:

Same here!

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Hand_O_Death says:

I got it three times

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Mr.MiAmI says:

Game is awesome on my Nexus 7...

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Aredubu says:

I had to create an account, but I still have 302,000 credits.

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Gimik says:

Credits given then taken away here too. I'll just delete the game if I don't get them.

MarkSeven says:

Only got it once..

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erwaso says:

Can you switch between phone and tablet with the same account? or is it locked to one device?

Devlyn16 says:

My son got a boat load of credits, I did not. As soon as he got theom I warned him "that is a glitch better spend thse coins before they take them back." he did and everything he spent them on remains in effect

Bobhfx says:

WB Games
8:22 PM (4 hours ago)

to me
Greetings Bob,

Unfortunately unless your data was backed up then the data cannot be retrieved. We are sorry for the inconvenience this may have brought you. If you would like a refund please fill out the form below. We are sorry for the inconvenience many other users are experiencing the same problem. Thank you for being patient in our response.

In order for us to process a refund we will need the following information.

Order Number:
Date of the Transaction:
How much were you charged:

Once we have this information we can go ahead and submit the refund request for you.
Once the refund is processed you should see it listed a refunded on your Google Checkout account.

Thank you,


WB Games Support this is the reply i go from them,bs if you ask me,i deleted the game