Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

After this morning's jump-the-gun leak revealed everything there is to know about the Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch, you probably have a pretty good idea of what the device has in store. Pictures speak louder than words, though, and until you see the Epic 4G Touch in the flesh, you only know half the story. It is an absolutely beautiful device that truly lives up to its name.

To refresh your memory, the Epic 4G Touch has got some major goodies under the hood:

  • 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus display
  • Ultra-thin (9.59mm) design
  • Samsung Exynos 1.2GHz dual-core processor
  • Wimax 4G radio
  • Media Hub
  • 8MP rear camera and 2MP front camera
  • Social Hub
  • HD video recording
  • Samsung Kies Air
  • Wifi calling
  • NOVA 2 HD pre-loaded
  • Swype pre-loaded
  • AES-256 internal/external hardware encryption
  • Bluetooth 3.0
  • Sprint ID
  • Polaris Office
  • Hotspot controls up to eight devices
  • Android 2.3
  • Optional USB Host kit for connection keyboards, cameras, printers and thumb drives
  • Optional HDMI adapter
  • Multimedia and Car docks will be available

Performance on the Epic 4G Touch, from what we can tell, is top of the line. Hiccups are absent and switching between homescreens, opening apps, and multitasking is smooth as can be. And that 4.52-inch Super AMOLED Plus is worth the price of admission ($199 on contract) alone. Colors are crisp, blacks are deep, and viewing angles are superb. There isn't much to say until you see it with your own eyes. Wow. Oh, and one more cherry on top-- The Epic 4G bucks the trend with an LED notification light. A welcome addition to this new crop from Samsung.

Like the rest of the Galaxy S II line, the Epic 4G Touch is thin and incredibly light. It's got the patented Samsung plastic feel, but that has grown on us. Take a gander at the rest of the shots from this evening's event, which should hold you over until the device hits the market on September 16.

Hit the break for the video and more photos.


Youtube link for mobile viewing

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G TouchSprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G TouchSprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G TouchSprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G TouchSprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G TouchSprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch

Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch


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Hands-on with the Sprint Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch (updated with video)


I read on TIMN it's 16GB. If true, it's about damn time gave us a super phone with some good internal storage!!

I think you mean "storage" not "memory"

They rarely list memory either.... I bet it has 1GB, though.
From the HORRIBLE Sprint website, I gather it does have 16GB of storage, but it also has NO SDCARD!

I've been waiting for this since my contract expired in June. I, for one, could care less if Sprint is going to get the iPhone.

Lmao, I hate when people say that. It's like, "dude, say that again very slowly to yourself, listen to it, and try to understand if that made any sense." Haha...

But back on topic, this is awesome. I cannot WAIT until December 1st. :D :D OH YEAH!

It just became a LOT more difficult to stick to my plan of waiting for the Nexus Prime or other phone designed around ICS. Must...resist...

Hahahahaha I'm so in the same boat as you. The EVO 3D was a no go. No photon. But this.....omg. The Epic touch looks awesome. I'm sooooo tempted. Damn it. I want to wait to see if the next nexus comes to Sprint. This is hard because I regarded that this is the phone to beat this year.

Everything is awesome. Cannot wait for this phone to come out. I will be on it day 1. Plus we get a notification light. Go sprint.

How does the display compare with the smaller AT&T version? Does the extra .2 mm affect the SuperAMOLED+ display like it does on the Infuse? A larger display with the same resolution usually comes with a price.

well today's post on the AT&T variant mentioned that the SGS2 was visibly crisper and brighter than the infuse... and I had read the same thing in reviews comparing the european variant with the infuse when it was released.

yes of course... i had just been comparing the thicknesses and so millimeters were dancing around in my head.

I could be mistaking, but I don't think it's .2" difference. I believe it's .02". 4.5" -> 4.52". and what is 2/100 of an inch of difference?

I'm not hating, cuz trust me, I wish I could be there for day 1. I have the first Epic with the slide out keyboard. And it has a notification light on it. Which isn't anything new.

4.52" vs 4.3" and that is noticeable, but not a deal breaker. Here's a you tube video that compares the two sizes. http://youtu.be/aSzIcMoBckc AT&T may have decided that 4.3" was a better size for a phone. 4.52" seems rather large.

Awesome! This one's especially better since the AT&T and T-Mobile version actually has quite a different TW4. (The email and messaging icon are a bit different and there are no numbers in the bubble screen indicators). Not really a big deal, but nice to see a really similar device compared to the international version.


*same clarkson voice* Some say this phone would never come,and when it did, it would be outdated..... all we know is its called "the stig"

Great device, WoW what more can you say?? I hope current Epic 4g owners are happy this device looks great. Myself being an EVO 3D owner I am happy with my device I support HTC and the Evo brand only that will never change. This definitely makes sprint the TOP CARRIER with android dualcore monsters and many more devices are coming. Sprint clearly rules.....

Until one year HTC is shown up by Samsung or Moto and you drool 'til your HTC fries. Then your allegiance will change.

I agree with you. Obviously this phone will be a beast and will contend for top dog on sprint, but I'm too in love with the EVO series and HTC in general to feel any sense of jealousy or envy. It is cool to see Sprints lineup becoming a powerhouse though.

I'm with you. Yeah, this is really pretty, and that display... But, it isn't enough to turn me away from my Evo3D. Epic owners were left twisting in the breeze on the update front. With each update my Evo3D gets better, it evolves. HTC's shows a lot of love. Can't go back to update obscurity with Samsung. Not gonna do it. Evo3D don't get much respect. I've heard the gimmick bit, but you have to look hard to find an available phone with equal specs. I like this new Epic Touch. It's thinner, sexier, probably faster, too. The colors on that display pop, even 2nd hand on youtube. Makes me wonder what the next Evo will be. (Awesome)

I will have to try both the evo 3d and gsiifgt side by side. Last time I waited for the epic to come out after the evo 4g to compare the two, and the evo just fit me better. looks cleaner and felt more premium. now a year later I am doing the same thing with the 3d and gs2. I have a feeling I will go with HTC again especially with the screen difference. QHD versus a bigger less res screen. yes the colors are way brighter and blacks blacker, but that just exentuates the cartoony look of the samsung UI and really makes those pixels stand out. I like how the 3d almost looks like a dummy phone because the screen looks like it is photograph. Only thing keeping me interested in the sammy is that awesome camera. 8mp and 1080p vs. 5mp and 720p. im sorry HTC gave up the big dogs for the stupid 3d. Hmmm, GSII or white 3d?

anyone know if the processor supports sprints leapfrog project which is supposed to get better 3g signals?i knwo the evo3d has it but does this have it?

It doesn't have anything to due with the processor. As soon as Sprint upgrades their towers, the 3G signal should get stronger and more reliable. If they move to 4G LTE, however, you won't get LTE on this device only WiMAX.

o ok cause i thought i read somewhere that it was a feature of the qualcomm processor on the evo 3d..here it is:The Federal Communications Commission has approved the previously announced HTC EVO 3D for the Sprint network with an interesting and unannounced spec. The FCC has confirmed that the EVO 3D supports 800MHz CDMA in the ESMR band. The ESMR 800MHz band is what Sprint uses for its iDEN network. Sprint eventually plans to transition the ESMR band from iDEN to CDMA as part of its expansive network improvement initiative. Once that transition is complete and Sprint ports its voice services to the ESMR spectrum, the HTC EVO 3D will be able to make use of it. Sprint's main CDMA network operates in the 1900MHz PCS band.

And it has an LED notification light :) YES !!!!! Funny how Sprint is the only version to get the LED. Would think all the carriers would have asked Samsung to include that.

Just like the first Epic, the specs are Epic!

And just like the first Epic, it comes out right before a new version of Android is on the horizon.

I loved my 1st gen Epic once I got 2.2 on it. Lets hope the Epic 2 gets updated to ICS in a timely fashion. At least we know it is sure to get it.

Hmm no nfc chip or did I miss something? Google wallet launches in Sept and sprints an official partner. Why oh why doesn't the sgs2 have it? :(

Looks like I might stick to the ns4g till nexus prime hits.

I was a little sorry to see that was missing too. But while the NFC idea is appealing to me, I think we may still be a few years away from Mastercard's PayPass readers being ubiquitous enough for it to really matter much. Yeah, some places have it, but I think we'll still be reaching for plastic more often than our phones for several years to come.

Many people have security concerns about Pay Pass Mastercards. With NFC on a phone I believe it could be password protected so it couldn't be scanned unless you turn the feature on when you need it. With 1/2 million Androids being activated everyday, I don't think it will be long before merchants will jump on board and most of us will wish we had Google Wallet. It's definitely a feature I want. The Nexus Prime, LTE on Sprint, and ICS are all coming soon, too.

I *will not* upgrade my phone to one without NFC. I wasn't going to buy this phone anyway, but its kept me from jumping to the 3VO or jumping ship for a sensation.

I ported my number from an AT&T ANR employee line back to Sprint the second I saw this phone. I'm willing to pay about 30 dollars more a month to have this beast.

I see that it has an awesome display. But, I don't see anything about having Gorilla Glass. Does it have that? I really appreciate the near indestructible form of the current Epic with Gorilla Glass.

I see that it has an awesome display. But, I don't see anything about having Gorilla Glass. Does it have that? I really appreciate the near indestructible form of the current Epic with Gorilla Glass.

I love everything about the hardware. The look, the screen, and the internals. But god I hate the look of the software. I understand that touch wiz is getting better functionally, but its so damn ugly!

This is exactly why I went for the Evo3D. I don't care about the 3D are rarely use it, but Sense is great. A phones hardware can be out of this world but if the software running on it sucks, is a no go.

256bit Hardware encryption? Hmmmm..... And everything else... USB Host kit.... Well, I'm going to have to wait until December 1st for upgrade. The choices are looking good. If this appears also as a "Slide" with the same or similar specs, I'm sooooo IN!!!

I'm glad that the variants stayed true to the original in terms of general design, most hardware, and software. Each has their own appeal, but I think Sprint and T-Mobile got the better variants. More on how I feel about each carriers' respective Galaxy S II on my blog: http://wp.me/p1BlyQ-59

Fail. Much too big, like most recent "high end" phones. Whats wrong with 3.7-4.0 inch screens? :-s
In my book, the Desire/S and Incredible/S still rule...

Wifi calling is a huge bonus! Please add to this.... This will be very easy to root so it's not a huge deal that Samsung is bad on updates. Plus 2.3.4 is very polished. How much more do we need?

Yes! Many powerhouse choices to choose from now, from different brands, at Sprint - love it! 4.52 screen size is pretty big size (almost lugging around a tablet in your pocket) :)

this phone looks really really sweet. i love the 4.52" display. but i'm an HTC loyalist so i will wait for the HTC EVO HD hopefully coming soon.

I remember not too long ago everyone was bashing Samsung because of slow updates and the plastic housing on phones. Everyone was calling them slow with updates and cheap plastic phones. Now everyone and their mom want a GSII.


I saw you had trouble reaching with your thumb across the device. Would you recomend this phone to someone who had to primarily use it with one hand? ( Ipersonally have to use a cane and only one hand if free most of the time)

Sorry Samsung, doesn't matter what you put out there, I'm not buying. I have the original epic 4 g and your update record is abismal. Still waiting for the gingerbread and you've already end of life the phone. I'm moving to HTC. You've got too much competition in the market to be last in customer service and hope to survive.