EeePad Transformer 

Initial stocks of ASUS's new EeePad Transformer hybrid device have sold out, according to multiple sources. The Honeycomb-powered tablet/notebook briefly went on sale in the UK earlier this month at an insanely-reasonable price of £380 (~$610) for the tablet alone, and £430 (~$690) for the tablet and laptop dock.

A post on the manufacturer's Facebook page confirms the "first 2-3 batches" sold out much faster than they had planned. ASUS advises customers to watch their local ASUS Facebook page for updates on future availability. [ASUS Eee on Facebook, CNET]


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Initial ASUS EeePad Transformer stock sells out


Can tech journalists please stop doing straight up currency conversions? And if you are gonna do it, please indicate the 20% VAT and list prices for similar products so people can get a relative price range.


Well, like it or not, the majority of viewers are US viewers. Plus, the dollar is the world currency.

I'm not sure why it would bother you -- it just adds parentheses and another number.

I don't think the OP was talking about currency conversions per se, just that they think it should take into account some costs like VAT.

For instance, if you're going to convert to USD, add in/subtract out the VAT that would be paid by the UK buyer depending on the direction of the conversion.

It's not only VAT. Prices don't directly translate period. Cars are a great example. Generally if a car costs 14,000£/€ in Europe, it's closer to $14,000 in the US than any conversion you do, whether including VAT or no.

It just doesn't work.

Exactly- because I don't see what is so "insanely reasonable" about a $610 EEE price tag. The Xoom can be bought at any Costco for $589.

£379 less 20% VAT is about $493 US. With IPS display, working microSD card slot and ability to add a keyboard dock which doubles battery life.

I really don't get why they didn't foresee this happening... what kind of research team do they have there at Asus. Did you really think the Xoom's numbers were a good comparable when they priced their thing at 599?

People want an affordable Android tablet that doesn't cost the same or more than the iPad -- or else the majority of consumers would just go for the iPad based on brand alone.

The same can be said about Acer's decision to let go of their CEO because the board wanted to build up their netbook/laptop space instead of pushing into tablets and phones. Idiots. Netbook/laptop sales will only go down from here on (they're already plummeting) Especially considering the fact that the tablet is evolving into variations that don't need a laptop/netbook keyboard (like the Asus Transformer).

Clearly, there are risks here you have to take. But, can't they see that this is how tech works? What was great/popular before, won't be in the future. You need to adapt, and NOT cling on to what worked in the past.

This is the Tablet that the world needs. I've been explaining to my wife that a Tablet is simply a laptop with a touchscreen ... and then remove the keyboard. This Transformer is how you make a real tablet. The keyboard doubles as a screen protector, or leave it at home for some on-the-go goodness.

I can't wait to get my hands on one.

This tablet is more of what I'd want in a Tablet than the Xoom, but I don't have a use for any Android Tablet until there are apps that do what I need to do (content creation). I can view content on my EVO. I need to create content, not just view it. Wherever it sold out, couldn't have been in the USA. Who's standing in line to buy an Android Tablet here?

It comes with an office suite for content creation. ASUS offers their cloud storage service free for one year for accessing files on the go. It also has a remote desktop app from ASUS. There is a working Microsd slot, USB port and a very reasonable battery life with the keyboard dock. When more apps get developed for tablets you will have more usage cases. What more do you want?

I'm not surprised to see that the initial batch sold out. I think there's a segment of consumers that has wanted a machine like this for years. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that laptop manufacturers will take note. My dream machine would be something like this running Windows 7 and with powerful enough hardware to run MMOs like Lord of the Rings, Warcraft, etc.

There are some Windows 7 tablets out there already and aren't cheap, at least you can play Pocket Legends and Dungeon Defenders (now free) on the tablets.

And still not even a hint as to a US release date. Asus, you have until the Acer tablet is available for purchase to announce a date. Otherwise, I'm going with the competition.

Im with the guy above put out a release date before next week or lose business to acer. Would be the smart move. Looks like acer is 24th so better hurry

Chalk up another one. I'd really like to hold out for the Transformer, but with no legit release date in sight, it's going to be hard to keep from picking up the Acer once it's available.

Don't base the USD conversion on Asus' pricing for NA release, the Xoom wifi is $599 (£367) in the US and £569 in the UK.

Anyways, I find this a tad amusing considering how poorly the Xoom has been selling.