Google's location-based game hits the big leagues

Following up on a big couple of weeks, including a massive event and the removal of an invite-only system, Ingress is finally out of beta. After showing off what a seriously capable system and game it is with participants in over 200 countries, it's pretty clear that Ingress is ready for the big time.

The latest update to the Ingress app removes the beta tag and also brings a few changes, including an updated OPS tab design, support for the Founder's medal, and a couple performance tweaks. And now that Ingress has fully opened up to everyone, we're sure even more updates and features will be on the way.

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Ingress finally makes the jump out of beta


it came preloaded on my droid maxx. When I opened it I was very surprised to see several people in my neighborhood actively using it at 7pm on a sunday night. I just have no idea how to play or what the objectives are.

S4Rs: Check for public groups for your team on G+. Experienced agents are always glad to help a new starter with advice. Also use the groups to hook up with an experienced player who can help you level up.

Warning though: It's seriously addictive when you get past about A3 and can start doing damage instead of just scavenging for scraps so stick with it. 7pm on a Sunday is nothing; amateur hour ;-) I've seen people (in the comm) hitting portals 5km from the nearest road in a snowstorm at 3am. Yes, it is *that* addictive.

WTF you guys are definitely crazy just by your post...

But dont you see a problem with the game right there. Its like handing you call of duty, saying hey it works 100% using just Kinnect, and then you get thrown right into multiplayer without even a tutorial... What do you do? where do you go.

There is a tutorial in the game that can be played anywhere (including indoors) as it uses virtual portals to train you. By going to OPS>Missions, you can engage the tutorial.

However, there is a learning curve to the game for sure. But, that's where the high level players come in. One of our missives in my faction is to reach out and train the lower level and new players.

I can also say 100% that it has helped get me out and away from my desk. It is a community game and if you're uncomfortable with that, this is not the best game for you then.

That's all? It's filled MONTHS for me, taken me to probably 6 different states, and from coast to coast. Whatcha afraid of? ;)

probably 90% of the time when I pull up Ingress the Enlightened is ahead and they also got more of the shards than the Resistance. Looks to me like the Resistance is loosing :)

In a nutshell, it is a virtual capture-the-flag team game played on a global scale in the real world. Viva la Resistance!

It's a high tech version of capture the flag played in real time and real space on a global scale, using augmented reality to overlay maps on the real world via our cell phones.

Yay outta beta! Join Enlightened and move the world forward!

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I've still not really worked it out and been playing on and off for months...

Just went online and the local portals are 5 levels above me.. Sigh.. No chance of being able to play this month then..

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There's no reason that you can't play on higher level portals. Even as a low level player, you can attack enemy portals that are higher than your level, and or Hack higher level portals as well.
Find your local area's G+ group (reach out in the Comms) it's such a fun and addictive game!

You find a high level player in your area and team up with them and they can take down the portals for you to capture and and assist you with leveling up.

Yes, crazy addicting. Your trips to the store just to get milk will no longer be "quick", much debate between your significant other will sprout, and you will meet people and go places that you never would have without the game. Welcome aboard! Check G+ for your local community and join the ENLIGHTENED. :)

Share it with your significant other.I talked my girlfriend into trying it. A month later, she's at Level 8.

This game is definitely addictive.

I'm on a business trip out of state. I spent 2 hours last night laying out an attack on multiple portals in this heavily Enlightenment dominated area. Now agonizing about whether to take this update before I head out for a lightening strike.

Been playing for over a year now, awesome game! Great for social gatherings, meeting people you never would ahve met before, and seeing odd landmarks you never knew existed. AND YES...very addicting and YES people were out in the ice storms playing ingress. Its capture the flag meets scavenger hunt on steroids. Also for all the doesnt matter if your Lvl 2 and the stuff aorund you is lvl 6, you can still battle with it and have fun.

Viva la Resistance
~ Orcitis - R9 DFW

Awesome! Now that you have done that, can you make your app more efficient so it doesn't annihilate my battery lol.

Just started playing today. This game is pretty awesome. Luckily, I am in an area with several uncaptured portals near my office. All of the portals near my office now belong to me. Baller.

I started playing December 2012 and I'm still very active. It took a few months to get to L8 back then, now sadly, it takes weeks if not days on average. Best part of it is meeting new people, friendly smack talk and just MOVING! I've become great friends (and reacquainted with one) just from this game. It doesn't rule my life but has become a welcome addition to it. Have fun! Oh, and join the resistance!

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Just found out recently I didn't need an invite, and installed it on three devices Sunday. Took a walk and hacked some portals at the University near my home. Work downtown next to what looks like a ribbon of portals.

Looked at the big map last night. One portal in my home town. Guess I know what I'm going to be doing during my Christmas holiday.

Great game, the guides above explain the game well. In Metro Detroit, as a Enlightened member we offer this advice for new players: HACK EVERYTHING Green and blue, get lots of gear, you're going to need those low level resonators to progress in this game, don't go out trying to blow up everything right away.

stock up on gear first or you will just be spinning your wheels going nowhere fast. If you want to blow things up, look for low level portals. This game rewards the builder and the team player more then the destroyer, even though it is fun.

This is a team game, you HAVE to play with a team to make big things happen, show respect and get respect, otherwise i promise you will be very frustrated very quickly.

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polar- where do you play? I'm in metro Detroit as well. I'm on the blue team though :-P

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Today it made the jump out of beta... But it's been a few months since it jumped the shark.

Winter is coming. She's quite the screamer.

My suggestion for those looking to start playing, find out what the dominant team is in your area and be on the opposite team. I'm an Enlightened agent living in a Resistance controlled area and if I hadn't gotten lucky when choosing what team to join I would have gotten bored and quit long ago. If you are in Southern California and want to play, in most cases you'll be best served by joining The Enlightened. I'm obviously biased, so do your own research.

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Awesome game, been playing it since november 2012. And yes, very addictive. The social aspect of the game is what keeps this game interesting for a lot of people I think. Gathering up with >40 agents to take over a city, beers afterward, good fun. As ibleedbloo says, take a look around the intelmap in your city before you choose your faction, or at least pick the side which story-wise fits you better. For all that are interested, the excellent Ingress Help Guide (yes, by me, and it's all free, just look it up in the Playstore :-) can help you out as a beginning agent (as the earlier mentioned bootcamp pdf is also a good guide).

Brace yourself for 923145982734958273495782 new nonsense portals, and the inability to link ANYWHERE as new players find their linking legs. lol. Welcome to the struggle everyone.

L8 Resistance, Jax FL. "Mercs"