Ingress update

Ultra Strike weapons make the leap from Droid devices to all players

Niantic Labs — the developer behind Google's "Ingress" game — today announced a trio of significant updates to the game.

Probably the biggest is that the max of level a player can reach has been doubled from Level 8 to Level 16. Those at the upper levels will be able to recharge Portals from farther away, and they'll get extra XM storage, too.

The addition of Capsules will make it far easier for agents to share items with each other. (Finally!)

And Ultra Strike Weapons — a rare kind of XMP Burster — are no longer exclusive to Motorola Droid devices and can now be obtained by anyone.


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Ingress adds Capsules for better collaboration, doubles levels to 16


According to Brandon Badger's reshare on G+ (he's the Ingress project manager) all the changes are set to go live today. Additionally, Shields and Ultrastrikes will both be getting a small power boost.

How are the new levels going to work? New weapons and resonators our just more cool and range?

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Right after I stopped playing too... Plus, they rejected all but 1 of my portals... Story of my life.

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I've had 4 approved, but I've had twice that many denied for various reasons. I've also been told that Google/Ingress is biased toward enlightened, for some reason. I'm resistance, so it seems to make sense. I had a piece of rock artwork submitted which was on the lawn of a fire station. The picture did not include the station and was at the outer edge of the property. They denied it because it was associated with a fire station. On the other hand, there are two fire stations in my area which are portals. Not artwork, or anything else, but the actual fire stations. I had another one rejected the other day due to portal density. They said they felt like there would be too many portals in that area. I would understand that if I hadn't been to places where the portal density was far higher than where I submitted my portal of outdoor artwork. I don't understand how the approval process is so arbitrary. So far, that's my one complaint about the game.

Well, I'm Enlightened, and most of us think the game (but not necessarily the developer) currently favors the Resistance. I doubt that alignment has anything to do with portal submissions. You can always resubmit with a better picture, and altered location, and/or a different title/description. You can also post on the portal appeals community on Google+. My impression is that different portal reviewers may make different decisions, and their standards for portal density and relevance seem to be evolving.

I think the portal submission process is a major pain point for most players.

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It's all live now.

As far as portals just have to be persistent. I've had 257 go live so far (there were 10 in a 15 mile area around my home a year and a half ago) out of probably 700+ submissions

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I had no idea the ultra strikes were for Droid devices only. I've been playing since I got my Droid MAXX last year and thought that everyone had them.

What are the criteria for levels beyond 8 other than AP? I have enough AP to be level 9, but haven't leveled up yet.

You also need to complete a certain number of achievements. Check for more info. For level 9, you need 2.4 million AP, one badge advanced to at least gold, and four badges (including that one gold badge) advanced to at least silver. Example: I have two badges at gold, another at silver, and the rest at bronze. I need to advance one more bronze badge to silver in order to reach level 9. (My AP is closer to level 10 anyway, so that's not what's holding me back).

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