The Incipio Feather Ultralight case is a perfect mix of good looks and protection for your Samsung Galaxy Nexus -- either the GSM version or the Verizon LTE version. True to its name, the case is made from an ultra-light and ultra-thin polymer, giving form fitting protection with little to no extra bulk. In fact, the Incipio Feather is thin enough to be used with many of the docks currently on the market.


Just because its thin doesn't mean it's lacking when it comes to keeping your phone safe. The form-fitting design pays extra attention to the corners, and the controls are all accessible via the precision cut-outs. The inside of the case is designed to keep your Galaxy Nexus from scratching while putting it on and removing it, and the kit ships with a cleaning cloth, a screen protector, and an applicator tool. 

If you want to protect your investment, yet still want to keep the sleek lines of the Galaxy Nexus, this is a case worth considering. Available in Black, Grey, Blue and Pink there's sure to be a style to suit any taste. Enjoy this review from RaulT18, and look out for more great videos!

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csierra72 says:

Good review.

RamboDroid says:

I really want it in the Green color that they had for the Nexus S

gypsy76#AC says:

Does it fit with the extended battery?

Papa.pompous says:

Curious as well. Though I doubt it.

I had the same attitude so I perused amazon. The consensus is a resounding "no." :-(

kinster02 says:

This case is similar to the barely there case which I've been using on all my phones.


JSiNeM says:

Since your done reviewing it, can I have it? ;P

TaiwanTeddy says:

I bought this case but returned it since it didn't fit my extended battery. Bought the Ringke Slim case instead. It's thinner, looks better, and fits the extended battery perfectly.