When we hosted our 2011 Android Central Editors' Pick Awards we chose IMDb Movies & TV as the tablet app of the year. Now, IMDb is gunning for that title again in 2012 having just released a new Android 4.0 optimized version with a new home screen layout and more:

  • Improved design and experience for a variety of 7” tablets
  • We greatly reduced the size of the app by removing the “Scan DVD” feature (based on customer feedback)
  • The “Hardware Controls: Take Pictures & Video” permission is no longer required.
  • Improved showtimes

Having sat down with the app briefly before writing it up, it's certainly a worthwhile update. The new layout feels a little bit more intuitive and natural, making getting your around the app a whole lot easier. The update is available now in the Google Play Store, you'll find the link past the break.


Reader comments

IMDb Movies & TV app updated with Android 4.0 compatibility, improved tablet design


How is it that IMdB, a (sorry about this) not that big site, can get a good tablet and phone interface (and do important updates), but big companies like facebook and twitter are just dragging their feet? Thats just sad.

I definitely agree with you about Facebook and Twitter. However, IMDB is owned by Amazon so they have access to quite a large number of Android developers I would imagine.

I think imdb is pretty big time actually. They do have one of the nicest honeycomb apps I've seen. Glad to see companies that give a shit.

However I wish they would add a new to DVD section. That's the only reason I can't get rid of flixster.