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$299.95 buys you one of the loudest portable speakers you'll find anywhere

This week IK Multimedia — the folks behind the iRig range of music accessories for mobile — launched their latest product, the iLoud. And true to its name, it's loud. We're not short on premium Bluetooth speakers to use with our Android devices, but if you really like to crank it up to 11, this might be right up your street. Peter Cohen from iMore got his hands on one, and is mightily impressed.

If you're just interested in listening to music, iLoud may not look impressive, but it earns its stripes to that end the second you fire it up. Bluetooth gets knocked by audiophiles for having low-quality sound reproduction, but iLoud is easily one of the best-sounding Bluetooth speakers I've found for this price and in this size.

It may look somewhat unassuming, but it's a 40 watt sound system that not only plays your music, but can be part of your own portable music performance. With the iRig input on the rear you're able to plug in your Bass or Guitar to it as well. At moderate sound level the iLoud promises 10 hours of use with the internal batteries, but crank it up and it'll soon reduce. 

For more on the iLoud, head on over to iMore to read the full hands-on report. 

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IK Multimedia's iLoud portable Bluetooth speaker is, well, loud


Why do you say that? Just because it has an "i" in the name doesn't mean it only works on iDevices. It's a Bluetooth speaker

Posted via Android Central App

iWish Apple would sue every manufacturer that tries to sell a product with that overused gimmicky "i" tag.
Maybe then consumers wouldn't have to be misled over every iClock, iDock, iCharger and iGadget on the market.
It's old, played out, over hyped and uncreative (insert Apple joke here).

I think they tried but failed. I don't like it but it sells. Plus Android Centrals sister site is called imore... So there's that too

Posted via Android Central App

I agree. I refuse to buy any product that starts with a lower case "i". It's such a thoughtless, tired name.

If you're "not short on premium Bluetooth speakers" it sounds like it's time to clean out the closet and spread the love. Contest anyone?

Would love a speaker comparison chart for phones and tablets, with cords or bluetooth. I can't wear earbuds of any type and hate headphones. Would love a price vs quality chart to compare too. I've read a few and for the price the Motorolas seem best value for your buck.