Matias Duarte and team have reason to be proud this evening, as Ice Cream Sandwich has won the Gold Prize for best platform experience at Parson's School of Design's annual user experience awards show. We all demand a beautiful and functional interface on our smartphones, and Android really stepped up with Ice Cream Sandwich. As Durate's first real work with Google, it implements all the good from previous versions along with good looks and effects that make it stand out. 

The video you see above was the clip reel shown to the audience, which really does embody the eye for design and simplicity that went into Ice Cream Sandwich. Congrats, Matias and team on an award well deserved!

Source: +Matias Duarte. More: Android developers on Youtube


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Ice Cream Sandwich wins Gold Prize for best platform experience at Parsons' 2012 UX Awards


I really don't know how big of a deal this is. Is it a huge event that will get some coverage in the media? Was it up against ios?

Anyways, congrats to them.

Really...where the hell is the actual source? Some guy on Google+? (He has no source either btw). We have no idea how significant this is because there is no source.

Gotta say, a little sloppy AC.

Too true. Seven months after the release of ICS and only 7% of devices have it. That's one percent per month. At this rate it would take more than seven years to see ICS on every Android device released up to this date. Of course the majority of old devices will never see ICS, but still, to only release it to one percent average per month is just sad.

That is a ridiculous claim. Assuming that I even understand you... Officially released to new devices? Or custom ICS roms? New OS's will always attempt to use bleeding-edge hdware, and have on every computing platform ever. What % of existing (in use) PC's will never meet specs for Win 7/8? My guess is far more than 93%. Similar metaphor, if your machine can't handle Win7, you use a nice solid XP. Guess which is ICS and which is GB... You can upgrade your device, wait for a magical dev, or bitch in a manner that addresses the wrong issues and ultimately doesn't do a thing.

I'm clearly a lucky 7%er. On my 2 yr old EOL evo OG... When I upgrade my device to accommodate newer technology, it's simply the price I pay because I choose to stay current. Not "GD Google and their embrace of technology." Dunno about you, but I want my platform to embrace new technology. Maybe I'm the skewed one...

It's not like we hate ICS, i actually love it :p But slow transitioning is Android problem. But hey, not long ago they it's been in 1% ;]

It's not an Android problem, it's a carrier and manufacturer problem. It isn't google or Android's fault that carriers and manufacturers dont use the freely available most recent versions of the OS.

what percent of those 7% actually have unskinned 4.0? I certainly dont and my phone is only two weeks old.

its a shame because the only elements of many 4.0 devices are google apps that have been updated (reader, gmail, books/movies/music, chrome, etc)

im sure there are tons more, but in the US i can only think of a few devices with unskinned 4.0 that have been released to market.

transformer prime
nexus S 4g???

idk on sony/zte,/etc.

The UI and CPU enhancements ALONE make ICS an awesome upgrade. Not to mention perks like face-unlock and the ability to FINALLY force those stupid Vendor Skin and bloat apps to stop devouring CPU cycles. Now we can free ourselves from Touchwiz/Sense/Motoblur without having to Root.

Yay ICS!

Verizon did absolutely nothing for the GNex, they were still making new commercials & doing promotions for the Razr after the GNex had been released.

If I am to assume this means stock ICS it should put manufacturers on notice to leave ICS alone. It wont though. Of course it won as a platform, not an OS. Just how different is ICS sense from gingerbread sense?