The CEO of Notion Ink, Rohan Shravan, is at it again with news about the Ice Cream Sandwich source code release, saying it will be released November 17.  While it's tempting to just toss this aside as another rumor in the ICS/Galaxy Nexus craze of late, Mr. Shravan has a track record that shows he's usually right.  Last year, he did the same thing with the Gingerbread release, accurately predicting more than could be a good guess, and just last month he told everyone about the OMAP chipset and Ice Cream Sandwich using them as a reference platform.  When he talks, it's always worth listening, and the Nov. 17 date has already been thrown out there as the European release.  If we see source code on the 17th, the 18th is going to be a very fun day for a lot of us.

Source: Notion Ink via AndroidOS.in


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Ice Cream Sandwich source code coming Nov. 17 says Notion Ink CEO


I could only hope that this turns out to be correct. I would love to have it in hand before the Thanksgiving weekend, but Verizon is not usually one to make dreams come true.

I would not be surprised if they wanted to wait until at least 14 days has passed after the Rezound release. They would not want too many people wanting to switch phones during their 14 day return policy. Keep in mind most people do not know this phone is even coming. So they think the Razr and Rezound are the newest and best.

Verizon knows we geeks are waiting it out and they don't have to worry about us. They know they have us by the sack. They will give a little twist first and make us wait a bit.

Sweet! My XOOM might end up with ICS before I even have a Galaxy Nexus in my hand. I know XOOM devs are itching to finally get their hands on some tasty source code.

I would've thought the Galaxy Nexus would've been released first, unless they're planning on suddenly releasing the new Nexus within the next 3 days.

It is, but not in the states. It seems like it's up to Verizon for the release date in the states. It's their loss if they don't want to play ball.

Cannot wait for this :) hoping to having cm9 on my sensation 4g or at least a stable ics port as well. But im also looking forward to the Galaxy Nexus coming to T-Mobile

Wait, Does'nt T-Mobile and Google have an event on the 16th? and the source code to ICS is dropping the next day? haha I might be wrong tho but besides the possible Google music Store there might be something else. O.o

No not really... most possibly a unofficial ICS Rom
When GingerBread was released the Nexus One owners had to wait around two months to get GingerBread.

I guess that we non-rooted phone users will just have to wait until the official update release.