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When we think of Asus in the Android world, we think of their Transformer line of tablets first and foremost. But one of the beauties of Android is its open nature, and what enterprising developers can do with it. One such set of developers have crafted together a version of Ice Cream Sandwich that runs on an Asus netbook, demonstrated here on an Asus EeePC X101Ch.

This isn't endorsed in anyway by Asus, but the fellows on the Android x-86 project have compiled a  reasonably functional build of ICS for use on the netbook. They're still working on multi-touch support, support for external monitors, Ethernet support and support for all applications. That said, it's a pretty solid first attempt it seems, we even get treated to sound courtesy of the on-board Google Play Music app. YouTube also seems to work pretty well. Hit the source link below for more information.

Source: Asus Campuslife via Slashgear


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Ice Cream Sandwich seen running on Asus Netbook


Already runing ICS 4.0.3 in a Samsung Netbook from who make a EE version. I lookup in the source and is this!!

I have my net iced since 3 week ago!

Still lack of EGL2 support but run great

I already did this weeks ago on my Asus EEE 1000. It runs surprisingly well. The only three big problems I saw were lack of rotating the mouse when the screen rotated, no included way to "shutdown" the machine, and no accelerated 3D support (so do NOT turn on a 3D live wallpaper... THAT was a mistake!)

It was fast, fairly complete, easy to use, and even Android Market worked! Sound worked, wifi worked, suspend worked, video playback worked. I did not install it to the "hard drive" (actually the EEE 1000 is a TRUE netbook, since it has a flash drive, not a hard drive, and runs Linux), since I didn't want to wipe out my normal Linux installation. I just booted from a USB key image.

I really wish that google officially introduces Android for PC's! Getting tired of Windows. Macs are too expensive to buy on their own and Apple is to dickish about their hardware requirements for me to build a Hackintosh. Linux is just a mess!