Motorola Droid RAZR

Who needs push when you've got pull? The Ice Cream Sandwich update for the Motorola Droid RAZR and RAZR MAXX has been trickling out for a week or so now. But today it's available to anyone with those devices. Just hit the menu button, choose Settings>About and get your ICS on.

And while you're at it, be sure to check out our preview of what you'll be getting in the update.

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Ice Cream Sandwich now available for everyone with a Droid RAZR/RAZR MAXX


American ignorance and/or arrogance. "Everyone" means "US" in their minds. The rest of the world is made of aliens.

So i go to settings - about phone - and the system updates is grayed out.....i thought this was available to everyone? Any suggestions? I tried a soft reset and that didn't help. Was hoping to get this update started this morning.

You can do better than that, you can disable them altogether. Drag the app to a screen then drag to delete, it will give you additional options and from there you can select to disable all content. Did it with Slacker and other vzw apps. great addition to the software package.

Ice Cream Sandwich only? That's so last week. :)

If President Reagon owns a RAZR Maxx smartphone,
he will be yelling: "WHERE's MY JELLY BEAN???"

Someone made a theory as to why HTC posted the Rezound ICS update as ready to go a couple of days ago only to be quickly pulled down as to the reason why was because of the Razr being pushed out. Anyone else heard this?

I just want the stupid thing. Yeah, yeah, I know I could have flashed, rooted, etc, and gotten the leaked Rezound ROM weeks ago. For now, I'd rather get comfortable in the OTA ICS .... then experiment. That was my plan from, oh, 7 MONTHS AGO.

(back to lurking and sulking)

Now that ICS is officially out for the RAZRs I'm hoping next week for us Rezound owners. Everyone who knows the ICS leaks says they're the real deal and it's just Verizon holding it back.

I'm currently running the latest leaked ICS build. This is software version 3.14.605.10 710RD from a couple of weeks back. It is the real deal in terms of improvements to the Rezound. This phone absolutely flies now. And that ever annoying battery bug from Gingerbread is squashed for good here. I average somewhere between 10-12.5 hrs per charge syncing 4 email accts, FaceBook & G+ with live widgets, weather & stocks every hr. If I throw on the extended battery, over 2 days per charge easy. Did I mention I talk on the phone for a couple hrs daily & use bluetooth constantly? Yep it's clear to me this phone should have had ICS way back when. It probably would have gotten more attention if it had. But I do have to report a minor caveat; The native app disable feature in ICS is just a little altered. You can still disable over half of those bloat apps Verizon lovingly gives us, but some are baked into the build & can't be done away with. Chief offender among them is that aggarvating waste VZ Navigator that sits staring at me in the app drawer. But I had feared that Verizon would completely get rid of that feature all together so I'm pleasantly surprised it's still there. Rezound owners are going to love this!

Oh & to stay on topic of this post I just updated my wifes purple RAZR (I really dislake this color she chose). Nice job MOTO! I'm very impressed with how they scaled back Blur & have allowed ICS to shine brighly. My wife isn't so kind just yet because it is such a change. But she is warming up to it. If this is showing Google's influence as the the potential/intended buyer of MOTO (now the owner) then I hope other manufacters are paying attention. I'm also now thoroughly convinced that phones like the DROID X2 can absolutely run this version of ICS (my beloved former phone prior to the Rezound :'( that MOTO chose to let die prematurely). Congrats RAZR owners. This is a real treat for you folks.

i cant get it at all, Im in Dubai, any ideas????? New phone, brouight in Dec 2011 in Dubai!!!!

When will i get it!!!!

Because you have a GSM RAZR, This is for the CDMA RAZR in the U.S. only. They look the same, but they are NOT the same phone.

You probably have an EMEA (Europe & Middle East Area) RAZR, The Update will push soon ... could be within a month or something

I have downloaded and upgraded but I am having a problem: after about a minute of use it locks up and then eventually reboots itself. This has happened about 6 times. Any others with this problem? Any ideas or suggestions?


That happened to me a few times and it was kind of laggy here and there. But I reset it a few times myself and now it seems to work fine.

Do the force reset trick a couple of times & you'll be straight. I had to do that with my wifes phone too. Now it is running smooth.

8 days and this morning finally it's ready. after download and restart ICS!!! its wonderful as promised but one quid pro forces you to use 4g, I had 3g on to save battery life as 4g will drain the battery in half a day at best. and after a couple hours of playing, the battery went from 100% to 40% not good...had I known when I bought the Razr that the Razr max was a month away "BTW thanks moto for that surprise betrayal"
battery life would not be an issue but there is always a price to pay.. for ICS its battery life..........

under settings-
mobile network settings
network mode
it only lets you pick GLOBAL

Thats all. I don't know what GSM/UMTS means,but I tried it and it's not pulling 3G

dial *#*#4636#*#* - phone information - (scroll down a little) Select Network Type as CDMA Auto (PRL) - Now you are in 3g only mode

Search Google play for "LTE OnOff" . It gives you the option to make 3G only. Its not a toggle but it works fine on the RAZR's.

I have the app and I think I have it working on 3g. It's kinda confusing at first but I think I have it figured out..Awesome tip!!!!!!thank you!

Ice Cream Sandwich was so tasty but my Galaxy Nexus loves the buttery smooth goodness of Jelly Bean. You know it's really good when Apple tries to put the rectangle patent kabash on it.

Not in Australia, been waiting since February on a promise from December last year when I bought my #RAZR, I saw #Motorola and #RAZR and ICS WITHIN 2 MONTHS and went wild...VERY F#CKING DISAPPOINTED, last week the promise was on for before the end of the month...GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER

Force reset? How do I do that?

I've even tried to reset the phone to factory but it's not working either!

Press & hold power & volume down together for about 10 seconds. It's like a battery pull on phones with removable batteries. I had to do it twice to my wifes phone before things were back to normal.

Also if your phone needs it be sure to plug it in so that it's charge lvl is over 30% when you do this trick. It can keep things from being so screwy when trying to reset it.

Pretty ironic that many Android phones are getting ICS *after* JB 4.1 has been announced! lol

Glad I have a Nexus and already rocking JellyBean. ICS is sooo last year. ;) lol

The Razr should have been released with ICS. But, it is better to be one major OS behind than two. Haha. JB is butter.

Cool! You know what's weird is that here in Brazil it has been released with ICS! What kills is the same price here, and when converted to U.S. currency he comes to $ 1000 including taxes!

Has anyone noticed a few bars missing in their cell reception? I don't know if ICS displays reception differently, if the radio is effed up, or my reception really is less since yesterday.

Hi Guys,
In the ICS update for the RAZR, do you guys still have the Motorola "PhilBlur" Messaging App from Gingerbread ? Or is it gone too?

Wish i would have known that i wouldnt be able to watch flash videos once i updated. May have thought twice about upgrading.

@Moykong, you should be able to download the Flash Player I believe in Google Play. I don't believe it is preinstalled with ICS. Let us know. Thanks

I only have two gripes about this update having played with for over a week now. The new keyboard sucks balls seriously. Had to install swiftkey 3 to fix that problem. Another issue is that it nows a hiccups holding onto a wifi connection. Not a biggie since I have unlimited LTE... but still. Other than that, my phone has been runnin like a dream since the update. Fast, smooth, and Chrome simply is the best mobile browser out there hands down!

I... am not thrilled about this. So many UI changes that I don't really like. I don't notice any "performance differences" at all, which is good, since I didn't have any complaints before.

But--my God, the teal! So, so chintzy and obnoxious. Is there any way to install a Gingerbread-like color scheme/theme? I was a big fan of the green.

Also, is there no GPS toggle widget? The only thing I get is a widget that opens up the location settings window, where I can check the box for "standalone GPS." That, of course, means it's not a widget at all. Where can I get a flip-the-switch GPS widget?

Thanks are right, QuickPic works great.
The gallery was the only issue I have found so far with ICS.

Nice update, but anyone else having some issues with Wireless?

My wireless takes a lot longer to connect and for the first few minutes after I turn it on, it loses connection.

I just "upgraded" my RAZR to ICS and now the volume is not modulated correctly through my HD dock, it goes to the external speakers FULL VOLUME, even one click up from volume OFF. Anyone else have this problem yet?

I despise the new upgrade.

Now my phone, for the first time, CRASHES about every hour and reboots.

I lost all my quick dials.

I lost all my ringtones.

I lost the timer on the clock.

It's crap!!!!