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A week after it was confirmed, and a good six months or so since the first leak, Ice Cream Sandwich is pushing out for Verizon's HTC Thunderbolt. The update brings the 'Bolt up to Android 4.0.4 and HTC Sense 3.6, and weighs in at a little under 400MB. According to reports from the Android Central forums and elsewhere it's available now for download, so go get it! Head to Settings > About phone > Software update to see if your update is ready.

If you've stuck it out with the Thunderbolt, be sure to hit the comments let us know how you get on with this substantial software upgrade.

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Ice Cream Sandwich finally rolling out on the HTC Thunderbolt


Sold mine for a Gnex last April, but good luck to you T-Bolt guys who stuck it out.
Hey, you waited this long, you at least deserve ICS.

I've already upgraded to the HTC DNA but, can I download this update via WiFi? With a 32gb micro SD, it makes for a great Mp3 player.

It's not working on mine. When checking for updates, I get a pop-up that says "Error: Service Unavailable. Check for Software Update under Settings when service is available." The phone is active on my home wifi and has a cell signal, but no active cell plan.

Sure. If it gives you an error saying the Thunderbolt needs to be activated, just pop your SIM in, update it, & then put your SIM back in your DNA.

This unfortunately wouldn't work as the Thunderbolt uses a larger sim card than the DNA. The sim can't be swapped easily. You would need to contact Verizon to reactivate both the old phone and the original sim.

You can't re-activate an old SIM. Once it's inactivated, it's retired in Verizon's system and cannot be used again. You'd have to get a new SIM. Or you can get a SIM adapter in order to use your active micro-SIM in the Thunderbolt. :)

Walmart has family mobile. if you buy the sim card for that and just the sim there is a nano to regular converter in it already. you would be able to use the nano from the dna and put it in the thunderbolt.
if my pc will not recognize my thunderbolt as a factory recovery through the boot menu was interrupted now it stayed at the HTC screen and will not boot is there anyway to still boot the phone through windows i tried getting a CMD panel open to see the internal files and it will not open the device i still have windows 7 so i know that the drivers are there and working fine

I sold my tbolt last year for razr maxx. Now I'm selling it for galaxy note 2. Congrats to all those tbolt users you are in my prayers to get jelly bean. *fingers cross*

Verizon actually makes you wait the full 24? Sprint lets you upgrade a couple months early, though your contract is a full 2 years. There is less chance of you bailing if you gete locked into a new phone before your contract is up. Verizon is taking a chance if they let people run without a contract while looking to upgrade their phone.

Actually u can upgrade a little early. I started my contract with a Rezound in October 2011 I think and I'm eligible for an upgrade in June. What I really wanna do is leave tho. I want Jellybean..

I see a lot of people celebrating this latest in unsolicited technological impositions...but my phone was working fine, GREAT even, prior to this roll out. Now?

I know a lot of you on these messageboards are far more tech-savvy than the average user...but as an average user, it takes us a while to move in to one of these smartphones, and when we do, we want 'well enough' left alone. This massive push from all sides to have every account enabled with every application so it can map to every web move or usage detail - all under the guise of "protecting and serving the user" - is absurd. Thanks to this roll out, in addition to losing 2 hours of primetime productivity for my now takes upwards of 60 seconds just to load my text messages. The interface isn't completely changed, but it's changed enough to where I now have to re-learn a lot of things that were working fine and were burned in to intellectual auto-pilot for execution. That was then, and by "then"...I mean about 2.5 hours ago.

My point? I hate this update, even more than I hated the constant barrage of Facebook updates that were allegedly designed to "enhance the experience." At least with Facebook I could opt out of it entirely, and I did. What's my alternative to Android and Verizon - the two platforms, to my knowledge, that insist on the least imposition when it comes to fixing what isn't broken?

All I want is a phone that works with browsing, email, and texting capabilities. I don't need this app to talk to this email so that the other map will know which stores to highlight. I don't need any of the ridiculous and exorbitant bells and whistles that are constantly thrust at me...and I don't need automatic updates coming through, sweeping away the interface and effectiveness I and others have over time come to value - only to replace it with something slower that requires additional education I didn't sign on for and don't have time for.

Per HTC's tech support, "Sorry! You'll just have to put it in 'Safe Mode' for 24 hours and then if that doesn't work, we'll try something else." So in addition to losing the phone I had come to love and UNDERSTAND, and having the platform replaced with something that doesn't work nearly as well, I now have extra work to do simply so I can maybe, hopefully, possibly get a fraction of the functionality I started with prior to the update?

Lucky me.

When will one of these companies cater to the overwhelming majority of their customers who are NOT glued to every update anywhere on any market? When I get a new phone every few years, I'm prepared for a learning curve. But once we've moved in to a phone and it's working for us, for the love of all that's holy...DON'T DO US ANY FAVORS! If people WANT to grab the updates, they should be able to. But if they don't, and they're happy with what they have, and sweeping interface and functional updates only cause more challenges - then GIVE THEM THE OPTION OF NOT GETTING THE UPDATE. It seems pretty simple.

Per the HTC team, there was no opting out of this update.

FYI, you can give bad advice without taking cheap shots, you can read a messageboard without replying to (or reading, for that matter) every post, and/or you can hear a complaint relative to your life's work as a walking Android billboard without taking it personally.

That said...

ATTENTION smug messageboard Gods who take any complaint against Android's eminence personally: Some of us who don't live on these messageboards actually use these devices to be productive - so when an update comes along that interferes with that, yes, there's a story to share and a complaint to be had - and the ANDROID CENTRAL MESSAGE BOARD UNDER THE ARTICLE HIGHLIGHTING THE ROLL OUT seemed at the time like a pretty good place to share that story and log that complaint.

If that offends you, then I'm sorry...

...for you.

I had a little bit of this switching to Windows 8... after getting over the initial shock, it's not so bad.

Upgrades are generally 'yes or no' questions -- is this not the case? (I wont be able to check this until I get home)

I wasn't taking it personally lol. I was just trying to be funny =) Sorry, I didn't know it was a mandatory update.

No need to feel sorry for me. We're talking about phone updates here lol

Amen Brother, my phone is so slow now that I almost threw it out the window of my car this morning. For an hour or so I couldn't answer a phone call or make one. Talk about frustration, my wife is calling me and I am trying to answer to no avail. I can't see how this update made my phone better, now it's just slow!

Don't take this as a cheap shot, but you would really should consider an iPhone. The reasons you state above are the exact reasons I bought my mom an iPhone. Honestly Androids are more for the people that are tech geeks and tinker with all the settings/apps. Also as a side note the TBolt (which I had until I upgraded to the Galaxy S3) it is now 2 years behind in hardware in which time we've gone from a 1GHz single core phone with less than a gig onboard storage to 2GHz+ quad core with 2gig onboard storage. Equate that to trying to run Windows 7 or 8 on an old single core laptop... SLOW!

Same issues on my end. My phone was working fine until I downloaded this update. Now my stock messaging service has stopped working. When I try to open it, it just loads forever without actually doing anything. I've downloaded a messaging app that allows me to send and receive texts, but getting MMS messages is a nightmare now! Takes 10 minutes to download simple MMS messages. Overall, ANDROID SUCKS! I see that iPhone 5 light at the end of the tunnel!

I agree - my phone worked very well and now... to say it lags is an understatement - it freezes - doing a restart can take over 1/2 hour to get all my sd card date back and today my phone refuses to dial new numbers unless I enter them as contacts

several things were needlessly changed - after 2 years of swiping down to answer my phone now I have to swipe up - there also seems to be no way to get to the notification screen other than resting my finger on the top - going to the menu button works much better for me

if I switch between apps with music playing I get interruptions in the music (never happened before) - apps also take much longer to load and switch between

ICS is not an upgrade it is a bug --- makes me think my phone is VISTA

I am due to upgrade soon, windows phone will now get a second look or maybe I can find a way to downgrade my phone

I completely agree with your post. I didn't even have the option to accept upgrade... my TB automatically started the upgraded on its own last week while I was at work. It started in the morning, and then, because I didn't have a wi-fi connection, got part-way through and then was basically unusable until I returned home at the end of the day and could connect to my home wi-fi so the download could finish. I cannot stand this new upgrade and my phone is completely messed up now. From texting, to making calls, to simply ANSWERING calls... it's all jacked up. VERY frustrating. My conspiracy theory is that Verizon did this to get us to ditch the old trustworthy TB and get us in the stores for a newer fancier phone. Unfortunately, I can't even get a "new every two" phone for almost a year!

***UPDATE*** Just spent an hour on the phone with Verizon regarding ALL of the issues I'm having with the new Icecream Sandwich. They confirmed that there is absolutely no way to roll back to the old OS. The Verizon rep was was very nice and sympathetic, but explained to me that basically (in my words, not his) that I was up $h!t creek without a paddle. There is nothing they can or will do about the problem and the only thing he could suggest was doing a factory reset on my phone. I am extremely reluctant to do this since I've have been using this phone for over a year and getting it back to the configurations I have now - after a factory reset - is going to be ridiculously time consuming. Not to mention, all the data that is associated with my apps (fuel logs, etc.) is going to be wiped.

When I asked about my upgrade date (and told it wasn't until August), he proceed to tell me how wonderful the new Nokia Windows 8 phone was... for like 15 minutes. I was clearly uninterested in purchasing a new phone, let alone a Windows phone, but he was very enthusiastic about it, so I let him continue his rant, then politely voiced one last time my disappointment with Verizon, thanked him for his time, and ended the call.

I've been a loyal Verizon customer since 2002, but this might be the sad end of our long-term relationship. :-(

Took me about one hour, in an office with horrible LTE reception, to download ICE for my Thunderbolt. While at first it was a little slow it is definitely getting quicker as things smooth out.

Still can't wait to upgrade in March because this phone is just awful...

Wonder if there are any devs left working on the T-Bolt anymore. I'm patiently waiting for a rooted version of this update... De-Sensed would make it even sweeter. Just 2 months left till I can get off Big Red's contract and finally retire my T-Bolt to being my ATV's GPS running trail maps through Backcountry Navigator.

Got the update last night, everything seems to be working smoothly and the boot time is actually quite a bit faster than before. Only issue I have seen so far is that it is taking forever to load SMS conversations... Going to head to the forums to see if it has been discussed. That is if there are enough of us left with a T-bolt to have a decent forum discussion...

DON'T accept the upgrade. Although the boot time is significantly faster, the overall performance of the phone is extremely slow. Slow enough to make the phone pretty much useless. Good thing I am eligible for an upgrade this month.

Verizon would be very pleased if Thunderbolt users holding on to unlimited data plans all of a sudden needed to upgrade to new hardware...
Though, this sounds more like sabotage than an upgrade.

I upgraded to ICS as soon as it was released, and have fought with the same aforementioned slowdowns ever since. It is horrible. I called VZW about it and they walked me through a factory restore, but even that didn't help.

I used to like this phone, now I just want to toss it. Unfortunately, VZW has started charging extra for upgrades and the prices of smartphones seems to be quite a bit higher than when I bought the T-bolt.

Has anyone successfully fixed the speed issue on these phones that began after the ICS update?

Updated to ICS yesterday morning. Have done a couple of battery pull reboots and deleted some old apps I haven't used in ages. I'm really not impressed. I still can't disable or remove bloatware like Rhapsody and TuneWiki which keep running in the background.

The phone has slowed way down. My wifi speed is higher when doing a speedtest but bogs down significantly when it is actually downloading a podcast or something. It just doesn't seem to have enough CPU cycles or available RAM for tasks anymore. Where I always had a strong LTE signal in the house I'm now on 3G all the time.

Too little, too late and too much for this phone to handle. The only good to come of this for me is it finally will push me to replace the TBolt altogether real soon.

Me again! Well, things have only gotten worse. Every function on my Thunderbolt is now sticky and slow. It's one of those deals where right about the time you think you have to click it again, the screen comes up and you end up clicking something else unintentionally...only to have that take you somewhere you never needed or wanted to be. SMS messages won't load...period...or at least not after over 2 hours of watching/waiting/tapping the screen so it doesn't black out. Browser, phone, clock, and all other applications are unresponsive and super slow. Additionally, the good folks at VZW thought a Factory Reset might do the trick...but all that did was somehow delete hundreds of contacts. I've been a $100+/month customer for 14 years, and now they want to send me a Droid RAZR 4G for the low, low, low price of $47.00 in CA taxes to make this right.

Yesterday morning my Thunderbolt was working GREAT. I'm good as of a few weeks ago for an upgrade but didn't want/need one. Today, thanks to the ICS push, I've lost over a decade of contacts, have almost zero functionality on my phone, lost 2 days of productivity (so far) that will cost me hundreds and possibly a roof over my head by the end of the month, and I have no recourse.

As I noted yesterday, yes...what a reason to celebrate this unsolicited and unannounced imposition!

Barring something unforeseen, I'm calling their Customer Service back tomorrow to switch my plan to their lowest available ($30/month) and will ride my contract out another 4 months before ultimately leaving Verizon after 14+ years.

Did someone say iPhone?

You didn't store your contacts on the phone did you? If you stored them by Google, you'll find them all online. Also, sounds like you need to be in an iPhone bro. ;)

I am in the same boat as you... been a Verizon customer since 2002 and spending nearly $100 a month. How convenient for Verizon that I am grandfathered into an unlimited data plan, and then all of the sudden my TB phone doesn't work because of an upgrade they pushed, and now my only option is to deal with it or purchase a new phone for full retail price since my contract isn't up until August. Please let us know how your conversation went when you told Verizon you would be switching carriers. I unfortunately think I'm going to have to do the same. :(

Yes, I stuck it out and, so far, I really, really like it...The text interface is a bit like the iphone, but the biggest thing I've noticed is the voice command differences. I use voice a lot and, as good as it was before, it's even better now.

One problem....I am only getting 3G service now, no 4G....Can anyone help with that?

If you have not found the solution...go to settings then select "additional settings' which takes you to Mobile it and change to LTE...done..

I have had my Thunderbolt for 2 years and love it. I have always been very happy with the performance. I also have a grandfathered unlimited data plan and the enticement of a new smart phone is not enough to give that up.

I received the Ice Cream Sandwich update yesterday and while I like the new features, I am not thrilled with the slow response and delay when touch the screen to perform a function.

I did have one strange thing happen and for some reason I was not able to receive incoming calls. When someone called me they automatically went to voicemail. I went online and found that I needed to enter *73 and press CALL and it took it off automatic forwarding. Since I never knew how to do this, I am assuming it was related to the upgrade.

I am hoping there may be a fix in the near future, however if there isn't, does anyone know of a way to roll back to the previous software version? Performance is far more important that any of the enhancements.

I completed my ICS upgrade and with one minor hiccup I was very happy with the install. The hiccup was the default to 3G....not a big deal...just go into settings then mobile network and select will be in CDMA..I really like the txt format with the iphone copycat....all in all glad to have ICS...

After my husband didn't realize that an update had occurred, what stood out first was the new screen-saver unlock. Cute pull tab.

Something he just noted, to which his comment was: "That's just WRONG."... is that they flipflopped the SAVE and CANCEL buttons when you save phone numbers. He's glad he noticed before automatically clicking the 'normal' area, after someone just verbally gave him their ph#. I agree... "That's just WRONG."

I don't see how this ICS is an impovement at all! All it did was make things more difficult to find; I can't upload multiple pics to my FB like I used to be able to; my bluetooth is now 'incompatible' with my laptop (even after trying to reinstall the drive...STILL won't 'recognize' my HTC!); and my phone is SLOW AS ALL HELL!! Soooo frustrating! I've even broken down and reformatted-which did NOTHING!! I was so happy with my Thunderbolt, now I guess it's time to leave it and upgrade. Thanks for NOTHING.

Well, the ICS update turned my phone into a schizo wreck. It seems to have completely lost the ability to tell how much charge is on a battery. It reads fully charged. Drops 10% in no time flat. Then will drop from 80% to 4% after taking a picture. Took to VZW store near my daughter's place where we were staying last weekend and the tech there was stumped. I had paid for insurance all along, and have new (refurb) device that arrived today. Different tech at different VZW store near my work recommended I not use the refurb device if my phone was working fine before the update, it is more likely an old battery issue. Went down and bought new battery. (old one was "swollen"). Replaced battery. New battery went from 30% to 5% during power off and power on about 1/2 hour later.

Tech at VZW advised me to not allow the download of the ICS update to the new refurb phone. The problem is my only choice was "ok". It was the first thing the phone did once it powered up and went into opening screens. However, new device is on 1x. Not 3G. Not 4GLTE. So it is now downloading firmware at incredibly slow speeds. I did peek and see that LTE/CDMA was checked in settings, so I don't know why it is in 1x. I live on the edge of 4GLTE land so it often does kick us to 3G. However, I haven't seen 1x much in quite some time. Hopefully that will rectify itself shortly.

All in all, I feel your pain, hdanielrand. Hopefully this device will be able to work for me. I have 5 days before I have to return one, so I'm going to use the weekend to test stuff out.

The tech at VZW store that I met today did tell me that another patch should be on the way shortly. They are aware of the issues folks are having. (I hope he's right and wasn't just blowin' smoke at me.)

This update is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE and I can not believe there is ANY quality assurance done. It basically turns the phone to an ATARI 2600 with how slow the phone is. The software is clearly too much for the hardware to handle. Here is a short list of some of the bugs and issues (this is by no means all of them):

1) Sometimes the "Ring" start screen does not kick in so when you hit the power button to access the phone it simply goes back to the standard screen.
2) Frequent delays in trying to use icons to open apps. This can include anything from the preloaded mail and clock app to any other app. It is not consistent, sometime it is slower than otheres.
3) Open the calculator app . . . oops, looks like a little bit of a text size issue as the numbers no longer fit on the buttons.
4) Sometime when trying to swipe sideways to go from one page (of the home screens) to the next there is up to a five second delay. Hmm. . . I must not have swiped right, so swipe again and then end up two screens over.
5) The clock app takes anywhere from 3 to 6 seconds to refresh when unlocking the phone. (The top bar will have the current time but the time icon will display the time from when the phone went in to standby)
6) Everytime I reboot the phone I get a different supprise...
- One time it kept giving an error message saying the phone could not recognize something or other. There was a graphic that looked like s SIM card... however, the phone functioned, could access the internet and place calls.
- Another time the clock took like an hour to update from displaying the time 00:00 in the icon.
7) What is with the footprints app that is automatically enables and creates the history file of where you have been? At least you can disable it.... but did you realize it was running?
8) Mail App - Who is the genius who decided that having the ability to go to the next or previous message while looking at an email should require you to go to the "MENU" menu. WOuld it really be too hard to provide the option to do reply, delete, next or previous from within an email???? Psst . . . Apple figured it out, ask someone to borrow their phone and show you.
9) Another mail app issue, if by default you are going to set the display to show the first two lines of the email in the inbox, I would suggest to actually show some content of the email. In my case it just made a huge blank space below each header. At least you could change the option to "Show None"

I did not event bother calling Verizon as I know they will never give you the option to go back to the previous version or disable future upgrades . . . tried that with an earlier update that wreaked havoc on the same phone.

You would think they could do some beta testing and get customers to sign up to try to versions before the full release and report their bugs.

Glad to hear its not just my phone. That's why I am here looking at these posts. I have all the same issues as you. The delay in text messages is what irks me the most 5-10 minutes just to send a picture!

Verizon has really stuck it to us! I had a phone,which despite its horrible battery life, was working fine. Verizon has made it so we will be frustrated enough to go out and get a new phone, lose my unlimited data, AND pay their $30 upgrade fee! Ugh!

Got my upate this morning. However, I've been having troubles all day with the screens touch response. Anyone else having a problem?

This new update is absolutely horrible! It has completely slow down my phone and made a lot of the functions difficult to deal with.

It now it takes an average of 5 to 10 minutes to send a picture message or download one! For some reason my daughters text come through in a different format all together and I have to switch pages just to find hers.

I do not like the new email format that lets you swipe between emails either!

But most of all I don't like that Verizon has turned my phone into a piece of garbage and now I am expected to pay the upgrade fee and buy myself a new phone that was working fine to begin with!!

What do I do now???

One day last week I noticed my phone rebooted during the night. Woke up the next morning and life has never been the same since. ICS has turned my previously - at one time at least - ahead of it's time Thunderbolt into a deja vu flashback of my old BlackBerry Storm, which I affectionately referred to as the imperfect storm. This almost makes my old BlackBerry look good. Goodbye grandfathered unlimited data plan. Hello almost anything else...

I am enraged that my thunderbolt was updated in the middle of the night while I was sleeping. The new ICS has rendered my TBolt useless and stripped of everything I loved about it. I was able to use my TBolt with ease now the ICS makes it lag and the internet app is horrible tried to download Firefox for android it didn't help, I try downloading and I get errors saying unable to download to sim I'm just so pissed they ruined my phone I loved the TBolt even with its extended battery that made it a brick phone but I could do anything with it now I cant do basic things with out lag....

Wow. Wow to all ya'all on this thread. No KIDDING did we get DOINKED by ICS. I have some proven tactics later in this rant you might employ to get your WAY with Verizon if you're forced into another phone so stay with me.
My TB was ALSO molested in the middle of the night by ICS. Made the phone mostly unusable. Mea culpa: I have upwards of 17,000 sms/txts and I think there's quite possibly a tie-in with SD card communication post ICS installation. For those of you who want/need to switch, I'd like to make an unsolicited endorsement for SMS Backup+. Using that, I safely backed up all of my TXT's before blowing my TB away and starting with a fresh reset.
The fresh reset helped things move along a little better at first, but now my HTC is more like a Microsoft product; I find myself rebooting a couple of times a day to keep it flying straight. It's aggravating to say the least. Back during our Honeymoon (I did at one time love my TB) I b!tched at VZW about the p!ss poor battery life. I beat them up on the phone for a decent discount of 20$ for the big fat bat. (Afterward I learned that they were bundling TB's for a time with the HI CAP bat just to get them out the door adding to my notion of being SHAFTED by the TB).
A couple of Pros: The Google voice *is* greatly improved. If you haven't used it before you should at least TRY to now that it's soooo good. I like being able to get at the 4 front-page app offerings just by dragging them into the "ring". Quick! You can now drop app shortuts one on top of the other to put like apps in the same "folder" and you can name the folder. Seems like a feature borrowed from the GO Loader Extreme offering I had on my TB prior to ICS. Finally, the press-n-hold on the home key now gives you a thumbnail of open applications which vertically scrolls which is VERY nice. Too bad, as another poster in this thread surmized tht the TB does NOT have the required horspower for ICS. It'd sure be nice if the developers gave us a reverse-turbo button that would turn off some bells and whistles and just let us use the phone for calls TXTing and NAV. (New nav voice is also improved, btw)
A few of you have penned symptoms that I feel I could have written myself, what with sluggish performance, accidental choices because you thought the FIRST touch didn't work, and my breaking point ATM is the dialer delays sometimes between 10 and 80 seconds before the call. Just last night I was fantasizing about slapping the TB into the concrete pad below me as hard as I could JUST TO SEE HOW MANY PIECES I COULD TURN IT IN TO.
This is decidedly not a healthy thought. But a well-orchestrated appeal to your happy-go-lucky VZW customer service rep may reduce the blow suffered by having to upgrade because ICS has made your TB into something only good for self-defense (aim for the robbers head) or skipping across the lake accompanied by a Neanderthal grunt. I realize we all have different situations and plans, but this worked for me: I spend most of 200$/mo for 2 smart phones and two feature phones, so I’ve got some leeway. Not just one, but two VZW reps advised me that there’s a built-in loophole for those of us grandfathered in with unlimited data: Use your new-every-two upgrade on another phone, activate it under the other phone line. You can then re-activate the other line’s phone instantly and activate your desired NEW phone under YOUR line. I wouldn’t have done this if not prompted by TWO separate VZW CSRs. One suggested it and the other corroborated his story 3 months later. OF COURSE you’re signing up for another two years of VZW, but speaking for myself, VZW is the bomb-diggity, and cell service just doesn’t get any better than what they offer me in my piece of the Midwest.

Anyway, I b!tched and moaned about my abuse as a weary TB owner, and my CSR sympathized. I ordered up a Galaxy Note II. For all of my trouble I also received a screen-guard pack, a car charger and the flip-top easel/case at no additional cost. She forgot to mention the $30.00 upgrade fee so she had to eat that as well. Theres a little bit of hoop jumping revolving around a requisite SIM shuffle, but worth it to keep my unlimited plan AND to not have a phone that moves like a slide-show presentation from a 1977 vacation to Niagara falls. The key words here are persistence and humility. VZW *knows* the HTC Thunderbolt was a turkey in some respects. I had to ask for every concession, but was polite about it. And VZW really does want to keep your monthly payments coming in.

Here’s wishing the best of luck to you, TB brothers and sisters.

Overall, I feel that the Ice Cream Sandwich update to my Thunderbolt is a good thing. But I noticed the following:
-System crash followed by a quick battery drain on reboot. This was with my regular battery.

My fix: I have ditched my regular battery and now use my extended battery/brick. No system crashes with the quick battery drain.

ICE seems to be working well for the past couple of weeks.