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It's been a while since we heard anything from the folks over at Hulu. Today though, they've gone ahead and updated their Android app to include support for a few more tablets in addition to switching up their user interface for the better. In total, Hulu Plus now has support for nine Android tablets, seven of which were just added today. The full supported tablet list:

In their blog post announcing the update, Hulu did mention that this is just the beginning of their Android tablet roll out and more support will be coming soon. If you're looking to get Hulu Plus on your device, the app is free to download but you will need to subscribe to their service at a cost of $7.99/mnth. They do however off a free week long trial with a cancel any time option. The update is available in the Google Play Store right now, download is past the break.

Source: Hulu

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emg75189 says:

still no Galaxy Tab 10.1:-(

georgek77 says:

I love how you don't discuss the lack of ICS support in this. Great dedicated Android website

bbarend says:

What? Some if not most of these tablets are running ICS.

shadowgod says:

Hulu Plus is a joke, still no support for my Samsung Galaxy S2 Epic Touch.

JtothaR says:

Not to mention how 50% of the content is "Not available on TV or Devices" And the Ads and the $8 a month. It's basically paying for punishment to buy Hulu Plus.

bmidd says:

LOL, I guess when it's time for a new device it will work on Nexus...

jjthemachine says:

The release note says it's available for the Xoom, but it says mine isn't supported. It's a stock LTE version.

rotorrocket says:

Hulu is woefully behind on supporting devices. Aside the Transformer Prime, these tablets are last year's models @ best...Pathetic

installed on my WiFi Xoom and looks and works great.

romma says:

Awesome! For those without hulu support, there is an app called Flash Browser in the market that supports hulu...

acwood946 says:

It's called Flash Video Browser ($.99) and it is AMAZING! Now, if the developer, Daniel Lockard, can make a browser that plays Hulu on my Samsung Galaxy Tab Plus, like it plays on my PC, why is Hulu having such a difficult time developing an app for this tablet? It absolutely makes no sense. I think all the android developers out there are heroes.

bbarend says:

Finally! Now I can uninstall the non-official version on my Transformer.

migiloburly says:

Real Question: Why does Hulu hate Samsung?

DawnGP143 says:

Not seeing it on my 4G Xoom.

pkcable says:

Still no Galaxy Tab Plus, BUT I just use PlayOn. ;)

craigwann says:

Does this UI refresh apply to the Kindle Fire Hulu app?

It seems from the above comments how divided people are on Hulu and there continued lack of support for Android devices in general. These things added up equal nothing good for Hulu.

P.S. - I want support for my Nook Color damn it!

Frawlz says:

Yeah... it isn't there for the LTE Xoom. Just another example of how the LTE Xoom owners get shafted.

drs155 says:

Not supported on my ics Acer Iconia (rooted)......back to the landscape modded apk that works just fine....

misterfan says:

This won't work on my Galaxy Nexus. I can't believe I pay for Hulu Plus

Although they won't admit it, Hulu specifically withholds support for Samsung hardware. There's a story there, and I don't understand why nobody pursues it or comments on it.