Wearable expected alongside new phone and pair of tablets

Mobile World Congress

In case you weren't convinced the smartwatch was the current 'in thing,' Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will reportedly see yet another contender in the space emerge. According to the Wall Street Journal, the Chinese manufacturer will be taking its own wearable creation to Spain.

Little else is known, besides the accompanying information that Huawei will also be unveiling a new flagship smartphone and a pair of tablets. Neither are particularly surprising, since it has been some 6 months since the Ascend P6 and Huawei isn't shy about firing out tablet after tablet after tablet. Whatever Huawei may or may not be taking to Barcelona in a couple of weeks, you can bet we'll be there to get our hot little hands all over it.

Source: Wall Street Journal

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Pirate Arr says:

Smartwatches are overrated if you ask me and foolish. Glasses on the other hand make more sense

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Huawei sucks monkey balls period.

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njamson says:


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squiddy20 says:

Says the guy who probably hasn't even laid eyes (let alone hands) on a recent Huawei device.

Bwahahahaha says:

You have an odd fascination with monkey balls...

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bluesun3030 says:

Huawei, just give me the money you spent on this effort, let me kick you in the nuts, & we'll call it a day.

Ytown says:


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Alex Dobie says:

Ignore me, I'm just a test post.

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So am i

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WolfpacDAR says:


Also a test post, making sure that "+1" still worked...

drokssilva says:

How could we ignore you?

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thatguy97 says:


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MrJazz says:

Watch Huawei be the ones to get it right!


+1 Hopefully, they nail the price point. 300 dollars is way too much. If they can make a good smartwatch for under 200 dollars, then I'd be interested.

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NoNexus says:

lower to really get me interested, but then again I am in the camp of "whats the point"

hmmm says:

I think people expect smart watches to basically replace phones. If you go in with that expectation you will be disappointed. They aren't suppose to replace a phone.

I have a Pebble and it compliments my phone really well. When I am at work I do not miss any texts or phone calls when my phone is on my desk even though I am walking around various rooms in the lab I work at. That's all it I use it for but that simple functionality makes it worth it to me.

Texting on a tiny screen like that isn't realistic, browsing the net isn't either. I am not sure what people expect on a 1 inch screen when your phone is mere feet away and could do all of that much, much faster and better.

Of course...

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