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Despite earlier denials, Huawei reportedly now says it's looking into the possibility of a 'Google Play edition' P6

At his company's flashy London launch event for its new Ascend P6 handset last week, Huawei Consumer Business Group CEO Richard Yu told journalists in no uncertain terms that the manufacturer wasn't interested in putting out a "Google edition" version of the product it'd just announced. But today we're seeing signs of a turnaround, as UK tech blog Pocket-Lint reports that another Huawei exec has said such a device is very much within the realms of possibility.

The site quotes Huawei handset division president Kevin Ho as saying "we are working with Google to analyze the possibility of bringing out a Huawei Ascend P6 with Google Edition," during a private one-on-one meeting. Obviously that's a pretty significant turnaround from the official position just a week ago, when CEO Yu extolled the benefits of the company's latest Emotion UI over the stock Google experience.

If Huawei were able to bring out a "Google Play edition" P6 with vanilla Android, it'd present many benefits to the Chinese manufacturer. Firstly, it'd get upcoming Android code in advance of the open-source code drop, something it doesn't currently get due to not being a Nexus partner. And it could also present Huawei with a back door into the U.S. market, a market it's effectively been shut out of following concerns over its ties to the Chinese government.

For now it looks like a Huawei-made "Google Play edition" handset — if such a product is to launch — is in the early stages of planning. But we'll keep you abreast of any further developments, and in the meantime be sure to share your thoughts down in the comments.

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Source: Pocket-Lint


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Huawei 'analyzing the possibility' of 'Google edition' Ascend P6


I would definitely be interested - the HTC One is a bit pricey, and the stock camera software doesn't appear to utilise all its features.
The Ascend P6 however, has a fairly standard camera, so the stock software would be a better fit.

A really very good phone with lot of advanced Features including Emotion UI Updates coming.
#Emotion UI 1.6 features in Huawei Ascend P6#
300 new features have been introduced with Huawei Ascend P6 in Emotion UI 1.6 :-
* Magic Unlock
* Smart Dialing
* Gesture Control
* Camera - Super Zoom
* 100 diff online Themes
* Airsharing
* Power Manager
* Security Manager

Thank You

Everyone want´s a piece. I am game, I like that P6. It would probably be cheaper than the One and the S4.

Looks like Google ambassadors are going to all major companies lobbying for these phones... and it's great news.

So now we have HTC, Samsung, Sony, Huawei and most likely Motorola

All we need now is LTE phones for Verizon

Absolutely, why dont we just pack up all our technology and money and just give it to the chinese. We're heading that way anyhow so lets just send all our jobs and eveythining over to em. Lets let communism finally win after all the lives weve lost fighting them.