HTC Desire on Vodafone

Good news for those of you in the UK who are waiting for the HTC Desire and HTC Legend to be released on Vodafone: It's now "Coming soon," as in April. We know that, 'cause, well, the site says so. Stay tuned for exact release date and pricing. But go ahead and admit it: You'd give up your firstborn for this thing, wouldn't you ... [Vodafone] Thanks, Dave!

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boogerpicker says:

HTD? What's that?

lol. It's the letter right next to C. Headline fixed.

Hehehe you guys are the best. ;-)

Anonymous says:


Alan says:

Sorely tempted but waiting for a head-to-head between the Nexus One and HTC Desire before making a final decision!

Skitter says:

Will it be only a UK launch or an all Vodafone European one ?
Does someone knows ?