HTC ThunderBolt Extended Battery review

The HTC Thunderbolt is Verizon’s first 4G LTE device. This, combined with the 4.3-inch display, have us eager to know how long the battery will/can last. Aside from the speed, battery life is easily the most talked about aspect of the device, for better or worse.

The best way to gauge battery life is from a variety of users, and we have an excellent thread in our HTC Thunderbolt forums stickied.

Here are some quick tips from users that have improved battery life:

  • The preloaded Blockbuster app is set to scan info automatically by default. Users who have disabled this through settings in the app have reported a very positive effect on battery life
  • Turning off Friendstream (deleting the widgets)
  • Changing the display settings. Often times when looking at battery use (Settings->About Phone->Battery Use), display is the main culprit. It’s a beautiful screen, but even turning the settings to Auto-Brightness can help things.

These are just three examples of tips and tricks for better battery life. For more or to add some of your own, check out our thread, Happy Bolting!

HTC Thunderbolt forum

Thunderbolt Battery Complaints + Tips/Tricks thread


Reader comments

HTC Thunderbolt battery tips and tricks (from the forums)


Shutting off the 4g was the best thing I did. Yesterday I unplugged my fone around 11am and I didnt have to charge it again till about 10pm and that was with moderate to heavy use * watching videos, lots of text, playing angry birds and words with friends, good amount of internet browing *

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I have had issues with the battery life for the thunderbolt only lasting a few hours in a day and have had to charge this phone more than twice in one day. I called verizon customer service and have got the im sorry about that speech. I then called HTC and spoke with their reps about this issue and was told the following:

1. If using an application killer or battery saver app delete.
2. Turn off gps when not needing to use apps requiring gps use.
3. Go to settings, then to wireless & networks
4. Turn off the mobile network setting and only turn it on when you need to use the internet or application requiring internet connection.

If you follow these steps you should see a 90% increase in your battery life.

Hope this helps!

Does this sound decent?:

I Bump charged phone. Phone is NOT rooted. Stock Battery.

1: I disabled GPS when not using
2: I disabled WIFI when not using (I just turn it on when needed)
3: I turned off Mobile Network when at home
4: I have mail set to only update when I open mail
5: I turned off the pocket ring feature
6: I went to that Blockbuster app and turned off the auto update thing
7: I removed my app killer / battery manager(saver) apps
8: I tuned off BlueTooth (not using)
9: I switched phone to 3G (not needing super fast internet constantly)
10: I tuned off all haptic feedback.

With all of that said,my Last charge was just over 48 hours ago ( I never tuned off phone since then )

I still have about 35% of battery life left.

My awake time is just over 10 Hours so far. ( I have made a ton of calls, surfed the net, sent and received about 50 texts at least)

Does this sound good?