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By now we're all well aware that HTC will have something new -- and most likely Android-based -- to show us at its Feb. 19 press conferences. But we're still unsure as to exactly what that'll be. We've heard rumors of an "M7" handset on the way (including chants from the company's CEO himself), but much of the device remains shrouded in mystery.

HTC's latest promotional teaser only adds to that mystery. Sent out to German press this morning, it shows a human heart pumping life into a circuit board, with the slogan "ALIVE SOON!" It's just vague (and weird) enough to get people talking about what's next from HTC without revealing the company's game plan. Well played, HTC.

If you've got any wild theories about what, if anything this has to do with the upcoming "M7" device, hit the comments and let us know.

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HTC teases new phone with bizarre cybernetic heart


Since they're dying, financially speaking, I sure hope that means they're breathing new life onto themselves... Too bad, HTC seems to have a good sense of design (no pun intended), but just can't catch a break against Sammy...

"Since they're dying, financially speaking, I sure hope that means they're breathing new life onto themselves..."

I hope so too, but if the past is anything to go by, they're going to announce a phone with:

-A 6.8 in screen
-Quad-core S5 running at 1.9 Ghz
-A 1400 mAh non-removable battery
-1 Gig of ram
-16 Gigs storage, of which the OS and Sense overlay will take up 7 Gigs.
-No SD card
-Android 4.1 Jelly Bean and a guaranteed single update to 4.1.2 within 3 years.
-Exclusive to Cincinnati Bell

Oh, and I also forgot... Beats Audio (but no included headset).

LOL, you just about hit the nail on the head with HTC except for the software updates. Unless things have changed in the last year or so, they were way ahead of everyone else in keeping the software up to date when my Evo was still able to handle updates.

Nicely played! Love the battery part. :P I really wish they'd reconsider user-replaceable batteries, otherwise I can never consider an HTC device again (had the Thunderbolt, now the Note 2).

I had Nexus One. Now Note 2. If DNA had what Note 2 has minus maybe stylus, I'd really consider DNA, just 'cause of screen.

Why are people ripping on HTC so much? The One X was a great device and better than the S3 hardware wise. Sense isnt bloated any more and just looks good, better than touchwiz for sure! it's actually consistent.

Maybe just the name of a phone being released in Europe 'soon'. The Euro version of the "M7" is the HTC Alive. could be...

Think they'll announce the phones then tell us we can't have them till June (said the frustrated/disgruntled/disillusioned BB user who is seriously contemplating an android device) . . .

Yup, I've been hanging on to my upgrade since last august waiting for bb10, fell in love with q10, then heard March for z10, then today may/june for q10 . . I've always given rim the benefit of the doubt but at this point if they're saying may/june I'm thinking july/aug, which means hanging onto my upgrade for almost a year. What I'm saying is I can't imagine any other phone manufacturer engaging in such baloney

Well, HTC has had history with heart related names for phones - "Desire", "Sensation". Maybe that's a reference to going back to that convention rather than carrying on with the "One" tag.

Just please don't name it Sensation HD...

Yup. And quite lame IMO. I find it rather creepy and doesn't really convey the features of the phone. It was most likely all Verizon's stupid marketing idea. If HTC is doing something similar on their own, it's probably going to be just as lame.

It wasn't as bad as that commercial for some Verizon Android phone (I forget which one, kind of proves my point) where the guy breaks through the wall and stuff. That was the worst commercial for a phone I've ever seen.

Ok so, M7, released soon, 2-3 months after that we'll have the M7+,try to avoid this at best, let HTC sort themselves out first and see if they mention on their next conference to their mistakes of constantly releasing phones and their downfall.

If they don't do that, I'd suggest to avoid HTC devices as a whole. They were once a fantastic company, stupidity led to their fall.

Probably reference to some overly expensive partnership with Nike or something now that the Beats partnership is done.

This is all becoming a bit much really.

The money being spent on coming up with silly taglines and associations with the human body could be put into a real advert when the phone is released to illustrate what the phone does that will make your friends wish they had your new HTC.

HTC... isn't it time to pull back your market share instead of dicking around?

This is obviously part of their new marketing strategy. At least they have one now (we hope). I'll wait to see how it plays out before I judge...

Blah blah blah... It doesn't matter if it's only gonna be available on ONE carrier with lesser desired variants on other carriers.. Also they can keep their little measley 16GB.. Cloud services on capped data plans are useless.

Whatever is and whatever its called, it better be a true top o' the line flagship device, and not one to be outdone a month later by the Galaxy S4. Hey HTC, Give this thing some longevity!!

I have a One X and I love it but considering what else is available, this might be my last HTC. They need to reel me back in.

My bet is that it will be a decent enough phone but the problem for HTC is that having a decent phone with a small marketing push behind it isn't enough to compete with apple and Samsung.
What HTC should do is embrace their 'amateur' developers to create roms and put them in a HTC library; sense, AOSP, gingerbread, ICS, JB hell a cupcake rom for your M7 (if you wanted a rod for your own back) with an easy flash system. maybe paying devs for their work.
this sort of thing would be give HTC something diferent from Samsung or Apple, keeps people going back to HTC.

I can just see the douchey marketing team (on $190k each) pitching this garbage...

That is, unless, you can attach it to a human heart. That would be seriously cool.

It would definitely fit in with the alternative charging Htc always strives for

I really like HTC phones, but unless they make a "No Compromise" phone, a true beast, they will die a slow death. They need to put out a phone with a great screen, the fastest quad core processor, 32-64 GB internal memory plus an external Micro SD card slot, and removable long lasting battery all in a slim and sexy body. A "No Compromise" phone can breath new life into HTC

Hmm, maybe HTC has some custom made personal assistant skin for Google Now that it's trying to market similar to Apple's Siri.

Just a thought but Flesh+PCB=DNA II? It just gives me that Droid branding feel. I know it's a little early for an actual DNA II but as I said it's just Droid-ish.