HTC Desire HD

TomTom, the popular navigation company, has struck a deal with HTC to be integrated with the upcoming  Desire Z, Desire HD, as well as future devices. HTC's new mapping feature, dubbed HTC Locations, will come preloaded with TomTom's maps and turn-by-turn navigation can then be purchased through HTC Locations or HTC Sync. 

This is an interesting partnership that will provide customers who don't have access to Google Maps Navigation with a fully integrated navigation experience.  [Business Wire]


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HTC strikes deal with TomTom, will include the service in Desire Z and Desire HD


So this means sprint HTC Devices will be loaded with HTC's Tom Tom Navagation, Google Navagation and Sprint Navagation. I'll never get lost again.

Eventually, it appears that having a Rooted phone is the only way you will have access to some of Android's Best Features.....such as Google Maps (free). The Navigation on my Dinc is one of the stronger features and the phone would be less appealing if I had to pay for Verizon's Navigator or possibly the upcoming Tom Tom feature. We've watched Verizon push Bing onto new phones at Google's expense and there appears to be a concerted effort to monetize some of Google's native free features by pushing them off the Android platform in favor of new paid services.

I can appreciate the need to make money for the major players, but the ability to Root and "Wash" Android devices of Bloatware, will be more important than ever going forward it seems. With Google Maps excellent program available for free....I see No logic to this business plan otherwise. Am I being paranoid? ....D

I hope this TomTom thing is just that exact pre-caching map feature that HTC showed off at the even and didn't mention that it was actually TomTom and that they are not now adding a third map feature to the phone.

I recall one of the reps saying that you can download the maps for free before you go travel an you can have the turn by turn navigation but if you wanted the voice feature you would have to pay for that through HTC....which does sound very similar to what the article says so let's hope that is the case.

Good point.

Too many city dwellers tend to forget that cell coverage is not adequate to use Google navigation in the hinterlands.

There is just a boatload of places where you ONLY get GPRS, and then ONLY If you are lucky.

Does anyone know what carrier(s) will be getting this phone. I am on Verizon and have the DINC but have wanted a bigger screen. While 4" would be more acceptable than 4.3" for me this phone seems identical to my DINC with a much wanted larger screen.

I thought TomTom gave up on the Android market. I used to use their product before I switched to Android and waited forever for them to port their product over, but that has never happened. Now I am an avid Google Nav user.

I wonder if this is the full port of their nav app, or just a subset?

This is welcome news after suffering through the absolutely dismal UI for Google Maps Navigation. The number of screen tap steps required to navigate to a simple destination already in your phonebook is ridiculous. And then when you reach your destination, you have to "back up" through the maze of screens to unwind and exit. So much for seamless integration with Android. But then again, you get what you pay for.

TomTom's UI runs circles around Google Maps Nav. I would switch phones to use the TomTom app.

I use A Garmin.
Google nav is strictly a backup option when out with friends or in a different car, or walking, more of a novelty than a real tool.

I would never consider taking a long trip with only Google Nav. But its nice for getting a zoom-able map in an area while letting the Garmin do the turn-by-turn. The garmin will give me lane positioning when in unfamiliar cities, well ahead of time. Google nav, not so much.

thats krazy talk i have a tomtom and never use it cause Google nav is awesome, less things i have to care about, besides sprint offers nav for free as well.... but if is free i would tried it, i always put my gps on mute anyway