Galaxy S5, HTC One M8

HTC is aiming high with its latest signing. According to reports, the company has hired Paul Golden who was previously at Samsung. It marks a rather desperate move as the company continues to operate in losses and experience declining market share, but Golden helped launch the incredibly successful Galaxy brand for Samsung, making this also an interesting step for HTC to make.

Golden has been hired on a three month contract, which – we imagine – will task him to advise HTC chairwoman Cher Wang on marketing and promotion, with hopes to replicate the success of Samsung. Could Paul Golden really halt HTC's downward spiral and bring the manufacturer back up to speed with consumers? Initial reaction to the HTC One M8 were rather positive so we'll have to see.

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HTC snatches up former Samsung marketing guru who helped launch Galaxy brand


My Household has a total of 3 Ones. One m7 and two m8s. Clearly we think HTC is the best here.

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That is Awesome! I loved my m7 and surely enjoy my m8 even more, I just wish the average consumer knew just how fantastic our htc devices are instead of being overshadowed by the Samsung Marketing machine...

I really want HTC (and LG and Sony and Huawei and Moto and ...) to catch up with Samsung in sales, or at least make some significant inroads. But hiring Sammy's marketing guy is not the answer (unfortunate it isn't that easy). It's matching Samsung's marketing BUDGET that's going to be the key. The simple truth is, more is more.

And is this the guy who comes up with the idea of paying fanboys to bash rivals on places like Android Central? That'd be a shame to stoop to that level.

You do realize that except for HTC, every other company you named is already a multi-billion dollar/Euro behemoth right? I'm not shedding any tears for them if they can't compete in the mobile phone space.

All of the other big players have revenue aside from mobile phones. What else does HTC have?

The only thing that kept me from the HTC offering was the pitiful camera. It truly is the One's (m7 and m8 both) Achilles' heel.

Agreed.. Last year I had the m7, along with my mom, sister, and 5 or more co-workers, compared to 1 person having the S4.. So far this year, One of the co-workers and I have the M8.
It's just a cut above the rest.

Until htc start packing alot of features to show off on a commercial they it won't work, Samsung has features alot which u rarely gonna use but make good for commercials

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Not true. It's just a matter of how much marketing they give that phone. We don't need two Touch wiz OS's in the world. One is enough...

Nexus 5...enough said

They need better commercials too. They are actually airing a lot of commercials for the M8 but they are just awful. They don't talk about the phone at's just that annoying guy literally saying "blah blah blah blah" and they show a few glimpses of the phone. It's not compelling at all.

They have features.. But they do not advertise them... They're ads are too serious... Like it speaks to men like me yeah but not to everyone.. they need to sell the he'll out of Zoes! BoomSound! Like fun exciting commercial along with the serious ones.. show people dancing to BoomSound in the stuck elevator, another person making zoe highlights of people dancing. Even slightly stab at Samsung..."tired of using cartoonish phones?" Sell girls on 5mp selfies.. like com'on it ain't hard
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I'm sorry but this won't help a thing. People say a lot about the HTC One but it's really not that great. People like what they like. The galaxy Brand is the Galaxy Brand and I don't think marketing or anything will help HTC beat LG or Samsung. LG didn't have big marketing for there phones but they did sell pretty well. It's more to it then that. People just have to want the phone. The more negative things people say about Samsung and Apple help them sale more because it makes people want to see if it's true. Then u say so many good things about HTC M7 and M8 and then when people get the phone it's not how people seem to say it is. So hiring this guy is a waste it won't help. Just gotta pray for HTC.

Please tell me this is a joke. LG is a brand that expands beyond mobile devices. This includes appliances, consumer electronics, electronic components, etc.

HTC isn't in the fortune 500 list. HTC isn't in the top 10 tech companies list (Apple and Samsung hold the top 2 spots). HTC isn't even in the top 10 mobile phone brands list. LG is in both the fortune 500 and top 10 mobile phone brands list.

Without having a brand that is well known in the eyes of the consumer, being able to gain traction in a market lead by two dominant brands, will require more than having a superior product.
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I tend to think your correct on this. They just sell phones, so they can't really have a loss leader product to fund other products.

They also don't need to meet Samsung's sales, they just need to be profitable, and stick around. I can't say what should happen, but I always think of Mazda and Chevy. Chevy sells a ton of cars, Mazda just a few (in comparison), and they both make money.

Sent with bathwater

Um consumer reports M7 ran that sh*t all 2013.. have u been under a rock????? You don't make any sense .... At all

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I have an S4. I'm getting an M8 as soon as my contract allows me because HTC makes a higher quality phone than Samsung, period.

Think they'll bring back the Huge Tinfoil Catamaran? Or the Hipster Troll Carwash?

I have been exclusively buying HTC devices since my Windows Mobile HTC Touch (except for the Palm Pre, RIP). I have always loved the design and the features they put in their phones. But marketing has always been awful! Except for the mytouch line, I thought that was pretty decent advertising.

They need someone with a successful track record of strong device launch. This is probably a good move for HTC. Proven success in a given marketing area is important and HTC does to have that currently.

How is that a "desperate move" ? I think most would call it a smart move.

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Successful would be keeping him on permanently. Desperate is a three month contract

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Gives me thoughts that if that three month period is not successful, HTC may be in trouble..

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Yeah you're right. It would make more sense to hire him/her on a permanent basis right out the gate. Making sure that regardless of their productivity and whether or not they're a good fit for the company and their culture, should not even be considered. To hell with the planned approach. Die HTC die /S

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HTC hasn't had a REAL hit since their Eris/Hero days, followed up by the Evo4G which was fucking They have released boring phones with nothing revolutionary (sans the 3VO which sucked) or even new since then...Until the M7...That's why HTC is having such a rough go at it. Most people aren't phone geeks, but they remember when their battery sucked, phone overheated, their UI looked like a cartoon, etc.

Agree when I tell people to try the M8 it's always.. the Evo sucked, my battery sucked.. it froze all the time.. bla bla bla bla (pun intended) and I'm like I know.. But HTC has changed... But it's hard to get them back on em ..

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Won't still save them cos rivals like Sony, Samsung, Apple and LG do more than making phones. That alone gives them more marketing power than the likes of HTC, Blackberry and Nokia

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You don't have to be such a douchebag man

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S5 video of Spigen case for the HTC M8, HTC are you watching, this is what a camera should do, not only does it have 16 megapixels but the video is fantastic, now the HTC is one sweet looking phone, but it lacks quite a few features, and that is what people buy their smartphones for, especially the camera, not an HTC hatter, HTC incredible was my first Android phone then the Rezound, but went with Samsung and the S3 around the same time HTC decided it wanted to be like Apple "not even close" ,

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I went in 3-4 electronic stores in hong kong over the weekend.
Sad news for u htc fans, people weren't even looking at them.
Its all about samsung and apple. LG was getting more attention than htc. Sad sad sad