HTC Sensation 4G

HTC just unveiled its dual-core Sensation, and T-Mobile USA has just announced that it'll be carrying a HSPA+ version of the phone, dubbed the HTC Sensation 4G. T-Mo says the device will be its most powerful handset, and will launch "this summer".

The T-Mobile-exclusive Sensation 4G will boast the same impressive specs as its 3G European counterpart -- a dual-core 1.2GHz processor, 768MB of RAM, and qHD (540x960) Super LCD display. If reading press releases is your thing, you can find one after the jump. [T-Mobile]

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BELLEVUE, Wash. — April 12, 2011 — HTC Corp., a global leader in mobile innovation and design, today introduced the HTC Sensation 4G, a smartphone that shines a spotlight on entertainment with HTC’s new HTC Watch™ video service. Crafted with premium design elements, the HTC Sensation 4G features the company’s latest customer-focused HTC Sense™ experience that puts people at the center by making their smartphones work in a more simple and natural way. The HTC Sensation 4G will be available in the U.S. exclusively from T-Mobile USA beginning this summer.

“Consumers have quickly transformed smartphones into consumer lifestyle hubs — pocket-sized entertainment centers that enable people to take their favorite multimedia content with them wherever they go. The new HTC Watch service makes it fun and easy for people to access premium movies and TV shows while on the go,” said Peter Chou, CEO of HTC Corp. “The HTC Sensation 4G combines this great multimedia experience with the latest HTC Sense experience in a premium device that delivers a powerful and unprecedented smartphone to our customers.”

“The HTC Sensation 4G delivers the ultimate in speed and entertainment on America’s Largest 4G network,” said Andrew Sherrard, senior vice president of marketing for T-Mobile USA. “With a lightning-fast, dual-core processor and 4G speeds, customers will experience the difference when accessing rich media and content on the HTC Sensation 4G’s beautiful qHD display. We look forward to adding the HTC Sensation 4G to our industry-leading lineup of 4G smartphones.”

Premium Design and Materials

Tapping into HTC’s trademark design language, the HTC Sensation 4G’s premium look and feel is enhanced by its rounded edges and aluminum unibody construction, and the touch screen surface is protected by a contoured screen that feels more natural as a finger glides across it. The 4.3-inch qHD display delivers high-resolution widescreen viewing and gives the HTC Sensation 4G slender proportions that feel natural in a person’s hand. At the heart of the HTC Sensation 4G beats a powerful, 1.2-gigahertz, dual-core, Qualcomm® Snapdragon™ processor, which enables gorgeous graphics and all-around fast performance.

HTC Sense

Complementing the HTC Sensation 4G’s premium design is the latest HTC Sense experience that boasts a host of new features and enhancements, helping people have more fun and get more done. For instance, HTC Sense introduces a customizable active lock screen experience that transforms the lock screen into a real-time window to the most important information and content, such as social updates, photos, weather or stock updates that are viewed by simply waking up the display. In addition, the new active lock screen becomes a customizable gateway, which lets people quickly jump to the most-used features, such as making a phone call, sending an email, taking a picture or anything else, with the same quick gesture usually used to unlock the phone. For instance, the camera can be launched right from the lock screen with a single motion, saving precious seconds when you’re trying to capture the action. Sharper graphics, vibrant animations and new widgets make HTC Sense look better than ever and, by continuing to focus on all of the aspects, both large and small, that make HTC Sense special, HTC introduces a more cinematic and immersive weather experience with stunning imagery and audible weather effects.

HTC Sense also makes it easy to have fun by enabling people to capture and share special moments. The HTC Sensation 4G’s 8-megapixel camera doesn’t just shoot gorgeous photos — with the new instant capture feature, it lets people capture the moments they want without worrying about missing or keeping up with the action. The HTC Sensation also shoots full HD video in 1080p resolution, with full stereo sound, at up to 30 frames per second, giving you smooth video that is better than many other phones. With the new Video Trimmer tool, people can crop their clips to the perfect size for easy sharing with friends and family.


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HTC Sensation 4G coming to T-Mobile USA this summer


Sorry none of those phones hold a candle to either LG G2x or this HTC...All the LTE phones for VZW are 4.3" come on give me some variety???

Vzw got there finger stuck up there butt as always peddling old software from 2010 on the thunderbolt as well as there entire 2011smartphone lineup. Even there Droid Bionic has 512 of ram that to is so last year spec wise.. Bottomline if your not running 1.2 ghz dualcore processor with 1gb of ram the the internals of the device is LAST YEARS SPEC REGARDLESS OF ANY LTE NETWORK. Great try verizon CLOUDING PEOPLES MINDS WITH SPEED meanwhile those devices are old 2010specs Verizon SUCKS EGGS

The only thing that disappoints me about this phone is the VGA front-facing camera. Seems like an odd choice considering the Thunderbolt was recently released with a 1.3 mega-pixel ffc. Perhaps they realized it actually has little bearing on real life chat video quality or the carriers forced them to knock it down to VGA resolution via firmware blocks to save bandwidth?

Other than that, this phone is awesome. I am definitely holding off to replace my Nexus One until this summer. At which point I will likely pick this up while locking in my low T-Mobile price for two more years so AT&T can't jack me.

The 4G internal storage is fine since an SD card is not a hassle for me.

Great device for tmobile customers. Man what a selection having the Sensation and Optimus G2x to go along with other hspa plus devices. If I was on tmobile the Sensation would be my choice cause I favor htc but that Lg device with 1gig of ram is a nice device too. Htc has the 1.2 ghz vs Lg's 1.0 ghz processors... Htc wins in my world....

Another great HTC phone ATT won't get..sigh...congratulations Tmobile subscribers..sigh.

Exactly how I feel. It's not even that top notch of a phone spec wise but it is a great option to have in a stable of phones. ATT needs to get over the Atrix, it pretty much flopped...

I agree verizon seems lost, their flagship phone's only claim to glory is LTE which you have to turn off to enjoy the features of the phone for more than 3 hrs also the dinc2 should have specs like the sensation but verizon seems to jus settle for whatever lately and hope their cell signal can make up for their "just average" android phones

One question:


If it is I would think major fail for the article not to mention this early on, if it is not then there should be some reference made to how the "upcoming" T-Mobile Pyramid compares to this phone.

Yes, the Sensation is the official name for what HTC codenamed the Pyramid.(Why are HTC's codenames so much better than the names these phones end up with?)

EVO 3d. A full gb of RAM vs 768mb, Sprint pricing and the joy of being on a network not being bought out by ATT

Any word on if it will support AT&T bands? I would assume it would with a looming merger, but you never know.

Sorry Sprint, looks like we will soon be parting. It's not that I don't like the idea of 3D on my phone, I just prefer an 8MP camera more. Plus, this isn't as bugly.

IS it just me or does this phone and the thunder bolt seem a lot like the Sprint wvo. :) its funny how all the carriers are finally getting there own version of the the evo

Must be just you, at least about this phone. I think this phone looks pretty different, higher res screen with different aspect ratio, dual core, more ram, probably better camera, no kickstand, etc. It's really the biggest departure from the Evo HTC has done with a 4.3" phone.

I don't get it....Verizon has arguably the largest comsumer base in the US, as such they could support many different manufacturers' phones that would compete with each other. Why is the WORLD is Verizon shying away from the option of HTC dual core phones, for Motocrap, LG and Samsung??? How weird is it that the two LARGEST US companies (Verizon and AT&T) seem like they are locked into Motorola like this. HTC why???? I love VZW and HTC, I can't see myself ever not having a HTC phone, but I wants some dual core yumminess

@artacn- There really is no way you can compare the Sensation to the Evo, the phones are, from a technical standpoint, from two different classes.

Class 1(2010-Winter 2011): Evo, MyTouch 4G, Desire HD (Inspire), Thunderbolt.

Class 2 (Spring 2011-?): Evo 3D, Sensation

From the differing versions of Sense to the new dual core processors, there is a significant enough gap in the software and hardware to where we can stop with the whole "that's just another Evo, my phone is l33t 4evr!" talk. (And that includes myself.)

There's also a huge gap in the hardware differences between the Evo and the DHD/MT4G/Thunderbolt.
I appreciate the Evo for what it is, and what it has done, but the myth that second-gen Snapdragon devices are equal to first-gen Snapdragon devices has to stop.