4.4 update for both devices already in the works

This little tidbit comes from the HTC product team ama on Reddit, and it's a nice nugget of news for folks using the One Max and the One Mini

We already have 4.4 updates in the works for both Mini and Max devices and you can track the progress on our software updates page. You should see this land as early as March for the Max and April for Mini.

They also go on to say that they have been considering direct updates, presumably like the one that will be offered for the Sprint EVO 4G LTE, but give no details. And we shouldn't really expect any until something like that is finished and ready to roll out the door.

It appears that HTC really does recognize the importance that updates have for a portion of their users, and how the Internet can influence the buying public. We hope to continue seeing this sort of thing from them, both for the users sake and their own.

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HTC says we could see KitKat for the One Max in March, One Mini in April


Just like you said you will be done in January with the One. Boy that didn't work out as much.

Let's see it before we believe it.

Htc ones in Europe, Asia and Canada were all updated to KitKat in January only a couple carrier versions in the states have been slow releasing it.

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+1 credit where it's due. HTC seem to be getting it right now. I loved my One and Sense, just prefer on screen buttons now :-(

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If only Verizon would sell an HTC One Max In Black or Google Play Edition

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HTC should just say yes/no instead of giving a timeframe.

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Well except for AT&T while they try to figure out how to add carrier IQ equivalents to it.

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Does anyone known when Samsung is going to make only 3 devices and update them quickly?

Posted from my "KNOX-FREE" 4.3 Sprint GS3 Maxx...!!!
(ZeroLemon 7000mA battery and ZeroShock Case)

Dear HTC, please give up fighting fragmentation. Users who worry about the latest version of Android buy the Nexus or pony up for a Google Play Edition. The vast majority of users simply don't care. Meanwhile updates turn into meaningless promises and endless finger pointing between manufacturers and carriers. Those of us who care about updates can root and ROM or get the proper hardware. But again, the masses don't give a rip and the promises all become empty after endless delays getting an older version of Android pushed out to an apathetic audience.

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You are absolutely right. The masses do not give a rip about updates. The problem is that the people that the masses ask "what phone should I get?" do give a rip.

So we're all recommending Samsungs? That's who's winning...

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The 3 that bought the One Mini or the 3 that bought the one Max? Oh wait more than three, many more, bought it

They've still not learned to keep their mouths shut when they keep failing to deliver on their word

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Still waiting for Kit Kat here in the UK from 3 for my HTC One :(

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I love to get a state of the art hardware specs in a HTC One Mini; but sadly the company likes to follow Sansung and dumb the hardware specs to the previous generation specs and call it a "new" model! LOL!

I never knew the reason behind this move; since people who are looking for a smaller phone usually end up with the iPhone since they compare phones and the iPhone usually is the default choice because the rest of the Mini are dated technology especially the screen resolution and CPU and GPU!

Does anyone know why these companies do this for their Minis models?

Yes. Because they do not have the talent to do what Apple and (just now) Sony did. This is especially true for Samsung: if they could, they would.

They can't optimize software and rely in Qualcomm for the hungry chips or design their disasters (exynos).

I know about 0 people that understand how SOC work and do not praise the a7. Brilliant engineering, massive power, tiny battery = tiny high end phone.

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These are really just second generation of the "mini" so they are just actually finding their footing. You can thank Samsung that there even is a "mini".

I said it at the time that it was a piece of junk, and the sgs4 mini was no better.

The One was the first to actually put some real specs in it if I remember right. They all will eventually be like the Note, high end phones with a different screen size and footprint. Gone are the days though that the 4-4.3 screen size is the king of the world.

Just update your 2012 devices HTC. Samsung updated their S2 series to Android 4.1 which is a massive improvement.

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