The Evo 4G's already gotten one bugfix update -- released right at launch -- and another one apparently is coming down the pike. Engadget's been told that a software fix for screen responsiveness problems (which appear to be intermittent; we haven't experienced them) is coming, and we've been told that WiFi signal strength reporting may be tweaked, too, to improve accuracy.

As for the "issue" of some Evo screens slightly separating from the bezel, Engadget was told it's a cosmetic defect and shouldn't interfere with operation of the phone, that instances are not widespread (listen to our latest podcast for more on that), and that HTC's tweaking its manufacturing process to eliminate future separations.

All in all, a pretty good response, we think. [Engadget]



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HTC said to be working on another software update for the Evo 4G


I haven't experience many flaws on my Evo
Except for the weak signal pickup for Wi-Fi
I have to be suuuuper close to the router to get full strength
But it's not really a dealbreaker
These minor fixes should suffice
I'm just ready for Froyo

i think there is a software issue in the way the phone/radio is reporting the actual strength of the wifi signal. When I had my Pre I would lose all wifi signal when standing in the parking lot of my apartment when my router is on the other side of the building. Now that I have an Evo, I lose signal at almost the exact same spot.

That would be great if they could get these updates out before I get my EVO. I played around with one and fell in love with the screen size and speed of the processor and everything else. Hopefully we will see a huge improvement in graphics with FroYo. I also hope the WiFi tethering is let through by Sprint. EVO FTW.

How does the fact that two devices agree on what constitutes a weak signal translate into a software issue?

BC clearly the Evo is displaying the wrong signal strength. What you are seeing in your status bar is not an accurate representation of the actual wifi signal strength. The Evo's wifi signal strength may not be as strong as a Nexus One's, but I am saying that, based on my experience, that it is as strong as the Pre's, which nobody perceived to be weak.

That's right HTC, work out all of the kinks before I'm eligible for my upgrade. Because those are the first two issues I'm checking for before I leave The Shack. :)

I have not experienced any touchscreen problems. Although the Evo WiFi *is* considerably weaker than my Pre was.

Anyway, come on HTC, bring on 2.2!!!

Does anyone know if they are working on a FPS fix? No deal-breaker, but this phone is too awesome not to be getting that full 60 FPS that even the Hero enjoys...

Fix, really? I don't see 30 FPS as a problem. But we all want to have the biggest baddest thing out there, so expect higher FPS graphics with Froyo 2.2

Dude u stole my thoughts...Engadget is on apples Dick, always downing the EVO. Ive been looking for issues on my EVO since launch n til now the only issues I see is the weak WiFi signal other than that this phone is the shit n I don't knw why they don't want to give it its credit, now they saying the maybe the phone is sold out bcause of the screen issues...I'm gonna stop going in Engadget

Engadget is the king of negative speculative reporting and gross exaggerations for device not called the iPhone.

They are just now reporting that the Evo is sold out on Sprint's website, when it has been selling out nearly every 48 hours after restocking since the initial launch on June 4th.

My Bluetooth (EVO) does not disconnect after 5 mins, in fact, it stays connected. Previously I've had the Pre, my Pre had a weak signal where I live in the Hollywood hills. My EVO has an excellent signal, I no longer need my Airave. As to the article, engadget are at it again, they're running another BS article without facts.

That just started happening to me too, today, but not as extreme :( During a 2 hour conversation, I lost my bluetooth headset 3 times, for no reason. And each time the headset was only a few feet away from the phone. I had to yell at the caller to wait a moment, and power down the headset and power it back up, to resume on the headset again.

This didn't do it to me last week during a 2 hour conversation using the same headset (Treo) & phone (Evo). And yes, both were fully charged.

And, this is the same headset I used with the Pre and *NEVER* had it disconnect during a call in a full year of usage.

I haven't had any real issues with any of these. I would, however, like to see less spotty bluetooth connectivity.

I don't have any cosmetic problems. Don't see the light leakage, knock on wood. The WiFi is fine, just doesn't show bars well. At least that's how it seems 'cause I'm getting excellent speed even from a far distance. Just want full flash and a widget that works like pressing the power button and ill be good for now.


My Theory, the Evo has wireless N hardware. But is not using it. So the drivers are going to be pooched. The Android 2.2 update will start supporting Wireless N and POOF! The issue will be gone.

I had wifi issues with my EVO from day one and returned the phone after a week. Preordered the white version from Best Buy and am looking forward to that...
Other than the wifi issue, I have nothing but good things to say about the phone.
However, I am curious to learn a little more about the Galaxy S Pro...

I'd say take it back, but what would they replace it with? Evo's seem to be scarce as 'hen's teeth'.

Take it back they will order a new one for you probably refurbished and then you get to keep yours till the new one comes in.

The perceived wifi pickup is def weak. I like many others have to be right up on the router to see full strength. Noticed this first day. Seperation, I see the possibility but no issue as of yet. Sensitivity, don't see it. The touch response on this thing is beautiful! This phone is a hot item with a lot of momentum. They'll get these minor kinks worked out. I like Engadget but admittingly I wouldn't have ever thought of these seemingly ghost issues unless I read their articles. Power of publishing! Thank Hearst for that..

My phone has been resetting while I'm on the phone all the time so I hope it fixes that. Also, my alarm clock on goes off one day when its scheduled to go all week. Maybe I need to just get another evo. Has anyone else had this problem.

My internet screen freeze's up when igo to heavy flash sites sometimes ihave to restart my phone anyone else?

The only problem I am having is the intermittent grounding issue. I really never tried what they were saying until I saw the problem. I tried it on my bed and it was touch and go. Sometimes it did what was shown on the video and sometimes it worked perfectly. Everything else works fine on the EVO, including WIFI and no screen lifting and the colors on my screen are not washed out. If HTC says they are going to fix the screen grounding type issue with a software fix, that would be great. Do I take it to Sprint before 30 days just to let them know there might be a problem, but waiting on possible fix by HTC. What do you do? I really don't want to start exchanging like I did with the Pre. It took 5 phones to get a good one. Each time I got another, it seemed to be worse than the one before. I could see this happening with the EVO, at least for me.

I have started experiencing problems with my screen becoming unresponsive at times. Over the last week I have noticed it getting worse. I can be on the internet trying to type a web address or move the webpage to no avail. At times I have had this problem when trying to text. It is good to see that this problem is noticed and getting fixed.

I have a difficult time believing that the screen separation issue isn't widespread. I can't believe that I'm one of the "lucky" few to have it. And if it isn't widespread, why are they changing their manufacturing process?
I also have a difficult time believing that it's only a cosmetic issue. Even if it IS only cosmetic, it sucks.

Other than is a pretty sweet phone! Though I might still test out the iPhone 4 if i can get my hands on one. Let's see if I can get sprint to extend my 30 day trial...

The "screen separation issue" is not really an issue, as Engadget grossly exaggerates it to be. There is a faint light leakage issue, which I believe is occurring with every Evo, but have to be in a dark room to even notice it. But the screen adhesive is NOT "failing" causing a "slow peel away" as Engadget describes it! I have had mine since June 4th morning and the light leakage is absolutely no more today than it was on that day. HTC wants their device to be flawless, as she should, so therefore they are changing the manufacturing to eliminate the light leakage. Why would they not change the process if they are made aware of any minor defect?

Know this, the Evo 4G bests the iPhone4 in almost every conceivable category. I mean it's not even close. iPhone has a small leg up in screen resolution 960x600 vs 800x480, but when you get that level of pixel density it's not even noticeable anyway.

Light leakage isn't what I'm worried about. I'm worried about the fact that I can get a fingernail under my screen. If a fingernail can get under the screen, what other things could?
If all you have is light leakage, you're lucky. But thinking that there is no "separation issue" because your unit happens not to be separating is pretty ignorant.

Know this. If I DIDN'T know all of the facts, I already would've gone with an iPhone. I went with, and want to stay with, the Evo for a reason. That being said, if this phone is falling apart, and they aren't willing to recognize it and do right by it, then no specs or love are worth it.

Not everything is pro-Apple propaganda.

If you seriously think that your situation, if you are being completely honest, is anywhere close to "widespread" than you are very ignorant. The phones go through months of testing and wear and tear before they ever see the store shelves. You situation is amazingly rare. And who ever said anything about Apple or propaganda?! Not me.

I bought two Evo's. One for my brother and myself. My brother's evo has the light leakage at the bottom and mine doesnt. Only reason I'm worried about my bro's evo is because I dont want the situation to get worse u kno?

Its an adhesive defect right? So that means it could get worse.

Should I just try to bring my bro's phone back and get it swapped? I emailed HTC, so i'm waiting on their response on what the best course of action would be.

1. If my situation, which IS my situation, is so rare, why on earth would a company move to fix it? Why would HTC come out and say "we are tweaking our manufacturing processes"... Think about it. Complete that sentence with your thought process..."We are tweaking our manufacturing process to eliminate a problem that doesn't exist, or only affects a handful of our products." You don't disrupt production lines for phantom problems. It seriously affects GP's.
The problem is there. It's here, sitting next to me right now.

2. Regarding "Apple propaganda":

Engadget is the king of negative speculative reporting and gross exaggerations for device not called the iPhone.

They are just now reporting that the Evo is sold out on Sprint's website, when it has been selling out nearly every 48 hours after restocking since the initial launch on June 4th.

By Ecoteric on Sun, 06/20/2010 - 09:15

Biased opinions swing both ways. Neither extreme really helps situations.
I wouldn't even BE on here if not for the fact that I like this phone, but I'm pissed that it's falling apart.

Can you not understand simple English?! I didn't say that a problem doesn't exist. In fact, I clearly said that I believe that the light leakage exists for ALL the Evos. Based on that fact why wouldn't HTC alter/modify their manufacturing if they can eliminate the light leakage?! You have said that you can stick your fingernail under the screen. I said that YOUR situation is extremely rare, if you are telling the truth. The "issue" doesn't have to be as bad as yours, if you are telling the truth, for HTC to make a change. If a company is made aware of the slightest defect, cosmetic or functional, why wouldn't they change their production process? Why wouldn't they want their product to be perfect?

Regarding Apple and Engadget. It is more than obvious that they believe iPhone is the standard of all smartphones. But what I said didn't indicate any pro-Apple propaganda, as you put it. If you really want to read something into my statement, what I said was anti-competition propaganda.

Ok, let the bitch fight continue.

Can YOU not understand simple English? Do you read your own posts? When someone says that something "isn't really an issue", it could lead others to feel that he or she doesn't really think it's a problem.
That being said, I never actually claimed that you didn't acknowledge that a problem existed.
What I disputed was your assertion that "it isn't really an issue" and later that said issue, or non-issue, is not "widespread". You have yet to convince me of EITHER of those arguments.

Regarding pro-apple v. anti-competition...all you are doing is re-stating the same idea. At least as I'm reading it. If I am against everything that ISN'T apple (i.e. "competition") then aren't I pro-Apple, by default?

I love my EVO. It's an amazing phone. The screen separation may not be a major problem, or one that worries you, or one worthy of an AndroidCentral article, or a sticky on the EVO forum, but for those of us who are bothered by it (however slightly) it's an issue. Would HTC be "tweaking it's manufacturing process" for a non-issue?

Maybe it's not what you intended, or maybe just semantics, but the quotes around "issue" sure made this "cell phone junkie" (royalties to Mickey) feel stupid for having a problem with it. Thanks. I'm sure I'm not the only one.

Folks on numerous blogs have asked, where is the OFFICIAL STATEMENT from HTC?! The fact is, a statement does not exist, "tweaking it's manufacturing process" is by way of engadget and their "anonymous tipster." It's no surprise that since engadget posted the article, a statement has not surfaced. It's simple, it does not exist, until HTC releases an "OFFICIAL" statement, the engadget article is BS!!! Engadget is a blog, not a source for official news.