HTC Unlock

A safe way back to 'stock' firmware for hackers, and an alternative way to update

In a somewhat unusual move, HTC has published the new Android 4.3-based firmware for the T-Mobile HTC One online, in the form of an RUU (ROM update utility). The RUU weighs in at just over one gigabyte, and can be used to directly flash the latest "stock" firmware onto T-Mo's HTC One, regardless of whether it's running older official software or a custom ROM.

In the past HTC has shied away from releasing these kinds of utilities publicly, likely due to the software licensing restrictions, though that hasn't stopped many RUUs from leaking out online over the past several years. If you've got a T-Mo HTC One and want to perform a "manual update" as HTC calls it, you'll need a Windows computer, the correct drivers, and a little patience and technical know-how.

You'll find the download link and instructions below.

Source: T-Mobile HTC One Manual Update; via: AndroidPolice


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HTC publishes T-Mobile HTC One 4.3 RUU for tinkerers


Lol clicking the button and connecting your phone is hard

My S-Pen went through hell to deliver this important message to you

It's worth noting that an HTC RUU will set your HTC One to "Relocked" status, rather than its original "Locked" label. If you intend to have your phone warranty replaced, you will likely need to restore stock recovery and gain S-Off to reset the Bootloader lock. Not fun to work with but it pays off if you want to return a stock device.

Ive been trying to get S-Off, but this RUU still has the 1.55 bootloader, and it cant get S-Off. Nearly bricked my device trying. Do you know a way to do it?