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Aussie carrier Telstra, may have delayed its own launch of the HTC One XL, but that doesn't mean our Australian friends are completely out of luck. Enter third-party retailer Mobicity, which is now stocking the One XL regardless. 

The One XL of course is the non AT&T, Snapdragon S4 powered variant of HTC's flagship device. Available in black only, the One XL will work on all Australian 3G/HSPA networks, as well as the 1800MHz LTE network offered by Telstra. (And if anyone's thinking of importing, the One XL also supports European LTE networks on 2600MHz bands.)

Pricing is set at AUS$850, and the phone is available right now.

via Ausdroid


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HTC One XL now available in Australia from Mobicity


HTC's website also says the ONE XL is also available in Saudi Arabia. (We do have LTE in Saudi Arabia)

So strange, HTC Australia site says this comes packed with 32gb, but it only shows 16gb on the Mobicity site. I was hoping for a 32gb version. I guess it doesn't matter anyway as the LTE bands are not compatible with North America.