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HTC One also at risk of ban

A British judge has ruled that HTC must stop selling its One Mini handset in the UK from this Friday, Dec. 6, after finding that it infringed upon Nokia's patents. A report from Bloomberg states that the HTC One was also found to breach certain Nokia patents, but Judge Richard Arnold delayed any action against that product to give HTC the chance to appeal, as a sales ban of the flagship handset could "considerably" damage the company.

HTC had argued that the offending part was "a very small component" and thus didn't justify a sales ban.

Nokia says that it's also claiming financial compensation in the case, according to a statement given to Bloomberg, and that HTC has agreed not to import any more of the infringing products into the UK pending an appeal.

We've reached out to HTC for comment and we'll update this post with any official statement. In the meantime, UK buyers looking to pick up a One Mini would be advised to do so before Friday.

Update: And here's what HTC has to say:

“HTC is pleased by the decision of the High Court of England and Wales to stay an injunction against certain chipsets, including those in our flagship HTC One, pending the outcome of our appeal against the validity and infringement of Nokia's EP 0 998 024  patent.  Whilst the Court also granted an injunction that affects other third party chipsets, we have filed urgent application to appeal.  In the meantime, we are working with our chip suppliers to explore alternative solutions . As always, HTC's primary focus is on supporting our customers and ensuring minimal disruption to them and our business. Rest assured that our award winning HTC One handset will be available as usual.”

Source: Bloomberg


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HTC One Mini sales to be blocked in UK following court ruling


And so the Nokia patent wars begin. They said they would become a licensing company and it sure didn't take them long to take action.

Not Nokia, Microsoft, since MS is the parent company now. MS is apart of "rockstar" consortium as well as the others and they are going to patent troll everything and everyone taking a page out of Apple's handbook. EFFing sad that companies once considered innovators have to stoop to these levels for a payday. Guess now that Bill Gates has been pushed out of MS they Execs are going to leech off the industry instead of create and lead.

Sorry but that's INCORRECT my friend.
It IS Nokia. Microsoft did NOT buy Nokia. They bought the devices division from Nokia. Meaning, they bought the people and the infrastructures that were part of Nokia's Devices and Services division.
Unfortunately for everyone (specially Microsoft as they'll end up realizing) they din't bought the entire company.

Nokia will still remain and the patents will remain with them. It will be their business actually: mapping technology (HERE), NSN and the patents division (aka "Advanced Technologies".

So it IS Nokia that is going after HTC and anyone who infringes their patents, and rightly so. ;)

And they will. And precisely because licensing will be their business, they're going after anyone who uses their patents without a license. And rightfully so. If HTC wants to use something patented by Nokia, they pay Nokia. Or they don't use it. Simple ;)

Yeay!!! The consumers get to pay for more lawsuits! I'm really getting tired of this patent war nonsense...

It gets worse.
I just read on AppleCrunch that Apple has just been granted a patent for Facial Recognition. Something introduced with 4.0..

They patented that? Seriously? Something so common as face recognition? :/

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What really sucks, is the unsold inventory left in the sales channel that will have to be reallocated elsewhere. That activity is what hurt their profitability before.

Not that I am hoping for this, but I do believe that once HTC is gone, there won't be anymore negative news from the Android side.

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You'll only be missing out on a smartphone with a great camera that also provides a great experience.

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Great experience with a little over a thousand apps? Nah, don't think so.

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Depends on how many apps you use. I was thinking about picking up a Q10 or a Lumia as a second device.

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I'm a stone's throw from the MS main campus as I type this and I wouldn't support their efforts even if I did like their product. They are a despicable company and their latest Google-centric FUD proves that they've never learned their lesson.

I do agree, it does seem like they are going above and beyond to paint a bad image of Google and Android.

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In case you guys didn't know, apparently, Apple is teaming up with Microsoft to take down Android. In what way you ask?


American capitalism at it's best...

It seems like a bad move to sour relations between Microsoft and HTC. As HTC is one of the few manufactures to make Windows Phones. However, I am sure most of the Windows Phones sales are Nokia anyways.

This has nothing to do with Microsoft.
Microsoft doesn't own Nokia nor its patents. They just bought the people and infrastructures that Nokia used in their devices and services division.
Patents remain all in Nokia's hands and are one of the business they'll remain with once the deal finalizes and they stop producing phones.

Yes. And?
The 1.65 billion Euros to license Nokia’s patents means that Microsoft will be using Nokia's patents on their phones. That value is probably the value of licensing the patents that are on current Nokia devices.
If another company wants to license the same patents, they'll probably have to pay the exact same amount ;)

The deal is: Microsoft buys the people and infrastructures of Nokia's D&S division, and pays for Nokia to license them all the patents required for the phones and to use HERE services on Microsoft's products.

Wow, do I hate Microsoft. What's bad is that literally a week ago HTC sent Microsoft a nice tweet about the Xbox One mentioning that devices with "One" in their name are always great. And then they sue HTC. Nice going, Microsoft and Nokia. I'm sure that becoming the next Apple will work well for you. It certainly has for Apple who, while having cost Samsung a considerable amount of money, have not halted the sale of Galaxy phones in countries where it counts. The only difference is that HTC is not Samsung. They can easily be driven into the ground and I doubt Microsoft would have little remorse in doing just that.

I'm repeating myself here but oh well: This has NOTHING to do with Microsoft. Nokia remains an independent company and Microsoft doesn't own any of Nokia's patents. Read my other replies above for further enlightenment ;)

Correct. Also, this litigation started long before the Microsoft acquisition. What I find a little unfortunate is that unlike the issue with the microphone, HTC can't claim that the offending component was purchased in good faith (from a third party vendor) without knowing that a license was needed.

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It's pretty bad when Nokia/Microsoft make more money on Android than on Windows Phone...

I've been trying to find out what the patent was for and how HTC was infringing on it and came across the following:-

"Nokia said it will seek financial compensation and a sales ban on several HTC products in the U.K. that use certain Qualcomm Inc. and Broadcom Corp. chips, including HTC's current flagship phone, the new HTC One, and the mid-range HTC Wildfire."

If that is the case why is Nokia suing HTC and not Qualcomm and Broadcom, as it is their products that violate Nokia's patents???

I'm guessing here, but probably those chips where constructed by the companies under license from Nokia (as Nokia uses those chips in their devices).
The license probably isn't extended to the sale of the technology created with the patents to other OEMs without an additional license which HTC would need to get. Think of it this way: You're a musical actor and you are going to perform your own musical concert. You need to acquire the licenses for the musics you'll perform. You pay to get the right to produce music on that concert. If you wish to record the concert on a CD to sell after the concert, however, you'll need to get additional licenses for that.
This could be the same, hence this. But that's just my educated guess.

Because they don't want to put the chip manufacturers out of business. The chip manufacturers are not Nokia's competitors and it would be self defeating to sue companies that make the actual products that use your patents. If the chip makers stopped using those technologies were would Nokia be? and besides, what Nokia wants is to ruin the competition and qualcomm and broadcom are not the competition. Nokia can no longer innovate, they don't have the ability (i.e. talent) to compete on a level playing field. So when you can no longer innovate, you litigate. The company execs have private school and Mazerati payments to make after all.

I HATE patent trolls. Period. It's funny how Android achieves the most marketshare and instantly becomes a target for Apple, Nokia, Microsoft, and the like.

It's true; if you can't beat 'em, sue 'em.

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By my delusional logic, I can't understand why anyone would go after HTC. As it stands now, they don't pose a threat to anyone nor have the ability to cause disruption to their business. Their market share is continuing to decrease, so what is the gain here?

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I agree. HTC is on their last leg, it seems. In my opinion, the goal of patent-trolling is to A) get rid of the competition; and/or B) ride the coattails of the competition (royalties) because said competition is too big to get rid of.

With this lawsuit, Nokia will be able to achieve both. They may be able to get royalties from HTC, until they bleed the company dry.

Only the lawyers win, in this situation. Period.

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Htc is weakest right now....
So basically take em out while they are down.
These execs are ruthless.

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HTC is in bad shape. But Nokia is in worse shape, specially since its core-business was taken by Microsoft. Patents and other smaller things are what Nokia has left. Between bleeding out HTC or committing can imagine what path Nokia will opt for, right? They've already removed vital organs from their organism. If they don't go after every single patent violation there is, they'll die from the bleeding.

This isn't so much Nokia milking money "because". It's Nokia trying to survive without vital organs. As the deal with Microsoft closes, it will only get worse.

OK I see what you're saying. Good points. Hopefully this analogy makes sense, based on your description:

If a thief is in dire need of money, it is easier and takes less effort for them to rob service station for money (small amount but sustainable), vice robbing a major branch of a bank (even though more could be gained).... and no I'm not calling Nokia a

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Dear Nokia, NO ONE WANTS YOUR CRAP ANYWAY!! GET OVER IT. HTC not putting whatever the "offending" part wouldnt have made people buy your crap!!

Newsflash: if it wasn't for Nokia, you probably wouldn't be holding any smartphone. they basically created the mobile phones industry. All phones you have sport at least one Nokia patent. Your Samsung S3 sports a ton of them. So...if you won't want Nokia's "crap" can start by throwing your Samsung away ;P

TYPICAL microsoft to patent troll everything!
HTC are getting screwed thanks to Nokia cosying up to Microsoft and Microsoft flexing their massive legal muscles and suing HTC

I'll admit, I always go into fanboy mode, when I see or hear the words Android, patents, and litigation, lol. I need to work on that XD

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You know what. I don't need Android to be involved. Patents and litigation and troll sets me off. A couple of years ago one of my favorite websites got hit by a troll and it really got me looking into it more. It is really way out of hand. Fortunately the website owner told the guy to fark off and won.


Yeah, I'm glad that guy won. I hate it, too. It does get old.

Don't get me wrong: some of the cases are legit. But, others, that can be solved outside of court, get dragged out and end up costing the consumers, in the end.

And, so far, Android is always on the receiving end of these lawsuits.

Nokia isn't struggling as bad as HTC is: They have Microsoft's pockets to lean on. And, knowing that Nokia is "rightfully" attacking Android, Microsoft has no qualms about throwing money into the arena.

Microsoft, Nokia, Apple, amongst others, would love nothing more than the destruction of a competitor. Period.

Facts can be facts, that doesn't mean that there is no motive behind said facts.

Everybody that isn't a lawyer loses, in the end.

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Same thing happens when Motorola releases a phone that costs 600$. WHY GOOGLE WHY?!?!?

I gave up trying to tell people Google is not equal to Motorola.

On topic, what is with HTC trying to pull a fast one here? Didn't they learn from the Evo 4g LTE 3D advanced Plus or whatever the hell the name of it was?

If other companies are paying Nokia to license this patent, what makes HTC exempt?

Because HTC are Android and they're awesome and they're fighting the evil, diabolical, patent juggernaut that is Nokia.


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Fair ruling. HTC's defence was a shambles. They claim that their chips are selected for them without them knowing what features they have so they wouldn't know if they infringed any patents.

That's just ridiculous. They have basically admitted to not doing any up front checks to ensure they weren't in the wrong. They got themselves into an entirely avoidable lawsuit here and are rightly paying the price.

This isn't patent trolling. This is just patents fulfilling their intended purpose.

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They took a gamble thinking it wouldn't be pursued and were caught. What doesn't make sense is that if they didn't seek licensing from the onset, due to not wanting to pay the fee, why would they not offer to settle and pay instead of risking a sales ban which is far more damaging? I'm hoping they will be more attentive going forward and respect the laws surrounding patents and realize that there is no such thing as a "minor" patent.

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What exactly is the offending part?

Is it the high dynamic range microphone?

Or something else?

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Motorola Droid Bionic Has Been Stolen and has been recovered! Yey!

And the patent wars continues.

lol at Apple patenting face recognition... oh dear lord, that's up there with Apple patenting the chiclet keyboard (which was invented by Spectrum, not Apple) and trademarking the names iPod and iPhone (which were used by others before Apple).

the problem with the current patent regulation (or lack thereof) is that short of re-inventing the wheel (ie the phone) it would be virtually impossible for a start-up company to join the market... or for established yet struggling companies like HTC to produce newer devices. everything down to the last screw seems to be patented in this industry, even what is now considered mundane technology.

Its patent wars alright and like Apple have now gone into exactly that-less focus on iphone ect ect and more on sueing the shit out of other companies-its working for them ching ching lol but its greeeeed and not one and i will include samsung as any big business has no ethics but some are worse than others. Yes patants are there to give the company that edge-but Apple sued Samsung just because the Ace was similar to the iphone-gee look at the G2 almost identical to the S4 no sueing there. My point is that it can go beyond rediculous but its business and all that matters is the money.

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Very Sad, these guys are nailing HTC to the cross here. The HTC one is such a great phone it puzzles me how it has not outsold the s4. I guess they don't flood the market with products like Samsung.

Patenting has gone to the dogs, ridiculous miniscule technologies are being patented even when redundant.

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What everybody is missing here is HTC did pay licencing ...they payed arm was arm that did the infringing from what I've read ..feel free to correct me if I'm wrong ...
But all this patient trolling between Apple and Nokia will hurt us all in the end and completely stifle competition...most of the parts they say infringe are essential parts anyway makes me despair at times ...

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