HTC One Mini

Prices start at £33 per month on 3G, or £42 p/m on 4G

Vodafone UK has launched HTC's new miniaturized handset, the HTC One Mini. The Mini, which we reviewed a few weeks back, packs a 4.3-inch 720p display and a similar metal chassis to the full-sized HTC One. The 4G LTE-capable handset arrives on Vodafone ahead of the network's 4G switch-on (in London, anyway) on Aug. 29.

The HTC One Mini on Vodafone is available on 3G contracts starting at £33 per month — that gets you unlimited calls and texts, a free One Mini and 1GB of data — or on 4G contracts from £42 per month which ups the data cap to 2GB. If you're after a larger 4G allowance, you can get a 4GB HTC One Mini bundle for £47 p/m or 8GB for £52 p/m. Voda's 4G plans also come with a choice of free Spotify or Sky Sports Mobile.

Still unsure as to whether the HTC One Mini is the one for you? Check out our full review.

Source: Vodafone UK

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MC_A_DOT says:

Played with it yesterday..nice

Dissident26 says:

Rip off Vodafone as usual.

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How did it feel compared to the regular HTC one

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MC_A_DOT says:

felt exactly the same to me. Just smaller so easier 1 handed usage.

XavierMatt says:

It kills me that there is no phone icon in that dock. . .