HTC One casingHTC One casing

Still no word on the official release of the blue variation of the One

The leaks of the blue HTC One span from official-looking press renders down to parts on assembly lines, and now even third-party OEM parts dealers have the blue housing for the phone. As pointed out to us by Shen Ye, OEM parts retailer ETradeSupply now has listings up for the snappy blue version of the casing for the phone right next to the red, black and white varieties.

The case is currently out of stock, but has a price of $21.97 for the complete front housing. You'll need the back housing also to complete the deal, which the site doesn't currently offer, but given that it has complete housings for the other colors we'd expect the blue one to arrive in short order. When it does come available, enterprising tinkerers could conceivably swap the casing themselves.

What we're less sure about is when this color option will be available to purchase as a complete device. HTC hasn't yet unveiled it officially, but we're hoping they take the wraps off of it soon.

Source: ETradeSupply


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HTC One blue casing shows up at OEM parts dealer


I consider myself to be a handy guy, even to the point where I repair smartphone hardware. This is not a job I'd undertake just to change the color.

Depends on which blue we get. Different pictures, different blues.

I think this is going to be one that you have to see before you buy

Considering ifixit gave it a 1 for repairs. It's a job not dealing with.

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I've actually opened one, if you heat up the phone with a head gun the back cover comes off much easier with just a guitar pick.

I want a HTC One Max in this color but,

It needs an SD slot

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It would be a little hard to down size from the Note 2 but the aluminum body is very nice. +1 on the One Max version

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Don't do it! I have already fixed two. The 1st one I have to buy a new housing and I used a heat gun for over 10mins and it was extremely hard to open. The 2nd one was a lot easier. And I used the heat gun a lot less. 2nd one was a success with no damaging of the housing. But I don't recommend this to anyone!