Get a second chance at $100 (or more) with trade-in, no preorder required

In February, HTC started a promotion for those that preordered the HTC One: trade-in a qualifying old smartphone, and get at least $100 back with proof of purchase. This required a unique pre-registration code that HTC sent out upon preordering.

Those that missed HTC's original offer now get another shot at the $100 Visa gift card (up to $375 based on trade-in value). This second chance at the money back promotion is good for this weekend only (May 2 - May 5). Instead of unique codes given to each customer, HTC is giving out a universal code for anyone to use. To qualify, follow these three steps:

  1. Buy a new HTC One between 5/2/13 - 5/5/13
  2. Go to the promo page and enter the promotion code: HTC100
  3. Use the shipping label provided to mail-in your eligible smartphone and proof of your new HTC One purchase postmarked by 6/15/13 and you'll get a Prepaid Visa card by mail

This offer is good for phones purchased through U.S. carriers or national retails stores only. If you've been looking for an excuse to pickup a One, now's your chance.

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DWR_31 says:

Sell your device on ebay and get a 200% return on HTC's $100 Visa card.

newboyx says:

That is if you have a high end device. I can send in an Optimus S and get $100. You are lucky to get $30 for one of those on ebay.

acrewdog says:

If you will give me $200 for my Evo 3D, consider it SOLD!

Remember, some of us don't buy a new phone every year.

putertech says:

Wow, my wonderful EVOLTE has a trade in value of a whopping $100 bucks, no thanks HTC

wpavlik2 says:

Yeah I'll be selling my EVO LTE on Swappa instead of GIVING it to HTC.
Besides I will be selling it with various accessories I have bought for it, WITH it. (So, BONUS for whomever buys it from me.)

jtc276 says:

I thought this was extended to 5/19 like three days ago?

According to the email I received yesterday it was.

Sophos says:

where is the valuation tool? I've got an old Nokia laying around somewhere....

dorelse says:

Awesome, my wife's old Blackberry Style is worth $100.00 on the rebate...looks like its about $30 on ebay.

Still debating on whether its the right phone for the next 2 years.

TimmyB says:

This means, my new HTC One will be free! ATT is giving me $100 for my old Palm Pixi (!) and HTC will give me another $100 for my Moto Atrix 2! Hard to beat that!!!

Yep, my HTC One was free as well. Hard to beat a deal like that.

TimmyB says:

You already did this, or did you take advantage of different offers?

Nope just the HTC offer. I filled out the paperwork and printed out my shipping label. They said expect it to take 4 weeks to get my $100. That plus the $20 giftcard from wirefly. The wirefly price was $119. So now im just waiting to get my $100 in the mail from HTC.

ConTejas says:

Yeah, it's free alright. Major facepalm : / It's just further subsidized. You'll pay for it in full and then some over your contract.

TimmyB says:

Really? So, I should just go with a company that let's me use their airtime and data connectivity for no charge, then? Golly, I guess I was wrong about this!

Kinda sorta, but I already have the HTC EVO 4G LTE from last year, so if i never activated the phone I still have it for free. But since I swapped it with my LTE, yea its substizied however I haven't paid for my LTE, so im definately not spending what I "could" be.

jrb363 says:

Their valuation tool was working a few days ago without any problem but now it keeps asking for my 'code'. I have one, but I wanted to check the value of a few phones I have laying around and the site states the code can only be used once. :( Any ideas?

TimmyB says:

You have to use the code they stated in the article above (HTC100) for it to work.

gyroslice says:

Can we get a little bit of clarification on this story because the details listed here are in contrast to those discussed elsewhere (androidauthority and androidguys). The AC story says purchase by 5/5 and send old phone by 6/15 whereas the other guys say purchase by 5/19 and send old phone by 6/19. So, do I need to purchase by this weekend? Thanks

dorelse says:

Follow the promo page link. The dates are front & center.

gyroslice says:

HTC must have a couple of different extensions going on because this promo says 5/2 to 5/5 and the androidguys article has a screen shot with purchase date being 5/19. Either way it is probably safer to grab one this weekend.

Jaggrey says:

What was extended to the 19th is if you preregistered (and thus got a unique code). The one for this weekend is if you didn't preregister (and you use the generic code mentioned in the post).

decko5 says:

$180 for my Note 2 >____>

TheLegoman says:

Seriously, $125 for my pristine Google Nexus 4??? I'm disappointed. I was expecting to get way more money for a 6 month old phone in pristine condition. Well, I guess I'm going to wait for the Nexus 5 and the rumored X phone later on this year.

maybe try over at I checked on a 16gig Nexus 4, and they only offer a little more than what HTC is offering.

Nreeldeep says:

At this time HTC can't afford to pay more. Check their financial statements.

DaEXfactoR says:

Is this deal limited to 1 phone to trade per purchase? I have an Android phone graveyard its called my nightstand drawer.

DaGODFather says:

$100 for my OG Palm Pre!! Well went ahead and bought the HTC One DE!

Jaggrey says:

Which Pre did you trade in? I didn't even see an option for the Sprint Pre.

broopa says:

Well this stinks. I bought mine last weekend, maybe I'll return it and repurchase just so I can get rid of my Lumia 900.

acrewdog says:

It should work fine. It does not ask you when you bought the One.

tcm1969 says:

My One X is worth $100 from HTC and then I have to purchase my One, send my phone in and wait for a Visa Gift Card. Target will give me $130 on the spot to trade up and does so for any carier. On top of that they waive AT&T's $36 ugrade fee. You can check your phones value online.

deadlock4400 says:

@Casey Rendon

Thanks for the awesome information

ronzkie21 says:

$100 for my Amaze - yes
$100 for my One X - NO!!!

markdowd84 says:

I know a guy who traded in his old Blackberry Curve for $100. Awesome Deal.

XChrisX says:

I just returned a Galaxy S4, but this might be too good to pass up! I have an old iPhone 4 I know I could get some decent money for. I might be getting a One soon!

lmvcorp says:

This is a good deal if you have an older smartphone. I currently have the EVO 4G LTE. I wont trade that for $100, but I also have the original EVO 4G... I'd trade that for $100. Even if I trade it, I still have to pay $549.99 retail for the HTC One with the gift card its like paying $449.99. I think I will wait... :-(

ConceptVBS says:

You must have proof of your old phone's purchase!!!!

Meaning, you need to dig out your old receipt for your old phone!!

"c) does not have a qualifying Proof of Purchase will not be eligible for Program and will be recycled without any payment and any OEM incentives are forfeited."

If you don't provide that, they will keep the old phone and not send you money ( which takes 60 days).

So you better dig for that receipt or else, HTC will keep the damn thing and make a profit out of the phone. They get you twice: One for purchasing the HTC One, then the other for not giving you the trade in amount!!

What is even worse is, if you demand the return of your old phone, they wont give it to you, even if you return your newly purchased HTC one.

Happy receipt hunting.

jaytv says:

With all due respect, you need to read the disclaimer a bit more closely. The "qualifying Proof of Purchase" refers to the HTC One purchase, and considering they're willing to accept a copy of your receipt/invoice or even a copy of the matching box upc, this would be hard NOT to have.

Also, check this out:

HTC is bending over backwards to get this phone in people's hands. They're not going to even be sticklers about when you actually "bought" as in received the phone, so now you can even order from WireFly/Newegg etc. and get the deal, as long as you complete the registration by midnight on 5/5.

Pretty generous if you ask me...