The HTC Hero isn't available for public consumption yet but our friends over at AndroidCommunity have gotten their mitts on one and gave it a good ol' fashioned video unboxing. They've also gotten a slew of pictures that showcase the Hero under the harsh light and the Hero really holds up, we're definitely growing to love the design more and more. This Hero is looking very promising..

Unboxing video and more pictures after the jump!


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HTC Hero Gets Unboxed, Pictures & Video Treatment


When are HTC going to settle on a date for release here in the UK? If you check Amazon and other sites it keeps slipping back and back. I have a pre-order in for the Hero, but if they can't get their act together and decide soon there's going to be another new thing around the corner that might convince me to cancel my order and wait for that :-)

i can't wait for this to come to the US. i've been a blackberry user for at least 6 years. i need an OS of the future. my money is on Android. the Iphone is too restrictive and WM isn't user friendly.