You already know that the HTC Hero comes in many different flavors: the European GSM version of the HTC Hero, the Sprint HTC Hero, and the Droid Eris but this latest one might be the best flavor yet--chocolate. Yep, this Chocolate HTC Hero looks exactly like the European GSM Version but it's made from chocolate, yes chocolate--completely edible and probably delicious.

A few folks in the Russian press had received this chocolate bar from HTC which probably signifies that the real HTC Hero--complete with touchscreen, circuit boards, big chin and so on--is probably going to be released very soon. It's a really wonderful phone that while not as tasty as the one you guys have now, works a heck of a lot better.

HTC, can you send a couple Chocolate Heroes our way?

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HTC Hero In Chocolate Form


Yeah it is. The Eris, Hero and MyTouch are the same phone, they just look a little different on the outside.

Actually, the MyTouch and the Hero are similar but in no way are they the same phone. I can't speak for the Eris because I do not know much about it, but i have had both the MyTouch and Hero.. and no, they are not the same. The MyTouch and G1 are the exact same except the MyTouch has no keyboard, a faster processor, and more on board memory.