HTC Gratia

As HTC continues to expand its European lineup, the manufacturer has announced that the HTC Gratia will launch in the UK next month. The Gratia is a fairly basic smartphone, and appears to be a refresh of last year's HTC Legend. It has a slightly redesigned chassis, making it lighter, but features the same 600 MHz CPU and 384MB RAM as the Legend.

Based on the promotional stills shown on HTC's site, the Gratia seems to be running the old version of HTC Sense rather than the newer Sense 2.0 found on the Desire HD and Desire Z, which is a little disappointing. There's also some confusion over which version of Android the Gratia will ship with. Today's press release from HTC states Android 2.2, while the phone's spec page on lists Android 2.1. We're more inclined to believe the former, as there wouldn't be much point in putting Eclair on a brand new phone in 2011, right?... Right? [HTC]

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jpkrohling says:

Coming to "Europe" or to UK? I remember seeing HTC Gratia available in a store ( in Brno, Czech Republic last week. I think it means that Gratia is already available in Europe :-)


HTC needs another design. All their phones seem alike

byroncheng says:

Yup, Looks really similar to the Aria

WhitePhone says:

Its pretty much identical

Here in Italy Gratia is everywhere for weeks,and they all have 2.2 Android version.
Sense UI works very well,no lags at all!Very good device for girl (due to its small dimensions) or not exigent people.

It has same dimension of HTC Aria and HTC Hd mini..

Strato#AC says:

Already on sale in Portugal since December, white version only so far.

Smalls says:

It's the European HTC Aria, not the Legend. That's why it looks similar to the Aria, except the Gratia has two colors (White and Black).

The Aria (Gratia) is a great phone, don't let the screen size fool you.

original00 says:

I think HTC's got the blackberry bug cos all their phone are definitely starting to look the same. I hope the next generation Evo brings some new refreshing design and not just another thunderbolt, desirehd phone.

I'm confused as to how you could write this article and not mention the aria, its the exact same phone.

hmmm says:

I wonder why HTC seems stuck on releasing everything with the old version of Sense.

jdwhite87 says:

It looks like the aria because it is the aria. I love mine. And thanks to cyanogenmod I already have gingerbread :)

Gratia has 2.2 Android and FM radio more..but it has same specs of the Aria.