HTC First

It has a screen and buttons

This Thursday we'll be live from Facebook HQ to meet the social network's "new home on Android," but today we're seeing what might be the "first" hardware to run the rumored Facebook-centric home screen.

The often-accurate @evleaks Twitter account has just published the image above, identifying it as the "HTC First." The timing of the leak and the (Facebook blue) typeface used strongly suggest that this could be the device codenamed "HTC Myst," reported in recent weeks to be the new HTC-built Facebook phone. (Update: @evleaks tells Android Central that this is indeed the rumored Facebook phone.)

There's not much else to say about the image in question -- we can see a 16:9 aspect ratio screen, a volume rocker and a power button, and that's about it. Its most interesting features are its capacitive buttons -- presumably back, home and menu -- though anything's possible in these heady days of Facebook-powered home screens.

If you've got any wild theories of your own, shout out in the comments!

Source: @evleaks


Reader comments

'HTC First' could be the rumored 'Facebook phone'


You know, I think at this point any manufacturer can release a phone that looks like a damn Stealth B2 Bomber with a triangular back and a polygon-like front and SOMEONE will say:

Well it looks just like an iPhone.

Yeah. No.

I feel like some sort of Facebook integration on the homescreen has been tried by each of the major OEMs now at least once. I have yet to hear why this will be any different. Are we to believe that the sort of person who's really into facebook will be especially excited about the "OFFICIAL FACEBOOK PHONE"? Aren't these just feature phone people living in a smartphone world?

Simple question: Why? Why does the world need a Facebook phone? What could it possibly do that software can't? Is it a direct link into your thinking?

Maybe you won`t buy it. But if we asked why we need something for every new thing that came out, we probably would have very little. Embrace technology guys, whether it comes from your favourite brand or not. You don`t have to use it, but all kinds of tech available on the market is a very cool thing. Isn`t that what we "geeks" are supposed to be about?

Come visit the U of K and observe what any female or metrosexual of the species aged between 10 and 30 (or Tim Henman loving middle aged wimin) are up to on their phones and you will understand the demographic that anything Facebook related is aimed at. (Oh and this will kill the BB Z10 because I can guarantee it will be half the price.)

Got dignity? Choose the HTC One or Nexus 4.

Facebook has a chance to do something big here a lot of people thought we didn't need a iPad when that was introduced. Imagine a phone with just data and just using agave book messaging and voice over ip.

I could only see this working if its like $99 off contract. Why on earth would I want a mid tier phone that puts everything on facebook's servers??

I can see why Kindle and nook work because they attempt to deliver data to the customer, essentially having a store in the home. When you're r delivering data to facebook what exactly do you get for having a FB phone? They would be better off with a search engine.

Why the hell is Facebook making a phone? Isn't the Facebook app enough? Fix the app on Android first and then make your stupid phone.

facebook phone? how does this work, first you pick a cell phone plan, then you buy the phone, then you pay to use the phone?

I'm actually excited about this. With the right specs and the right price, development on this thing will be sweet. Your move Zuckerberg :)

Now FB users can post pics of their phone instead of their food! And about those capacitive buttons, surely the middle one is the "like" button?!

But will you actually get reliable push notifications on it? 'cause I sure as hell don't get many on either my iPhone or android tablet...