HTC EVO Shift 4G

If you've been waiting for the HTC EVO Shift 4G (see our hands-on), you can now purchase it at Sprint stores and online, as well as at Radio Shack, which actually started selling it a few days ago. Early reports are pretty positive about this phone. And while you're making your decision, be sure to check out our EVO Shift 4G forums! [Sprint, Radio Shack]

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DieselDre2K says:

I'm curious as to how well/bad this phone sells with the upcoming CES phones, the lack of any major Sprint announcements so far, and the obvious OG Evo comparisons still on the minds of android users...i guess time will tell

Go Android! says:

I'm sure it'll do fine. The phones at CES won't be coming out for a while so they won't be competing with this phone.

crxssi says:

If you go by when the Evo was released, it is not time for a major phone update for Sprint yet. If I had to guess, they are probably going to target around a year from when the Evo came out, which will be another 4 or 5 months from now.

The HTC Shift is a different type of phone filling a different need. It is not designed to compete with nor replace the Evo.

JNsince1985 says:

Does anyone even care about this device?

cporta says:

Well, my wife cares. We're on sprint and she's due for an upgrade soon. She likes my evo, but thinks it's too big for her hand. And she wants a hardware keyboard so the Shift is perfect for her. I made sure I told her no when she asked about the epic.

babybear293 says:

You are a good man. I love keyboard phones. I actually once considered the epic 4g but man am I glad I waited!! HTC Fudge The World!!!

You do realize the Epic is better than the Evo

babybear293 says:

haaaaa! yea right! what's better "Samsung Media Hub" & the "super AMOLED Screen"
+1 for The Hummingbird though
-10 on no Froyo

Funny... still waiting for something Dual Core from Sprint.

crxssi says:

If you go by when the Evo was released, it is not time for a major phone update for Sprint yet. If I had to guess, they are probably going to target around a year from when the Evo came out.

The HTC Shift is a different type of phone filling a different need.

hmmm says:

The spam filters on this website fucking suck. Wow, look at that this post isn't spam but my last legitimate post was.

slayerpsp says:

its a joke half my post say im spam. the phone would have been for my wife but no front camera so no sell. and if sprint dosent have duel core by June im switching to T-mobile tried of Sprints crap phones they only have 3 decent phones and showed nothing for 2011 no talk of windows phones no duel core nothing

Switching to tmobile would be a big mistake made that once never again...

Jonneh says:

I know what you mean. They're so terrible they complete demotivate (unmotivate?) you to ever post here anymore at all =\ it's kind of sad.

This is exactly the reason I begged people to stop complaining about the one or two spam posts per article...they really weren't that big of a deal.

Jonneh says:

Comment split in two due to being flagged. Ironic

You just scroll past it But instead, everyone whined and now we got this shit.

Please, Android Central, let us see those posts trying to sell us shoes and cowboy hats and whatnot! Please!

Jonneh says:

You just scroll past it But instead everyone whined and now we got this crap

Please AC let us see those posts trying to sell us shoes and cowboy hats and whatnot! Please!

reverepats says:

i know right.....couple of days ago i tryed to reply to an article and, it said it was blocked and the administrator was gonna contact me......BS, i wasnt even spamming

callderek#AC says:

I prefer my Evo but there are tons of folks out there who like a physical keyboard. I predict more Pre users coming over to get this phone because of the keyboard and smaller size....

riggsandroid says:

The link to the EVO Shift forums actually takes you to rumored devices. Might want to update that.

I'm hoping to pick this phone up as soon as I can get to the store!

rippley05 says:

Why are people complaining about sprints lack of windows phones on an android website?? Seriously..

I love my EVO, but this phone is just another option for people who might want it.. a keyboard.. newer technology~ Every phone doesn't HAVE to be ground breaking. Whine about Sprint not having phones.. but then whine when they release a phone like this to up their selection. It's a great phone, the EVO is a great phone. The Epic, SUCKS .. I wish we would get a few motorola androids to compliment the nice HTC phones.

YES I want Sprint to get some new phones, dual core and all that jazz.. but it will come.

The Epic is the best Smartphone of 2010 hate all u want I have done my own caparisons of the 2 between the Evo and the Epic and its not even close. Sprint will get some new phones and they will blow away everything verizon and att offer they did last year and they always do just give them some time. Verizon is jumping ahead of themselves for press and media hype and none of these devices will be out for a few months people are still picking up Epics and Evo's Sprint's line up never disappoints in the end.

babybear293 says:

i highly doubt it sir

moises1204 says:

sprint fails with this phone.

How is this a failure????

crxssi says:

Exactly. In what way is it a fail? The HTC Shift is not meant to compete with nor replace the Evo. The window for an Evo 2 is another 4 to 4.5 months away.

briankurtz79 says:

I have the evo but it's not for everyone. My mom is going to get the shift to replace her pre. Solid upgrade I think. is garbage! (nexus excluded)


It's funny how people post negative comments about new phone and brag about their phone to make themselves feel good. Get a life. If sprint didn't annouce a new phone at CES maybe its because they don't want Verizon to know what they have coming and than get a alternate version with only one or 2 things different. Big ups to Evo Jr its your birth day lil man. Have a good one

moises1204 says:

listen man i hate Verizon, but Verizon and sprint is just like the Yankees and red sox, no matter what the red sox do the Yankees will do better because they got the money to do it, now Verizon is the yankees and sprint red sox, so it do not matter if sprint waited to announce a new phone later, Verizon will get a better one then, man i hate blood sucking Verizon, i just learned how to cope with reality.

hmmm says:

yeah, I believe this. And Verizon knows this so can charge more than anyone.

Stiv_X says:

Anyone else notice that in all the benchmark test the Evo Shift handidly beats the EVO? This is also without having it overclocked and rooted.

crxssi says:

According to the benchmarks, the Shift is slightly faster than the Evo. It is hardly impressive nor unexpected.

The HTC Shift is not meant to compete with nor replace the Evo. The window for an Evo 2 is another 4 to 4.5 months away.

Stiv_X says:

It is impressive, especially considering that a lot of people were down on the new 800Mhz processor compared to old 1Ghz processor.

I agree fully that this is not and was never intended to replace the EVO. The replacement is as you stated, 4 months or so away. This simply joins the family and represents it well, IMO.

noszero says:

A smaller phone at a good price with a real keyboard and the now popular EVO tag, it will sell. Pre and Epic owners will buy a lot of them IMO since HTC seems to be running the Sprint roost. Where are the tv ads?

Xbbfan73 says:

U know I am so sick of people complaining about Sprint phones. With the exception of froyo, the Epic does not suck! I love my phone. I just think if u don't actually own one u should stop bashing phones. I mean come on. There will be phones popping up every other week and not every one will be for YOU. Move on.

imex99 says:

I have the evo and love it. I upgraded my wife from the hero to the shift and she loves it. It's a great phone and seems to be snappier than the evo.

evoss05 says:

Went with my wife to the shack yesterday and saw it. Very Disappointed with it. Transform looks way much better.

nitestorm says:

What's wrong with the epic? I heard it got good reviews and it has 4" screen bigger than the shift.

crxssi says:

It is a Samsung. For a lot of people, that is what is wrong with it :)

KMachine says:

Got my wife's Evo Shift from a Sprint store 2 days early - on Friday. She is now part of the family :)

I think that Sprint has a solid lineup. Their top three phones are arguably better than the too three phones on the other carriers. I like the Shift. If I were with sprint, I would definitely consider it.

I just joined the Android family today with the purchase of the HTC EVO Shift for Sprint. I am coming from many years with Blackberry (anyone want to buy a used Blackberry Tour? :-)). Needless to say this thing is worlds apart from any Blackberry. In the few hours I have had it I am very impressed and I am sure I will love it. This phone is exactly what I have been waiting for in a Sprint Android phone. Solid build, great screen, fast, not to big (reason for no original EVO for me) and a real keyboard! Others have had all of this but they were to big (the Epic). This is really not much bigger than my Tour was. I am sure there are many others out there who were looking for just this phone like I was. Anyways, just wanted to say hello, and "see ya'" to!

Stiv_X says:

Welcome to the android family and the purchase of the Evo Shift. It is an excellent phone. I will be very happy with this to last me until the next year when I upgrade again.

reverepats says:

HEY HEY 3 weeks into android too, coming from BB....yur gonna love the EVO man. none the less adroid may be a bit intimidating, but you'll get the hang of it....ENJOY !!!!!

afazel says:

I went to take a look at the Shift today. The sliding mechanism really turned me off. It's rather stiff. I'm comparing this to my wife's Epic, which has a nice springy keyboard. I'd consider the Shift if it had the optical trackpad of the G2, the build quality of the G2, and especially that brilliant hinged keyboard design (I know some people have a problem with it, but I love it).

I am gonna try to check out the shift this week.

gogonfl says:

It looks so similar to a N97.

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ronaldprice says:

I have just ordered it right now....