HTC has (finally) released the kernel source for the EVO 4G LTE, allowing developers to build their own custom kernels for Sprint's flagship. The majority of users won't have any reason to grab it and get down to business, but we all will benefit when the developers give us something sweet to flash. Custom kernels can make the biggest difference, as third party developers can tweak things and squeeze extra performance, as they target advanced users with their wares. We like performance. We like tweaks. 

If you're in need of source for your own project, or one of those mentioned developers, grab it at the link below. Game on.

Source: HTC Dev; via EVO 4G LTE forums


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HTC EVO 4G LTE kernel source released


Man, I feel bad for the 3D owners. Not only do they not even officially have ICS, but a phone that came out a year later got source before they did..

Hopefully now the LTE can get a good OS on it instead of that Sense 4 multitaskinless neutered thing we have now.

Multi tasking can be fixed at the ROM level, don't even need a custom ROM, changing some memory values on a stock rooted ROM makes a huge difference.

Finally though the stock kernal has been doing extremely well. I'm still getting almost 2 days out of my phone with moderate use. Yesterday I was at 1 day and 23 hrs with 2hrs of talk time and 4hrs of screen use. 1% battery left. Lots of wifi

I don't care for all the tweaks and crap that people do to the kernel, I'm just happy that the Cyanogenmod team can now move forward.

I don't need the rommies to jump in and overclock this or other crap that makes the battery life worse.