It was a landmark Android device, and it's been an iconic phone for Sprint, but it seems that this past week finally saw the venerable HTC EVO 4G reach end-of-life (EOL) status. According to an internal memo obtained by Sprintfeed, the EVO View 4G, Sprint's version of the HTC Flyer, will also be put out to pasture from Jan. 29. And there's bad news for our friends at CrackBerry, too, as it seems Sprint also plans to stop offering the BlackBerry Playbook from "late January".

While the EVO View (and the Playbook) haven't exactly been runaway successes, we're sure a few of you will have fond memories of the EVO 4G, which first appeared way back in June 2010. Hopefully we'll see these devices replaced by more compelling Android phones and tablets as the year progresses.

Source: Sprintfeed


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HTC EVO 4G and EVO View 4G reportedly reach end-of-life status


This makes me sad. The EVO 4G was a great device that helped me develope my addiction to rooting......LOL It will be missed.

besides the kickstand and the fact that the phone is cheaper to buy i can't think of any other reason how the OG EVO is better then the 3D. plz fill me in. i own a 3D and have used the OG EVO. i, for one, prefer a phone that is much faster, has much better battery life, better camera, higher rez screen and the wide-screen aspect ratio. i suppose people have their preferences

Time to upgrade... But I don't want last year's phones so I'm patiently waiting for sprint to release a good high end phone worth upgrading to.

Still rocking my EVO until I'm rebate eligible later this year. I'm sure other phones will be out, but I think I'm going to go as close to stock as possible. Galaxy Nexus unless something else is better.

I've been eligible for a full upgrade for almost a year and just haven't replaced my EVO 4G simply because it's so damn awesome. I almost got the 3D simply for the better screen and processors, but after the reviews I decided to stick with old faithful. I may never upgrade! Ok, that may be going a bit too far...

I bought my EVO 4G just a couple months after it was released, and I still use it. I've been eligible for an upgrade for well over 6 months (with Sprint's old Premier 1 year upgrade), but haven't seen the need (or a compelling phone) to upgrade yet.

Many people seem to have had issues with some of the firmware upgrades but neither my wife's or my EVO has ever had a real issue issue (and yes, we're stock and unrooted). My only issue is the amount of memory available internally - even with moving apps to the SD card it is a tight squeeze (although the latest upgrade helped with that).

I might get a new phone soon, but my EVO 4G will be passed down to one of my kid to replace their Hero (probably my daughter, who has worn the paint off the buttons).

Also still rocking my EVO 4G. Won't buy a new phone untill either two things happen. 1. It's a phone as easy to root as unrevocked was for Fryo on my EVO. Or 2. Google updates Android so that I can backup data and cache without rooting. Its my data and I can't stand to have to redo a part in a game when loosing said data after faulty update like say angry birds has done atleast once that I know of. Oh what the hey :-) option 3 all phone are sold with bootloader unlocked already or have a code to unlock like webOS's upupdowndownleftrightleftrightbastart

I can't believe some people are still under contract with an EVO. I wish Verizon would bring back 1 year contracts.

Unless you bought the phone off contract, you would HAVE to be under contract on the phone. The earliest anyone could have upgraded to the EVO was June 2010, so until we hit June 2012 none of those contracts have hit 2 years yet. Although Sprint will let you upgrade a couple of months earlier than your contract date.

Nope, Sprint's (former) Premier Gold program gave an annual upgrade to the primary line on an account.

That program ended on 12/31, but people who were Premier Gold can still use the annual upgrade this year. My Evo is eligible for an upgrade (as the primary line), my wife's Evo isn't.

How sad. I just shed a little tear. Had the EVO a week after release. I didn't preorder one and it took me over a week to hunt one down in SoCal. I couldn't believe how awesome it was even a year later. It still beats half of the phones out now! I've had the EVO 3D since the summer and love it, but the OG EVO will always be a fond memory. I hope the next EVO is deserving of the name. I still have it, and 2 extra batteries and a case and the HTC car dock. I thought of selling it last year, but I couldn't bring myself to part with it. Stupid, I know, but that phone really did kick ass!

ok can we have the Sprint G-Nex now please?????? still using my launch day EVO and refuse to upgrade because no worthy successor is for sale yet!

come on Hesse! get your ass in gear and release the G-Nex!!!!!!!!!

The EVO 4G is what caused my wife and I to make the switch from BlackBerry.

It was definitely the right call. I don't miss the browser hanging the whole phone up, nor the iffy Google syncing.

Pretty amazing phone, overall. With an extended battery and CM 7.1 I'm in no hurry to switch to another just yet. Given the recent news that HTC is planning to focus on "quality not quantity" I'm rather interested to see what they will offer this year.

If HTC makes another solid slab of a phone like this it will be hard to resist! (with better battery life, of course, heh )

Amazing, these companies know that the carriers do a 2 year contract on this stuff and the EOL is less than 2 years? These things cost as much as a notebook and even those can get more than 2 years EOL. I hope with the HTC decision to do less hardware better that maybe the EOL can atleast be 3 years? This is why I rooted and changed ROM's figured there would be no more updates.

You will pry me Evo out of my cold dead hands! Using set cpu at maximum setting gives me performance that can rival anything. I will never get rid if it when I have to upgrade.

I hope sprint keeps the Evo line alive and replaced it with something worthy!

nope. the EVO 4G was innovative. everything that HTC created thereafter has been derivative, dated, tired, and boring. they sat on the ball and stopped innovating. this is a death wish in the technology space. HTC has promised to kick up their game in 2012 but it could be too little too late. we shall see. i'm switching from the EVO 4G to the G-Nex. good luck Chou! you'll need it!

If they would have put a dual core processor in it then it might have been something to look at, better than the 3D gimmick anyway... But, it is a single core in a dual/almost quad core world.

This EVO 4G has been by far the only phone I've never felt the need to upgrade. Iconic ....?? At Least!

Every new day brings us closer to the launch. I doubt these two events are related in any way.

Great. HTC / Sprint launched a system upgrade last week that is making my wifi drop every 3 minutes. And now I find out that the phone is EOL. Not a good week.

If there was such thing as the Android Hall of Fame then this phone should definitely be inducted. I still have my Evo under contract. I bought it the first week of launch and am eligible for a reup in April. The only real problem with the phone is the 1 gig internal, 300ish meg usable storage for apps. There is that sense reboot issue too which I hear there is a fix for but never had the time to see if it works. I'm really interested in which markets will get lte in 2012, which phones with lte will be released, and will they be a game changer like the evo was at launch.

Does anyone else wish they'd make a wimax-lte phone? Seems like it's wimax or lte. I'm in the DC metro area and wonder if us having wimax already will put us at the back of the line for LTE. Makes it hard to commit to a technology I'm going to be stuck with for 22 months.

With TeamBlaze and Evervolv's ICS 4.0.3 work... My Evo4G is way ahead of most people's unrooted devices. I've got over 200MB of internal mem on my phone and the overclocking is blast ass fast. Won't need new hardware until they come out with significantly better specs or I break the damn thing.

Just put Android 4.0 via deck ICS build B.5 (upgraded from Cyanogen 7) on my EVO yesterday ... its like a brand new phone. Works great with a lot of new features. I will probably upgrade to the Galaxy Nexus or Samsung Note when they come out.

I walked into the sprint store to play around with all the current sprint phones. My EVO4G is rooted running mikg(which has darktremors a2sd) and anthrax kernel. Bouncing around the ui of the photon, evo3d, EVOdesign my OG EVO was smoother even though my EVO4G is half full of apps and the displays are empty. The only phone is couldnt keep up with was the Samsung Galaxy SII.

I know gpu wise and gaming the photon and 3d would do better in real every day usage the OG is still a solid performer. Nothing (even the Nexus) is really going to make me switch right now.

Come summer though if there is a good succesor on sprint to the EVO with bnetter camera and quad core goodness It will then really be put to the pasture. Well not really it works way better than an ipod touch. ;)

If these phones are going to be discontinued then the carriers need to do something about the contracts. I bought my EVO 4G in Dec 2010 and am still under a 2yr contract until DEC 2012. This forces us to buy a new phone without being able to take advantage of upgrade status discounts :(

That's really sad, even though I don't\Didn't own one. I think the EVO 4G & the Desire HD are HTC's best phones ever. (Emphasize on the EVO)

Honestly, the EVO 4G &the the DROID X are the reason I switched to Android (ironically I don't have either one)

Sheesh, this article makes it sound like we all tossed our Evo 4Gs ages ago. I bought mine the day it came out and am under contract with it until April. Do that many people really pay $400+ for a new phone regularly?

This is the first phone I have actually had this long (got it on release day)! With my EVO rooted and customized to the fullest extent of Android law, I have no intentions of upgrading until Sprint releases a LTE device that makes my jaw drop. The EVO 4G may have made the EOL list, but it still one of the most developed Android devices...that's considered old now. +1 on the EVO 4G making it into the Android Hall of Fame...if it existed. The best mobile device I have owned thus far...and I've had my fair share of devices.

I've hated my EVO since the GB update. The constant Sense reboots drive me crazy. I can't wait till May so I can upgrade to a Samsung.

I seem to be the minority here, but I do NOT love my Evo 4G. The battery life is appalling and Sprint eviscerated the wireless N with the Gingerbread update. Having to use wireless G when I bought the phone for wireless N is just crap.

Do you know what I call for OG EVO "My Alpha phone" coz everything it canes first like 8 m/pixel, 4Gnetwork, Wimax etc.... That's why I call my Alpha lol I'll miss this wonderful and phone of the year 2010

This really makes me sad 2. I have the HTC EVO 3D 4G phone from Sprint. I'm not really crazy about the 3D photos cuz they hurt my eyes, but b-cuz it's 3D it has 2 cameras & 2 processors, which makes it a whole lot FASTER↯↯↯

I returned a 3D because I preferred the OG EVO. I still, in some ways, prefer the EVO to my GSII although I think that's more a Sense vs TW thing.

My only complaint was the horrible battery life. My GSII routinely gets 3 or 4 times better battery life.

I have heard that they have released a version of 4.0 for the evo view tablets and phones where I do not know if you have an unrooted system like mine if someone could post a link to where one might find this on the internet it would greatly be appreciated.