Tmonews has word that three hot' news devices are headed to T-Mobile in the first half of this year. One is the HD2, another is the Garminphone, and the third would be the HTC Espresso. We've seen some slides of the Espresso UI before but haven't heard what type of form factor it'd rock on. According to tmonews, it's looking like the Espresso will be a myTouch 3G successor with a twist, er, slide. Meaning it could either be a myTouch 2 or myTouch Slide with a 'sidekick'-type keyboard or a slider keyboard.

Everything is very vague right now, but they're hearing a May 17th release is possible. But it's so early in the game, that changes aren't just possible, they're likely. We should definitely know more at Mobile World Congress.


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HTC Espresso AKA myTouch 2 AKA myTouch Slide Coming to T-Mobile ?


WHY WHY WHY do all of the GREAT devices go to the WORST carrier !?!? T Mobile must be blowing Google and HTC or something.

@strhessed you are an idiot if you think tmo is the worst carrier i have been with them and sprint and AT@T and i have to say they are the better, yes it is true they started late on the 3g but they already have faster upload and download speeds even if it is small, so go cry a river to your company and stop whining that TMo is started to actually be better.

I've been with T Mobile for ten years and I have had only great customer service. Way back in the early 90's they used to allow a hand set upgrade each year and once even sent me a new phone for free. I would never go to ATT or Verizon.

Let us not forget who was daring enough to release the FIRST phone with the Android OS... that's right T-Mobile. I am a staunch believer in T-Mobile. I've been with both Sprint and the V word and neither of them have ever come close to the customer service that T-Mobile provides. Go ahead and let ALL the other carriers nickle and dime you as you try and justify it by saying "my map is better than yours"...

OK, customer service is one thing, but what good does all of the customer service in the world do when you're stranded in the middle of nowhere with NO COVERAGE !?

In populated areas, comparing carriers makes sense. There might be areas where AT&T has service but T-Mobile doesn't. But when you get to the "middle of nowhere", it's really GSM vs CDMA. And in those cases, CDMA usually wins.

I'm a happy T-Mobile customer in Chicago. Whenever I take a road trip, the areas I have reception are nearly identical to my (poor) AT&T-having friends and when we get into the boonies, only my Verizon pals have reception (I have a Sprint data card but I've never tried using it anywhere except for major cities).

My point is, if you need access in the middle of nowhere, go with Verizon. T-Mobile is no less capable of a carrier in these outlying areas than AT&T. Saying that "T-Mobile sucks" without any data, anecdotal or otherwise, to back it up, is childish.

I just switched from Sprint to T-mobile because of the Nexus One and so far I am very pleased, both with the phone and the service . I had Verizon about 5 years ago and I would never go back to them EVER !!! T-Mobile seems to be very customer freindly and there coverage in my area of NY seems to be right on par with Sprint and others , and when in a 3g area it seems far faster than Sprint was , so far so good , and the money I am saving makes this even better . I also LOVE the phones this company is coming out with , the best selection by far !!!

I use 11,000 minutes a month (that's not a typo) on average both in they city (NY) and "in the middle of nowhere." I use tmo and wouldn't even consider another carrier. How's that for data. I have tmo going on 8 years.

I am a Employee of T-Mobile and have been for a little over a year. I have also been employed by Verizon, AT&T, and Sprint. By far T-Mobile offers the best service for the best prices hands down. And customer service is outstanding.I have to call tech support every day when I am on the job and they are very easy to work with. I currently have a plan with both Verizon and T-Mobile and am waiting for my contract to end so I can drop Verizon on its face. A have a MyTouch 2 on order and it should arrive in a week or two hopefully.