If you didn't know, the HTC Desire and the Nexus One are very, very similar. They rock the same internals and aside from a few buttons here and an optical trackpad there, they're basically the same device. So it's not that surprising to find that the Desire ROM has been ported over to the Nexus One, but what is surprising is how fast it's been done. These modders sure are good.

Having the Desire ROM on the Nexus One means one gets to enjoy the wonders of the new Sense UI. Flash 10.1 also works on the Nexus One so you Flash-lovers out there should certainly get excited. There's a few complications, such as the system file was too big for the Nexus One's internal storage so re-arranging some bits was necessary but all in all, it's a great first step for the modding community. We're sure they'll hammer out the final details soon enough.

[modaco via engadget]


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HTC Desire ROM gets ported to Nexus One, brings Sense with it


Yes to the keyboard and Snapdragon, no to the larger screen. As long as the screen is WVGA, it can be less than 3" for all I care. Larger screens eat more battery, and when you enlarge the screen without enlarging the resolution, the image becomes less sharp. No thanks. Can't wait! More: http://bit.ly/htc-desire-nexus-on-steroids

No way will I be putting Sense on my N1 lol. I will, however, be pleased to get another OS update from Google before any of the other phones do though ;)

Any news on if you still get the benefit of the two Mics and if voice to text is there. I read that these weren't on the desire.