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HTC has confirmed that Gingerbread will be making its way to the Desire, Desire HD and Desire Z during the second quarter of the year, according to reports from SlashGear, which sources an HTC spokesperson. HTC also re-confirmed the Incredible S Gingerbread update, though this has been known since the phone was announced.

This is the first confirmation of a Gingerbread update for the Desire HD and Desire Z -- good news for owners of those phones, which are still under six months old.  Reports started to surface last week suggesting a Gingerbread update for the original Desire, which is now approaching its first birthday.

The Q2 2011 release window for these Gingerbread updates will coincide with the launch of HTC's new Desire S and Wildfire S, both of which run Gingerbread out of the box. [SlashGear]


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HTC Desire, Desire HD and Desire Z 'getting Gingerbread in Q2'


And this why I own HTC android devices and will continue too. Confidence in getting the next os upgrade and beautiful hardware. Now if they'd shove some dual core phones out.

HTCs are great , but relly expensive out side the US (maybe europe too)
In my country HTC Desire is only 80 USD cheaper than iPhone 4 , Desire HD costs more than 32GB iPhone 4 or a nicly eqp. Dell or HP laptop , HD 7 costs almost a 1000 USD

second quarter of the year, for "standard" devices..

for Orange (UK) it could be 2012... or not at all..

If only carriers would get the guys at Cyanogenmod to do their rollouts, we'd all have amazing phones from the start :-)

And what is with HTC Legend and HTC Wildfire which are newer than the HTC Desire? I hope it will come also in Q2 for these devices.

Well, with the Evo there is CM7 to hold us over, so with the Z getting it that likely means we'll get a Myn GB release with Sense.

Correct me if I am wrong, but the G2 is the Desire Z right? And if this is correct, my G2 will be included in this right?
- Sent from my bad%ss HTC G2

Naturally you and many people below are asking that question. As a fellow G2 owner I can only hope it wont be any later than the Desire Z's update, but it wasn't mentioned so we cannot assume so.

Running a tweaked vanilla version of the OS, the G2 should sensibly get the update long before any of the Sense variants do, but the G2 has broken a few hearts already. :P

Really hope we get a port on the inspire! I tried cm7 but found myself really missing sense! Never thought that would happen!

Seems like I can't get rid off of my Desire like....ever. And after official support ends, I can try for the first time custom roms hmm.

Since the Desire Z is the same as T-Mobile G2 but with htc sense does it mean we might get some gingerbread loving too?!?!?!

HTC EVO? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller?

Thanks HTC! *sarcasm*

Guess I'm just gonna have to flash CM7 to my phone to get some gingerbread goodness.

Hopefully this means the G2 will be getting it in the same timeframe - actually since the G2 doesn't even have Sense to get in the way, it should be able to get it faster than the Desire Z - hopefully HTC and T-Mobile will make it so.

Reason i am going with an htc phone next after my contract is up with the captivate. Seems like somebody actually understands how updates are supposed to be.

The Original Desire => Best Smartphone 2010 :D

Just the right size & weight, AMOLED screen, great performance, HTC Sense, etc. The only bad thing is the limited amount of memory (which is fixed by rooting and installing a2sd+).

Unfortunately I still can't find a worthy upgrade (with comparable size & weight). So it's very nice to see that the Desire will get Gingerbread :)