A few things we can promise you in 2012:

  • HTC will release Android smartphones.
  • They will be on U.S. carriers.
  • They will have Beats Audio.
  • They will be big, and fast.
  • They will have Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich.

And with all of those completely unsurprising realizations out of the day, BGR says it has word of one Android smartphone coming next year, possibly dubbed the AT&T Congressional, and possibly coming in April. ICS and Beats are a given. As are fast processors, good (or at least better) cameras, and so on and so forth. Hardware is hardware.

No, what we're really interested in for 2012 is what HTC does with Ice Cream Sandwich. Will we see the same old Sense (or, more likely, a new version of Sense) laid atop the Android framework? Will they combine UI features? That's the big question for 2012, folks. Hardware comes and goes. Very quickly.

Source: BGR


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HTC Congressional rumored for AT&T spring 2012


I just hope that at least one manufacturer makes a high-end device around 4". I think the large screen sizes are getting out of control. 4.5"? 4.65"? 4.7"? It's getting ridiculous. I already look like an idiot holding a 4" Galaxy S.

I am really excited to see what Samsung, HTC, and Moto do with Ice Cream Sandwich.

I definitely need a 4.3 to 4.5 incher... my thumbs are kinda more round so it's hard for me to type even on my Captivate. That half inch made a difference when I had a chance to try out a Skyrocket.

I'm sure there will be a wide variety of phones. But they will want to satisfy the majority of tech geeks who want a large high resolution screen first and then they'll design a 4" screen for the minority.

They shouldn't mark your comment as spam, but there are many Android 4 inchers, and you could've looked at them in phones here. For instance, the Atrix 1/2 and the LG Optimus 2X are great dual-cores at 4 inches.

If you look like an idiot holding a Galaxy S, you ,must be a midget with a small hand and head. I look perfectly normal with a captivate, now a short friend I have with an HD2..

BGR says the name with be the HTC Elite. Not sure where you guys got the "Congressional" name unless BGR said that first and has now updated their post.

Congressional? what an awful name.

and HTC designs are starting to look tired and dated compared to the Samsungs like the new G-NEX. sleek, all black, rounded, slightly curved, no lines, and no buttons is the way to go. these HTC square slabs with big thick edged bezels and backings and cheesy ornamentation and faux markings and designs don't look so hot anymore.

the EVO is a year and a half old. HTC and Chou need to go back to the drawing board and start innovating again rather than be lazy and spitting out EVO variants all day long (EVO, Incredible, Thunderbolt, Desire, Inspire, Aria, EVO 3D, Design 4G, Rezound, etc.) Chou better kick it up a notch and get his ass in gear or he and HTC are going to keep on getting smoked by Samsung and ultimately be put out of business.

somebody needs to Beats some Sense into them!

Naming a device the'll be big, slow, fight with itself, cost a huge sum, take long vacations, and quit every so often when pictures of itself with its clothes off show up.

I doubt it's the phone's name. Maybe the event will be the launch:

PGA event - AT&T National
Thursday Jun 28 – Sunday Jul 1, 2012

at Congressional golf course, Bethesda MD

The only thing I'm missing on my HTC Vivid is NFC. So if it doesn't have NFC I'm not buying. And of course it better have everything else that I currently have on on the Vivid.

Hardware is hardware? What does that even mean? Hardware comes and goes? WHAT!!!??? Yes, I understand that Hardware changes every-year, but why is that being overshadowed? I have to say HARDWARE IS THE MOST IMPORTANT PART!!!! Flashing new Rom's is half the fun of these phones! The carriers screw-up the phones usually, I love my Google/HTC/Custom Developers. It's how Android was suppose to be in the first place, open-source!

Quad-Core Tegra 3!!! That's what I'm waiting for, and how well will HTC code the OS to handle the core's, that's what I want to know about ICS...??

My Question for HTC, WHY NOT UNLOCK THE BOOTLOADER!!!??? COME ON! No HTC Vivid for me!

Root and Flash your phone if you don't think it run's well! It's prob all bogged down anyways and needs a nice clean wipe. My Inspire 4G has never run so well with how many awesome custom rom's there are, both Sense 2,3,3.5 and non Sense.

"Congressional". Does HTC have any US based employees who can clue the corporate HQ as to just how awful a name this is in the States?

Naming something "Congressional" in the USA is basically calling it awful, slow, inefficient, and something with an approval rating that ranks between Herpes and Hitler.

AT&T must've been in charge of naming this one. They're still a little spiteful about government intervention with T-Mobile.