Butterfly S

Latest leak shows re-vamped variant of the Droid DNA's international cousin

It looks like HTC's betting big on its "BoomSound" front-facing speaker technology, as images from Chinese site VR-Zone seem to show that the feature's made its way across to yet another upcoming phone, the Butterfly S. The design is almost unchanged from the original Butterfly (that's the international version of the Droid DNA) but there's one interesting addition down below. That's right, the new Butterfly now rocks dual front-facing speakers, just like the HTC One.

According to the source of the leak, the Butterfly S still features a 5-inch 1080p screen, and the rear speaker has been deprecated by the new front-facers. It's speculated that the internals have been upgraded too, and that the Butterfly S will be powered by a Snapdragon 600 chip. (And of course we can clearly see HTC's latest Sense 5 UI on-screen.)

More information is due at an Asian announcement event next Wednesday, June 19.

Source: VR-Zone; via: Engadget

Butterfly S

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And the pixellation around the top speaker doesn't make this look at least a LITTLE suspicious?

Alex Dobie says:

That's where you'd normally find serial numbers to identify prerelease devices out in the field. It's probably pixilated to hide that code, so the owner doesn't get fired.

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Oh, fair enough.

s2weden2000 says:

choice in comparison to the vEgetable company...

wxrusss8 says:

I love my DNA. I would definitely purchase a successor to it. TTY he only thing I wish the DNA had carried over from the Butterfly is the micro SD slot. 16 geebee's ain't nearly enough, especially when flashing ROMs and making nandroids.

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ConTejas says:

You only ever need ONE nandroid. Only ever need it in a pinch. Not that that will apease your storage concerns, but people keeping more than one backup are doing it wrong.

way2broke says:

maybe a mini subwoofer should go in place of the rear speaker.... ultrapixel & ultraboom sound both from HTC ... eehh just a silly thought... am loving the HTC ONE ....

on Chinese website it say this one has SD card

randyw says:

The Ones sold in China and Japan have a SD card slot and can run Dual SIM Cards.

mwara244 says:

Dual sims, one for work and one for private/ personal use. So I guess this what verizon is getting, since the butterfly and DNA were identical, except the verizon version is said to be called the One still, probably be Droid One.

patrixl says:

If it comes to Japan and if it's waterproof, I'm getting it. This is making me wait before rushing to buy an HTC J One.

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antw081 says:

Wonder if this is going to be another Verizon exclusive in the US.

Stadifer says:

I'm hoping this one hops over to AT&T as well. I love the original version but being on AT&T I don't have that option. If this was available on AT&T I'd jump on it.

mwara244 says:

The original Butterfly was almost identical to the DNA so probably, leaks say it will kepp the "One" name, so probably Droid One. I don't see why verizon can't just get a regular one, if VZW had the Nexus edition One, i'd be getting it. If stock android roms come out for verizon's One, I might get it, but I'll wait till Motorola's Hero/ Flagship device is released this fall after the summer mid range one. Getting sick of Verizon's BS control freak crap with everything

fightcrazy says:

Hope they give this phone a serious bump up in internal storage. Just don't understand the complete lack of storage on many of the top grade Smartphones??? Give the phone adequate storage, I prefer at least 64gb, costs pennies during the construction.

Adamsville says:

HTC got the button layout right :)

They usually do. Samsung is the ones with the OFP button layout.

Gearu says:

Actually Samsung are the only large manufacturer still doing it right.

When the onscreen buttons were introduced, someone at Google accidentally put them on the wrong sides and manufacturers mistakenly assumed they should follow that.

Bert336 says:

DNA 2 ..

Is it made out of aluminum like the HTC One ? can we please get different colors (Solid Black and Silver) VERIZON ?

Stadifer says:

Poly carbonate

Bert336 says:

I also hope they come with a better design for the speakers and ear piece.... those speaker grills collect dust and lint fast! I had my DNA for a month and i always throw my phone in my pocket...the DNA collected more dust in there that any other phone.

MarkSeven says:

It'll be on Verizon here in the U.S. and only come with 16GB & NO SD Card slot. Just watch..

it has SD card go read the source website

sMt73 says:

So did the original Butterfly. The DNA did not...

I think we just found our HTC One for Verizon.....

The bottom grille seems to me like a fake, I don't know why... I just don't get a good vibe from it. I think the shine on top of the grille makes it look like a sticker.
It also wouldn't go with the standard 2 button setup with the logo in the middle. Maybe it's just me being a bit skeptical, but someone could have easily taped over the back speaker grille and made it seem real. I just don't believe it.

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Standard 2 button setup? The setup they used in one whole phone?

return_0 says:

How is the 2-button setup standard?