Jason Mackenzie

Comparing HTC to the competition is like 'comparing a Rolex to a Timex'

HTC Americas president Jason Mackenzie spent 4 minutes talking on CNBC's Fast Money this afternoon. While he didn't have much to say about the leaks or any legal action against for the leakers — "We never comment on rumors and speculation" — he did have a lot to say about how HTC is intent on delivering great products to help regain some of the market that has slipped away from them.

According to Mackenzie, HTC knows that their customers appreciate products that are ahead of their time and have great design language. He even went as far as comparing HTC's products to Rolex watches, while the competition is more like a Timex. He went on to say that the HTC One franchise has a strong brand presence, will have great support from carriers and retailers, and thinks they have a "strong plan" to make the next flagship — no, the HTC One 2014 was not mentioned by name — a great success.

OK, so we really didn't hear anything we already didn't know. But if you're a fan of mobile, it's always fun to watch these sort of things. You'll find the video embedded after the break, or you can watch it at the source link below.

Source: CNBC


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HTC Americas president spends 4 minutes talking leaks, the future, and smartphone of the year


They make the best looking and feeling phone. I don't think he's going over the top...

Nexus 5...enough said

I'm pretty sure that more Timex watches are sold than Rolex watches every year. that doesn't make Timex the best. Doesn't mean they're not good and capable, but the Rolex just has that extra little something that makes it seem better.

So by saying Rolex, do they mean overrated and overpriced? (way better watches out there lol)

Well if he would have swapped Rolex with Alain Siberstein or Jaeger-Le Coultre or A. Lange & Sohne most people wouldn't know what he was talking about. Or people would be commenting about how out-of-touch he is with normal folk and that's why HTC sucks. blah blah blah

Nobody can win anymore with phone geeks.

And let's not forget Patek, Audemars, Vacheron, and Blancpain. ;-)

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Well I would say that it would be better represented, since HTC doesn't have the branding of Apple and Samsung, but is just as excellent as Patek etc.

But heck, was just having a giggle

The Moto G is a smartphone, as is the Lumia 520, and they don't cost 650-700. =) Though, it would be nice, if most high-end phones had a max price of 500.

Supply and demand determine prices. Remove all government intervention and watch prices drop through the floor on everything.

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No, I'd say that without government intervention prices would be higher....not that government intervention is the best, but these companies are out to make money. The fact is people are willing to spend money on luxury items and buy what they want....and if we don't have the money.....we buy it on credit....it's a vicious cycle.

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That's because the Carriers add on their "Middleman" pricing.

If carriers did not sell phones and their weren't used to trick people into contracts, they would easily be $100-200 cheaper

There are a ton of people, right here in this very thread, who get quality and functionality confused. Functionality is far, far more important than how a phone "looks", it a smartphone people, not a girl, lol!

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Well..... In the case of phones, quality is as important as functionality, and vice-versa. But, what I think you meant to say is design isn't as important as functionality, which I would agree with.

Or, maybe, I'm just arguing semantics?

I buy phones for their hardware (not necessarily specs)

Any functionality differences are covered by the developer community, whether it's apps or whole new firmware (looking at my S3 as I say that)

Posted by my Nexus 7 (2013) or my i9300 (custom rom)

People also confuse the different definitions of quality. On these forums people seem to use it to describe materials, look and feel, whereas many others would use quality to describe the absence of hardware defects in production and durability over time. I am not sure that HTC has distinguished itself in the latter category (the development of purple tint in the camera, etc.). Some people prefer Saabs and Audis for their "quality" but a number of my friends and family members have bought lemons that cost a ton to repair, so I would rather buy a cheaper Japanese car with the same features that is durable, while being ubiquitous enough to be supported well by third party repair shops.

I think the majority of people on this site and others use the term quality to mean 'shiny'. The truth is that if it weren't for the aluminum, the HTC One wouldn't have sold 5 units. Its got a few other nice features, but that phone is defined by 'shiny', which makes it more like a Rolex, because the people who buy it usually have more dollars than sense.

Really? When the htc one m7 was released it had far superior specs then just about every other oems flagship, and all the 5 star reviews that went along with it had a lot more to say then shiny

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Like I said.. if it had been plastic like the S4, nobody would've given that phone a second look. And I mean NOBODY.


I'm sure the HTC Desire 801 and 601 with their front facing stereo Boomsound speakers, Blinkfeed, Zoes, and Video Highlights and Sense UI will sell very well.

But, what do you know?

Your point is what, exactly? That people care about aesthetics? Congratulations, you've just discovered what people have known for thousands of years. The bigger problem is that you think they're confused about it. Trust me, we're not.

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I am all for aesthetics, but I don't think that in common parlance most people would include appraisal of aesthetics in the word "quality". If you want to buy a phone because it looks and feels better, that's great, but it doesn't mean other people are dumb for buying a "lower quality" option for the same price - it would just mean you think they have bad taste.

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Couple of things here. I never called anyone dumb. I was responding to someone who told me that I bought a phone because it was "shiny" and that I had more dollars than sense. Essentially calling me dumb.

Aesthetics are a part of EVERY conversation about quality. Design and materials always matter. Anandtech had a fantastic write up on the One when it first came out. In it, they pointed out the level of engineering that goes into making an all metal phone with no signal attenuation. That sort of dedication to making functional things beautiful is what design is all about.

There is an idea, a crazy idea, an idea that exists only on cell phone forums; the idea is that people who choose to take the look and feel of a device into our buying decisions are somehow foolish. That idea is crazy to me. It may not be the only factor, it may not even be the most important factor, but it absolutely matters.

Yes, I called you dumb, and after this last post, I would call you something much worse, but I think they moderate posts around here that contain profanity :P Sometimes the materials used to build a device really count (for example, the all glass body of the Nexus 4 was a terrible idea), but in this case? Not. In fact, I've offered HTC One fanboys before $1,000 if they could point out to me any real world evidence that the HTC One is more durable than the S4, and then I get this speech about how the 'premium feel' has nothing to do with durability. In other words, they concede that the One is not any more durable.

Given that, instead of them wasting time trying to figure out how to make an all metal phone with no signal attenuation, I'd rather have seen them put in an SD card slot, make the battery replaceable, and adding back the missing navigation button. But who cares about all that as long as the phone is pretty, right? They decided to focus on the aluminum, because they knew mouth breathers like you would jizz all over themselves over how 'sexy' the phone was.

The point here is that after all that rambling, you still haven't made a case as to why aluminum = quality. As in, if they had use Samsung's 'cheap plastic', how would the durability or performance of the phone have been negatively impacted? It appears that the S5 is now water resistant; if HTC doesn't pull that off with their next aluminum phone, then I'd say the material is actually a detriment. So no, aluminum really isn't about quality. If anything, it's just a personal preference, like how some people like small phones and others like big ones.

If you are someone for whom beauty truly means nothing then I pity you. If you are truly someone who is that incapable of recognizing that your own preferences are just like mine, preferences then I feel sorry for you. I really don't care about an sd card slot. I have over a terabyte at my house and I can move files on and off my phone at will. Exrtra battery? I'm never far from a charger.

You seem to admit that the One is every bit as durable as the s4 while being much nicer to hold. How is that a point in favor of the galaxy phone? Guess what? linoleum is durable, just like marble, guess which one people want in their bathroom. I don't need to make a case as to why aluminum is higher quality than plastic anymore than I need to argue that the Acropolis is more elegant than my condo. Music is a matter of preference, but anyone arguing that Britney Spears is better than Beethoven is just wrong. There's a reason why high end laptops are all made out of aluminum, carbon fiber, glass, or all of them. You apparently don't understand it. Fine. That deficit though, is just that, your deficit. Others are capable of enjoying something you can't. And for that I feel sorry for you.

Like I said, it may not be the most important factor. But I had lots of phones last year and the m7 was the best. It's look and feel certainly contributed. Apparently the gsma agrees with me.

As far as being classy goes I think you made my point for me.

As a general rule, if it doesn't have tits, I don't really care what it looks like. (I'm talking purely cosmetics here, not things such as size or button layout). I'm the type of guy that would wear a Timex, because it has 10x the functionality of a Rolex. (Although I would have to concede that a Rolex would probably last longer, but still not worth the price.) I don't need fashion accessories to show off to other people. I've seen guys go on and on about aesthetics of their gadgets, and then end up marrying a chick that looks like King Kong Bundy. But hey, I digress.

And I disagree that the One is much nnicer to hold. The S4 fits much better in my hand, and is considerably lighter, which I actually prefer. I'm not saying that the S4 is perfect either, as it has a lot of bloatware that I could really do without. In fact, I don't even own one (though I'm thinking about getting the S5).

You imply that aluminum is somehow 'better' than the plastic, but you can't articulate why. And the reason why you can't is because it's a personal preference. Has NOTHING to do with quality. Although you personally have no use for an SD card slot, it would be useful to a lot of people. Just like I have no use for the boomsound, but I can appreciate its utility. But aluminum is functionally useless. It exists for the sole purpose of, well.... I dunno. Some people have apparently been brainwashed by marketing departments into believing that this no more durable than plastic material must be better for some unknown reason.

If you've got two different materials that are functionally identical in durability, I say put the cheapest one on there and either drop the price of the item, or find other ways to improve it that actually impact functionality or performance.

First of all King Kong Bundy was Sexy! Maybe not Superfly Snuka sexy but sexy. I kid. Understand though, I'm well aware of my preferences. You are the one calling me a dumb mouth breather for having them. I'm well aware of the utility of an sd card slot. If you air hover finger float whatever the fjlsjdf it's called is your cup to tea so bit it. I prefer the boomsound (I hate marketing speak). I'm the type of person who cares how things look and feel. There are lots of us, and we tend to prefer metal to plastic. That people largely prefer the look and feel of metal over plastic is a fact that I have no desire to argue. But by and large people do and that is a fact. How much it weighs into an individuals decision may vary greatly from person to person.

I prefer to have balance. The truth is so do you. You're not going to buy a watch with a plastic strap like a child's toy. But I'm not the one slinging names if others weigh the decision out differently.

I'm also the kind of guy who would wear a timex over a rolex if it offered more of the functionality that I needed. But then timexes aren't hideous and hey, If I can afford to buy the rolex I can probably afford to have both. One for every day and one to wear to the celebrity charity auction or whatever it is people wear rolexes to.

And fyi, caring a little bit about what your clothes/furniture/decor looks like can help you get a lot more of these tits you speak of.

Well, here's the issue I have with the whole metal thing. OLED screen vs LCD, SD card slot vs cloud, skinned Android vs stock, small phone vs large, etc... I think we can all agree that these are obviously preferences. However, when it comes to metal vs plastic is where people lose their sh*t and act like the HTC One is somehow God's gift to phones because it's made of aluminum. They refer to it as a BMW where something like an S4 is a Ford. Every time a Samsung phone is brought up, somebody has to mention 'cheap plastic'. Not the Touchwiz bloatware, but the plastic. They act like if you have a plastic S4, the damn thing is going to fall apart in 2 days.

This leads me to believe that the aluminum is the most important factor to them when choosing a phone. I'm sorry but, even if we agreed that aluminum was preferable to plastic, it's not THAT damn important. And if you (and I mean generally, not you specifically) think it is, I'm going to continue to ridicule you and call you names :P If you're going to have something that's a deal breaker, let it be ANYTHING but cosmetics.

And I will tell you this... I'll take the faux leather of my Note 10.1 2014 and Tab Pro 8.4 over the aluminum of the iPad ALWAYS. There's no way in hell you could convince me that the cold back of an aluminum tablet sitting on your lap was ever preferable. To be honest, I actually prefer the rubber texture of the 2012 Nexus 7 to all of those.

Let me help you here, I don't think it's the most important factor when choosing a phone (something I've said three times now) and I, too, would choose the galaxy note over the ipad.

And if it makes you feel any better I think touchwiz is an abomination. God do I hate it. The simple act of adding a folder is the least intuitive thing I can think of. I also hate the white balance on amoled screens. And I've enjoyed the stereo sound as well.

But more to the point you adopted the position that anyone who thinks looks or materials matters at all is "dumb", And I don't even think you really believe that.

'But more to the point you adopted the position that anyone who thinks looks or materials matters at all is "dumb", And I don't even think you really believe that.'

Well, let's put it this way... if you (and again, I don't mean specifically you) bought an HTC One, and still would've bought it even if it were made of Samsung plastic, then I'll give you a pass. However, I doubt even 10% of people who bought that phone fall into this category.

And while I don't like Touchwiz as a whole, there are still parts of it I like, esp the multi-window stuff on tablets and the blocking mode on phones, and I can get all that with Nova Prime installed :) However, there's virtually NOTHING I like about Sense, except maybe the camera app. I mean, it's not particularly bad, but there's really no reason I'd prefer it over stock. Esp stock with a custom ROM like AOKP installed.

Quality? Yes. Functionality? It tells time. Just like a timex or casio. Does one need a 3000+ watch to tell time? It all depends on the person.

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That's awesome, man! For the longest time, I wasn't wearing watches. But, recently, I found a great deal on an Adidias and Relic watch, and I couldn't pass it up!


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

You have a point. I'd be driving something with 3 cylinders, except we have big hills here :P Still, an economy car is all I really need.


>'m pretty sure that more Timex watches are sold than Rolex watches every year. that doesn't make Timex the best.

flawed tired analogy used by intellectually lazy people like yourself. apples vs. oranges. different price points and different markets.

How is your thinking any different? You say the market disagrees, yet at MWC it was rated the best smartphone? I think you have nothing but your sorry opinion to rely on...

Nexus 5...enough said

Rolex and Timex are not competitors. they compete in different markets. hence, it's a flawed analogy to compare sales numbers.

I kinda agree. HTC wants the sales volume of samsung, but the supposed quality of Rolex. That's all fine and dandy, but Rolex knows it's not going to sell millions of watches, and prices thier stuff so they make money. If HTC is gonna go gangbusters on quality, they may need to up the price and the customer service.

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I don't think they have a snowball's chance in hell of coming close to Sammy's sales and they have to know that. I'm sure they would love it, but I doubt they could even produce 50% of that volume in a year, let alone sell it.

Yes, Gekko regularly provides abrasive, obnoxious, demeaning, unsubstantiated, irrelevant opinions while accusing others of being intellectually lazy?

Can't be taken seriously as Chou remains CEO and HTC continues to bring (multiple) award winning innovative and distinctive museum quality products to market.

While many enjoy Cracker Jack decoder watches, others prefer elegance, design, and innovative functionality.

Hey...something for everybody!

Oh by the way and as many know, Samsung and HTC are entirely different types of companies.

It's not my analogy, nincompoop. It was Jason Mackenzie's. Shouldn't you be spending your time begging Peter Chou to pay attention to you for 3 seconds? As far as being intellectually lazy, read my comment again and then read yours. Notice how you restated my point, pretended it was your point, then shot it down? I should have been more specific for you - Samsung, LG, et al. are Timex and HTC is Rolex. And for what it's worth, an analogy is supposed to use something that isn't in the same realm as the subject matter. Like using the solar system to explain to children the inner workings of an atom. See how one thing is really really big and the other is really really tiny?

intellectually lazy... says the guy who appeals to the market as an authority on build quality. I mean, appeal to authority is intellectually lazy enough to begin with, but appeal to the "market" as authority? way to take the "intellectual" out of "intellectually lazy".

Except Rolex can sell for a much higher price tag than Time, HTC can't do that with the One vs GS4/5(in fact Samsung outprices them significantly and still outsells them).

Poor Gekko. It is only you that disagrees...with every. single. HTC. article.
Please don't quit your day job. Do you hear me Gekko????????????

I disagree

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Yup he is delusional... And he can't hear you. Where's THE gangbang of question marks????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

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What the heck is he supposed to say, "Well, we aren't Apple but we are better than Samsung"?!

His job is to be positive.

Posted via Android Central App using an LG G2.

I love the way she reminded that Htc was at 11% market share in 2012 down to 4% in 2013.

Guess the entire world didn't get the memo of the best smartphone of the year in 2013.

Talk about needing to throw in the towel..

(Plain and simple NOTHING beats SAMSUNG or TMOBILE Posted from my Galaxy Note 3 via Android Central App)

Thought we'd make it through the night without the obligatory ball-sucking, but it showed up anyway.
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I guess the Ford Fusion is a better car than anything Audi, BMW, etc. can throw out there. We are talking about the best piece of hardware out there, not the phone that sold the most. Why do you Samsung fanboys get so pissed off about HTC? It's a better phone. Big deal. Move on. You don't have to have the best of everything.

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I love the way you used to support HTC like you do Samsung now. Sounds like you just jump around the bandwagon.

Nexus 5...enough said

Yes, because market share is the only metric to take into consideration. /s
By that incredibly ridiculous logic, Ford makes a "better" car than Bugatti, Ferrari, Aston Martin, or Lamborghini. That's also like saying Microsoft makes the best email client (Outlook), simply because it's used in pretty much all major businesses and even in the various branches of the military.
What a moron.

Squiddy my man! I love you and your comments on Android and Me! Seriously!

Nexus 5...enough said

Except every best of award on the planet is entirely subjective and mean absolutely nothing to people who can think for themselves. Lol

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Everyone knows iPhone. Everyone knows Galaxy. In relation to these brands, I don't think "One" is as strong as Mackenzie would like to think.

Its a better product, but not known by the 'average consumer.' The normal person is going to go look at what their friends own, which is most likely a apple or Samsung phone.

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We need to redefine what's normal then, lol.

On a serious note, I would like to see HTC, Motorola, and LG, among others, start to become more popular brands. Depending on how the Note 4 pans out, I think, my next phone will be either the G3 or G Pro 2, assuming T-Mobile picks up either (if I'm still even with T-Mobile).

Wait a second. We didn't see this before?
RY - - Richard Yarnell coincidence? I think not

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

It's only been out for one model, give it a chance to gain some mind share.

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Yeah, just imagine if Samsung had made the One or the X and there would be millions more people buying the better phones. Not like the s4's bad but what if every Samsung user gave the One a shot? I bet a good number would switch.

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Not until they change some things. I know people say it doesn't matter but since battery tech is not where I thought it would be, a removable one would be good

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Actually the new Snapdragon 800 chipsets provide significant power savings that eliminate the need for battery swapping. During extreme usage,, the new systems quick charge capabilities are more than adequate.

This battery swapping issue is essentially a thing of the past. Google and major handsets manufacturers now know they can manufacture handsets with significantly less bulk required by swappable batteries of the same capacity and they are doing so.

Some people are either stubborn or just slow at recognizing new realities or use it as an old and hackneyed response just like "Scratch and Dent" industrial strength hardened anodized milled aluminum in the usual flame wars.

Moreover, these various agencies and societies make their awards for design and innovation in a serious, contemplative, respectable and intelligent manner.

Most of the knucklehead statements herein are just shallow, immature, and irrelevant for other than a few hundred among millions.
MacKenzie has his position, pay scale, and respect for a reason. And from what I've observed he has been outstanding. Just watch the announcement on March 25th. I'm confident it will be extremely informative and exciting. And surely will excite the usual banal response from the irrelevant several hundred in these forums.

So people that went to the phone stores to check out phones to buy only see the Samsung phones.I seen the one it looked nice but for the same amount of money the Samsung line offers more bang for your buck especially if you have a Samsung TV. Mirrorlink also. I have a Panasonic TV and all i have to do is hit the icon on video and it goes straight to my TV nothing in between i don't know but i don't think the one can do that. The HTC one demo at the store looked real nice with the faded smoothed out areas where everybody was checking it out. So I don't think people buy Sammy and not the one because they don't know it exists. It is on display with all the other phones right next to the obnoxious display for the motox and i don't see many people buying that phone.
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The Moto X display is obnoxious? What's obnoxious about it?

It's an honest question, brother,and not meant to attack you in any way.

And there is people that buy samsung because they genuinely love the brand and that's great!

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Did the One franchise start with the One or the One V/S/X?

Give them a chance? How far have they fallen?

Honestly, I think it started with the One X. That was the year that HTC promised not to release too many handsets, but ended up anyway doing it anyway (the One had several variants).

Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

I am really excited about this phone. I dig the light brite case too. If I did contracts I would probably pick this up. However, unless it's close to nexus price I'll never get it.

I have a couple of Rolexs but also have Timex and Casio watches which keep far better time...I have never owned an HTC but will be willing to see what they bring to the market before dismissing it before seeing it...

Just checked out that video on you tube and it looks pretty nice to me!

Okay, love his enthusiasm but come March 25th we the consumers will decide if we will continue to purchase the TIMEX (competitors) vs the ROLI (HTC). Watching this unfold in 3D, like my one of my sales managers always said "the numbers don't lie"

HTC uses actual brushed metal, while Samsung uses fake, plastic brushed metal. That says enough about the validity of his statement.

So you think HTC are ahead of Samsung just cause they use metal for their phones?

Are your parents brother and sister by any chance?

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No it doesn't. Because Apple and Nokia used aluminum too and high quality polycarbonate for example. The HTC 8X polycarbonate is not near as good as Nokia's. And their design language is much more unique. The only phone design HTC nailed is the One. Its really good when compared with the Galaxy. But they are many other phones in the market,

Past their prime is a more apt description

I would like them see a comeback. I loved my HTC phones, I just wish they did a few things better on the One. Getting rid of the metal is a start
You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

Just curious to know, why would you want to get rid of the metal, and what would you replace it with?

Nexus 5...enough said

Soft touch back like the rezound. To me it's a no brainer.

Why get rid of it? Check out the drop tests from a week or so ago. With a removable back and no metal it would not be half as bad. Not to mention the scratch and dent on the back itself. With a removable door, 10$ later it looks new again

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

You seem to deceiving ignore the breakage reports posted a few weeks ago and the screen breakage repair guarantee announced by HTC.

What's your problem, man?

People who frequent these forums are on to you.

Moreover, some people, believe it or else, don't want or are just sick and tired of soft touch creaky plastic phones, saturated Amoled displays, bulky cases miss kitty back covers, removable batteries, 8GB on board available memory, and corrupted SD cards.

And of course others very well may enjoy going to the Samsung App store for pulse detectors, fitness trackers, magazine subscriptions, and Galaxy Gear apps.

That's cool.

On any phone

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

I know this crowd is in partisan denial but HTC has brought many innovations to the smartphone market, many of which have been copied.

Take note: no one in this thread mentioned MacKenzie's reference to HTC's program of continuing to bring innovation to their offerings. Also bringing their distinctive and innovative products to the midrange market including repair protection and timely update guarantees.

Blind faith jealous sheeple can belly ache about their under capacity borked plastic creaky Timex all the time. Although it's pitiful, it's also funny.

Gravel much you sorry lot?

BTW, the S5 unveiling was well received with lavish enthusiasm, eh?

Well, I'm sure the One will be well-received, just like last year's version. The repair protection is a great incentive to throw in. But, as for the timely updates, that we will have to wait and see, before we pass judgement on.

But, all in all, I hope to see HTC do well this year. I'd like to see other OEMs do great, as well. And, even though I like Samsung's devices, I am open-minded to picking another OEM, when my JUMP upgrade comes up later this year (July 20th, I think).


Posted from my "Gift from God" Note 3, my "God-Given" iPad Mini 2, or my "Risen" Samsung Chromebook.

They used to be very innovative, but became very stagnant. I want them to succeed, I just have doubts about the long term plan, with very good reason

Yeah, last year's front facing stereo Boomsound speakers, Zoes, Video Highlights, instantly responsive camera with excellent low Iigbt capabilities and of course the multiple award winning design and construction of the industrial strength anodized aluminum case were stagnant. BALDERDASH

Jokester, everyone, except a few hundred sheeple followers are on to you.

BTW, what's this Magazine interface all about?

HTC needs to do a lot more than just a metal back to win the masses over. They will not be a household name unless they wow the masses with a signature feature or cult following based on other products purchased mainly for status. (Ok and quality)
Samsung makes almost every major appliance and device thats used...needed in a house and the phones do 101 things the average user really doesnt use, but its so cool!

Apple makes simple to use comuters and electronics and is probably the 6th largest religious cult in the world.

How many types of products is HTC pushing world wide aside from cell phones? How many models of cell phones are they pushing?

Its about visability.

Sent from my SG Note 2

That is where HTC continues to fall short.... Features!!! I keep saying they don't need the sheer amount of features that Samsung uses but two solid, useful features would turn heads. The dual window view for Samsung was genius now if only HTC could give us something as great besides a launcher with some cool icons over stock.

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HTC, you already have a sexy, beautiful phone but your features are your Achilles heel. Yes, you have Zoe but that's all you have give me useful, practical features. If you can't do that then give me RIDICULOUSLY long battery life.

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Dunno why no one's put it out there yet: suspect the leaks are on purpose. And if so, they're brilliant (the amateurishness, the reactions on Twitter, etc). The mobile marketing equivalent of viral campaigns in the entertainment industry, without the wink and a smile. Why try to outgun Samsung and Apple with fancier, louder, and more prevelant commercials, via traditional mediums when you can go smarter and sneaky?

Rolex vs Timex huh? I was going to disagree with him until I remembered that the new HTC One will be made out of metal and not cheap, terrible, stinky plastic. Plastic is gross and stupid. What the hell was I thinking?

I was being sarcastic. I just enjoy making fun of all the people falling all over themselves simply because a phone is made out of metal.

Why has Casio been left out of the conversation?

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

2 days ago...A dear friend of mine told me she was in the market for a device that's not a galaxy device. I had to actually Google a picture of the htc one and take a couple minutes describing it to her. Never seen or heard of it before..2..days...ago...
HTC deserved to win smartphone of the year, but besides the puny android/tech community...few will care or understand why.

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How many people were on that panel? Like eleven. I actually don't know but my point is that just because a few tech geeks, of which I am one, say so doesn't make it so.

Sometimes I can't fathom how stupid people can possibly be until I read posts on this forum. I love the stories, but the posts can be so ignorant sometimes. Legit, I'm a huge nexus fanboy and I never owned an htc one until last week. I never put htc down and usually used them in an argument against iPhone sheep to say there are android handsets that have quality builds. I have to say, that the htc one that I own, is on par with every spec I desire besides the snapdragon 600 which I must remind myself of when this phone was released. The build and features along with the sense 5.5 being very close to stock android and whatever tweaks that were made were very nice and streamlined. I can't find anything to say about this phone in the negative. Maybe no sd card slot but I'm used to that and 32 gb on board storage for a phone isn't too shabby. The camera is Rediculous. The functionality is just as good as the quality to those who seem to know nothing about htc. For me, the htc one m7 is incredible, and those who have read prior posts know how much I can't stand oems messing up android. I think it's safe to say that this new htc one coming out us definitely a win for htc. If you don't like it you probably like the galaxy s5 and that would explain a lot of things

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Great post until you ruined it with the parting dig.

Samsung makes great phones. Sony makes great phones. Moto makes great phones.

The question is, which one does what you want? For me right now it is Samsung. For others Sony. Some it's HTC.

Show me another phone like the Note 3 and I would consider it

You really should see the crap I don't post. Sorry if honesty offends you

LOL, HTC brand is not even well known as Timex... He is comparing it to Rolex :))

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Well of course it did, you read through all these moronic comments before you got to one that actually made sense, Mine. Snark looks ugly on you by the way Bldyldt.

For me, I don't care about what a phone is made out of. My phones all go right into cases so the feel of a phone is not something that sways my purchasing choice. What does sway it are things like battery longevity, speaker quality, screen, call quality, features, etc.. HTC has had some terrible phones, but then again what phone company hasn't. Their recent market campaigns (with RDJ) were just god aweful and they have slowly slipped out of the publics interest. In my family/friend/coworker circles not a single person owns an HTC phone. They all have Samsung, Nexus brand, iPhone or Blackberry's. I'm not sure what HTC needs to do to get back in the game, but they need to do it fast.

Looking forward to see what HTC is putting out there on their flagship phone on March 25. I had the Evo, then switched to Samsung Galaxy Note 2, and I have to say, I prefer the ergonomic feel of the HTC phone much more. And the HTC One is just so much better looking! I might switch back to HTC.