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Remember how we saw some HP TouchPad devices mysteriously show up running Android, and the ensuring HP investigation as to how they ended up in the hands of consumers? Well, there was no conclusive answer as to how that happened, however HP has now released the kernel source code for that version of Android for the Touchpad to the CyanogenMod team.

Wifi drivers aren't included, but this is still great news for those toiling away to bring the latest version of Android to TouchPad owners. The information derived from the kernel brings some interesting info to light, as RootzWiki user Green notes --

"It seems to be a totally separate development from the webOS kernel (this was suspected from the very beginning), but now the comments in the code seem to imply that HP had another team working on Android port to Touchpad and that team appears to be totally separate from the webOS team. I wonder if that means there was a plan to ship the Touchpad with Android that were then preempted by webOS plans after Palm purchase."

What it all amounts to in the long run isn't really known just yet, but hopes are that portions of it will be adopted into the CyanogenMod 9 Android 4.0 port for the HP TouchPad. Bugs aside, the TouchPad make a great little tablet when Android is loaded on it (and, some would argue, when it's not).

Source: RootzWiKi; via: webOS Nation


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HP releases Android TouchPad kernel to CyanogenMod team


I've been using Cyanogenmod9 for a month now and it is GREAT! yes mic, camera, and HD youtube vid is missing but i think the android community needs to understand that this "Alpha build" is very much more a very stable beta. The CM team has done a wonderful job! Before you go on and bash or complain about CM9 or like webOS, please check out youtube videos and rootzwiki to see how amazing the CM team has done to this tablet while still keeping WebOS as a dual boot

btw, Erik "dalingrin" Hardesty who is one of the main CM Team developers for the HP Touchpad said that this won't advance much in the CM9 build unfortunately:
"Kernel source from HP would have been more helpful earlier in development. Don't expect huge gains from this source."

"It will help with things like serial console and Bluetooth. Most other areas it *might* with will be minor."

Check it out on!/dalingrin

Yes it is a little late, but better then never and I'm glad to see it offered up.

CM9 is Fantastic even in Alpha...keep up the great work! Sorli....

Anyone having the same issue with connectivity to a WIFI network? Everytime I try to connect to a WIFI network it goes back to the screen that you see booting into android. BTW I am running CM9 4.0. It also has done it to me in the previous version. Can anyone help me please? Thank you very much!!!