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Well, what do we have here then? Right after HP CEO, Meg Whitman, came out saying the company needed to provide a smartphone, we see mention of one. First though, we need to say this. The information comes from a set of benchmark logs, and we know these things can be faked. Now, that's out of the way, let's take a look at what we've got.

As Derek Kessler points out over at webOS Nation, the likelihood of a future HP smartphone running webOS would be unlikely -- "less likely than getting CrackBerry Kevin staying off of BlackBerry devices for longer than a day." Given the long standing relationship between HP and Microsoft, the first assumptions were that this could have a Windows Phone 8 connection. Well, maybe not. 

Showing up in a GLBenchmark log is a device codenamed 'Bender,' made by HP and running Android 4.0.4 and packing some interesting specs. Powering the Bender is said to be a dual-core Snapdragon S4, and the display resolution is a rather odd 1366x720. For a device with a HD display, this 17:9 aspect ration does seem strangely tall. It at least would indicate a screen size above 4 inches, so no Android powered HP Veer then. 

There's every reason to be skeptical about the existence of such a device, and there could be any number of reasons for what we're seeing. Including it all being a big fake. However, let's not forget that the HP Touchpad was supposed to run Android before the acquisition of Palm. So, it's possible for sure, especially if HP has already considered Android in the past. 

It's a big old heap of rumor at this point, and we'll have to stand by and wait to see if anything does ever come of it. In the meantime, be sure to head on over to webOS Nation for their take. 

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HP "Bender" shows up in benchmarks log, running Android 4.0.4


If HP makes an Android phone, we'll be able to hear the screams of webOS nation through the walls of our homes.

Nah, most of us have LONG since moved on. I've been on Android since last November and there is so much that I CAN do (that i COULDN'T with webOS) that the only thing I was upset about was waiting so long to jump. I wouldn't get too excited about this phone, however. Other than printers, I can't think of a thing HP has done in the past 5 years that they didn't completely ****-up.

That's more of what I wanted to imply. A great OS killed by poor timing, bad hardware, crap launches, and horrible luck. They'd have every right to complain.

As a HP stock holder I'm am pleased this new development. (A toned down version of what I really want to say.)

That resolution might be a good idea. If we subtract 86p for on screen buttons we get the resolution: 1280/720. Well it might be not it exactly but for me that is the idea. We get taller screen for better use of buttons.

Ok... I am probably a glutton for punishment (Launch day Pre owner here, jumped to the HTCE4L which sucks)... But... What would make the HP any different then the rest of the established Android makers?

HP needs a Skin... Is it possible... Would they dare? Imagine an Android phone with a WebOs skin....

Integrated messengers and contacts, better notifications, card based app switching and grouping with "active" windows...

The best of all worlds... Or at least the merging of them...

But then what would happen to WebOsNation?

There are only seven or eight people left in WebOSNation, so I don't think that makes much difference. I still loved the late model old Treo desig

That is what I was thinking also, a Android phone with a WebOS skin would be something to think about.

Not only the webOS theme but the rest of the webOS goodness would be great. Just Type & a vertical slider with Pre keyboard (which was licensed from BlackBerry) would be great!

If only HP could figure out how to run Android in the webOS card system... Best of both worlds.

Oh, and I'm thinking the "weird" 17:9 ratio might be so that on-screen keys have more room, maybe taking the actual display 16:9.

Thing 1: assuming this is true, good decision, HP. There's almost always room for another OEM, but not for a 5th mobile OS (I'm giving BlackBerry the benefit of the doubt).

Thing 2: Bender was the unusable (b/c of IP issues) codename of Android 1.1.

Thing 3: Is that a picture of the robot Bender on an HP webOS phone?

I'm almost positive 1.0 and 1.1 were Alpha/Beta respectively with Cupcake starting the theme.