How to update Google Play Store

Oh, Google. You and your little tricks. Dunno how old this is (Update: Ah, since March or so. Cool.), but apparently there's a neat little trick to forcing your Google Play Store app to check for an update. No installing apk files from who knows where. No waiting like a peasant.

Just a couple taps of a button.

Are you ready? Here it is.

Open the settings menu in the Google Play Store app. Scroll all the way down. Tap on the Build Version section.

How about that.

We presume there's a little more back-end magic to it, but whatever. We now have a "check for updates" button, and we're going to mash the hell out of it.

Props to +Phil Edge for pointing it out and for having an awesome name. And props to +Russell Holly for the act of headline savagery. And props to Google for remembering to have fun with its operating system.

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jimjr says:

Nice tip, thanks!

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nexus15 says:

Except it doesn't always work, and I wonder if its a rolling update like the other google apps. Because with the most recent play store release I remembered androidpolice mentioning this exact method and pressed it and DID NOT get the message Phil is showing, so I proceeded to sideload as usual.
I'll try again next update and test.

tillerrw says:

Props and props.

AeonZeroX says:

Wait how long has this been there?!

Archon810 says:

For everyone wondering how long it's been there, since 4.6:

Spoiler alert: It was March.

benthe1 says:

Gotta love people who give links for a simple question. Especially links to other, competing websites...

y2whisper says:

Was back with this version

Whats funny is that since that time i have been sideloading apks completely forgetting that this existed.

asd216 says:

I actually seen this before I read it here lol but nothing has changed.

Edit: it worked...

Gekko says:

now you're bringing me some value!

Great! Now it's your turn. ;)



rayjr13 says:

Get some!!

RAdeff says:

not working always. today i tried that. only worked on my nexus 4, but not on nexus 7. but after a few hours, worked on nexus 7 too. the point is, all they this button was useless. but still better, than just waiting... :)

RAdeff says:

*all day

Paradocks says:

Just updated. Went from version 4.6.17 to version 4.8.20. Nice tip!

korab84 says:

Very easy...awesome

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Glenuendo says:

Now if it where this easy for the other Google apps.

dadathepanda says:

Cool. Had to restart the app to see the change in version number

Works, Love it.

dcdttu says:

Can we please have this option for Android itself? Just tap the build # and BAM!

DeerSteak says:


mxmarcus says:

Works on Nexus 7 and Galaxy S5


Ugh, I need to hurry up and get another Android device. I'm starting to go through withdrawals, lol. Hopefully, some more 4G tablets are released soon.

benthe1 says:

Why do you "need" another one? Isn't one enough?

retsaw says:

No, multiple devices is how I multitask on android ;)

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Freshy#WN says:


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froyoman says:

This is insulting to savages.


CeluGeek says:

I hate to burst people's bubbles but you're still subjected to Google's stage rollouts. You may mash the hell out of that Build Version section and you'll keep seeing that Google Play is up to date until Google decides you're deserving of the update.

Ben Lutgens says:

I get "A new version of Google Play Store will be downloaded and installed" I hit Ok but nothing happens.


CeluGeek says:

After hitting OK, you need to exit the Play Store and restart it.

TimmyTwo2 says:

I exited and restarted my Play Store, still on 4.6.17, do I need to force close it in settings?

Yogimax says:

Exit and leave it 5 minutes. Then restart - give it a chance!

Shared from my HTC One

TimmyTwo2 says:

Yeah, I'm too impatient, I checked it now after waiting from my comment 30 minutes ago and it's 4.8.20. :-)

Ben Lutgens says:

My note3 got the update but my tab pro 8.4 did not (as of last night) I haven't tried yet today.

advocat3 says:

same not sure what's going on here

iamblob says:

I have been doing this since 4.8 came out but it has never worked for me.

NoYankees44 says:

Like a savage or a pleasant? I think Jerry is rubbing off on Phil. I like it :-)

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It worked, but in the background, without showing any progress or notification after the fact.

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TenshiNo says:

That's how Play Store updates are designed to download. Just tap the build number, close the Play Store, wait a few minutes and then load it back up.

This is awesome

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NYRbeezer says:

Worked on my Galaxy Mega.

Tigrisan says:

Huh...pushing the button...waiting...waiting...waiting...nothing is happening here...

intrepid359 says:


decypher44 says:

Sweet! Worked like a charm.

So, is 4.8.20 the current version, as of 6/4/2014?

intrepid359 says:

Doesn't work for me. It says it's gonna download a new version, but then it just sits there doing nothing.

savdini says:

Mine was already updated. It's apparent that I'm better than all of you

Nexus 4 - CM10.1.3

fatboy97 says:

That is sooooooo coooooooool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thanks Phil

A895 says:

Instructions not clear, phone is bricked.

TenshiNo says:


Ok I tried it and exited then waited 4 hours then went back in tried it two more times then didn't exit because I was going to force close then I get my Antivirus scanning Google play store so I went back in and saw it was updated. I don't know what's new about it though.

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This is why I love android. Thanks for the tip.

pacoinurreta says:

Mine auto updated. 4.8.20 is the last one, right? Cause it says it is updated :O

crxssi says:

Yeah, my Nexus devices already have 4.8.20... what is the purpose of the update button??

scouser73 says:

That's right, you have the latest version.

StuartV says:

Did it. Updated from 4.6 to 4.8. Now, what does that do for me?

gkatsev says:

Now if only there was a way to do that with a OTA update short of flashing the OTA manually.

theShiz says:

Unfortunately they took the ability to use emojis in the reviews. So no more using thumbs down pics for sucky apps and vice versa. Like they went backwards with that stuff

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TenshiNo says:

It might have been a situation where some people got a little "carried away" with the feature, so they took it out to keep the reviews looking professional. Giving user's too much "do whatever you want" power can be dangerous. MySpace, anyone?

mertzi says:

This has been present since last version but it has never worked. I've tried it on 3 different devices, (nexus 7 2012 and 2013 + sgsIII) and it hasn't worked on any. I've sideloaded on the n7 2013 and the s3 but not on the n7 2012 just to see how long it actually can take and it still hasn't updated and doing this force update trick still says up to date. Last google play store has been out 3 weeks. Googles update schedule is really random.

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otherbot says:

Sideloading like a savage is freakin' funny.

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Boo Oleeo says:

I tried mirror apks but glitches, thanks.

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scouser73 says:

You should add that people need to restart their devices to complete the process.

TenshiNo says:

I didn't have to restart the device. Just closed the Play Store and relaunched it a few minutes later.

rkcmd says:

Woah. that was absurdly easy...

"slaps my own head and drinks milk"

Wlctttrue says:

Thanks for the tip. When I checked my moto X was already on that version 4.8.20.

Google10 says:

Not working on my AT&T One X

neonworm says:

Great tip.

lrnano says:

Thanks for the tip... good to know things like this.

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G0G1 says:

This is so funny. I'm still laughing...Without sideloading like a savage...No waiting like a peasant. Great.

deeb215 says:

Works, have to restart the device after exiting the store. Good looking out AC.

lkovach says:

This isn't working for me. I have a Verizon Galaxy S3

UPDATE: It finally worked!

Taz89 says:

Even this doesn't work, I been using this method even for the version before this was released which was like 2 weeks ago and never got it. You still have to wait till the stage effin rollouts reaches you.

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Thank you

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What's all the fuzz about? Go to settings in Google Play. Check for updates. Update if there are any updates. End of story. Absolutely no news here.

Has anyone got the update that was released today?

ahmedahmadi says:

for me it still says that its up-to-date !!!!!

the gator says:

Thanks, couldn't be easier.