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Bionic LTE

Finally the Motorola Droid Bionic is available, and knowing you, Mr. Excited, you were first in line to grab one at the local Verizon store, huh? Well, you may have been in shock when you noticed how much LTE can affect your battery, or you are a conservative type with the battery and would rather turn it off when not in use, and luckily doing so can be quite simple. A few quick clicks and your LTE can be turned on and off, let's check out how.

  1. Open settings
  2. Scroll to wireless and networks
  3. Select mobile network
  4. Click on network mode and select CDMA Only

Want LTE back, do the same and select CDMA/LTE instead of CDMA only and you are all set. 

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Reader comments

How to turn off LTE on the Motorola Droid Bionic


Only a matter of time before someone creates a widget for this... good stuff.

On a different note, what app can I use to take screen shots of my phone like this? On a rooted Nexus S 4G!

Oh, and First! :-P

If you're rooted, there's a number of apps you can use. I personally use Drocap2. It's free and has three settings for taking screenshots (shake, timer, and notification).

Cm7 nightly has a screen shot feature baked in by holding the power button. Gotta love cm!

Also, y isn't there a button or widget for lte? It must be a big red thing cause the thunderbolt had the same issue.

Lets all just pay more money for capped data, locked bootliaders and make phones that are difficult to turn off the fast data so most people are sure to go over their plan! Why does anyone use vzn again!?

"Why does anyone use vzn again!?"

Because they have the best 3g coverage, they are the only US carrier with LTE, & are now getting some of the best phones.

Are you on the tiered data plan or something?

I want more BIONIC news. Please help setting up apps in bionic like transferring from A X to Bionic.

Changing from LTE to CDMA! It`s a big job to do.Thanks to Sprint way to do it, one click and you done,good luck people with the VZW ways to do things.
That`s why you been charged EXTRA money from what Sprint, just to teach you how to turn the LTE on/off.

You really sound like a true sprint fanboy(girl). The reality is, who cares if there is a widget to do it on sprint, the fact still remains that verizon lte shits all over sprints wimax network. Yes, verizon customers pay more than sprint customers but at least verizon customers can see where their money is going. Look at how verizons lte network is blossoming and what has sprint done for you recently? Now with all that said, I am a 10 year veteran with sprint and I don't have any plans to leave them any time soon. It does aggravate me to some extent to see sprint lag behind so much, fortunately I live in a 4g market and most places I travel for business has sprint 4g as well. I just really hope they have some really big news for us on 10/07/11.

I'm on a sprint blackberry style 9670 of all things. I agree with u about the network. VZW may shit on sprint's wimax but sprint has unlimited data for either a regular smartphone (like most of the blackberry's) or 4G smartphones (for instance the evo 4G.) I'm a tried and true sprint customer and the price is second to none. It's all a matter of personal preferance. I'm glad that you've stuck by sprint for so long. I plan on staying with them for years to come.

Yea right. I just left Sprint and switched to Verizon. There is a reason Verizon cost more. Their service actually works.

Once again that's a geographical opinion. I'm in Orlando where sprint has excellent coverage and frequent the usvi where sprint is the only thing that works!!!

LOL, sprint working in the USVI? I don't know when you were there last or how frequent you go but I can assure you that sprints service in the virgin islands is a joke at best. In the last two years I have literally flown to St.thomas for at least 1 week out of every single month, hell I am going there in 5 days again on business so I am definitely qualified on this. When I am there I literally drop at least 5 calls a day(with full signal strength) and I am not even exaggerating. It was so bad that I had to go pre-paid with t-mobile just to have a back up phone just in case. Don't get me wrong I love sprint and they work flawless for me when I am in the continental united states but when I am in St. Thomas its hit or miss and at&t's service is just as bad honestly. Whats even funnier is that I don't even think tmobile even sells service in the USVI(they do have towers though) but my prepaid tmobile phone works better than any att/sprint phone when I am there.


To add though this is another reason why I am not with verizon, verizon phones roam when you are there so verizon is not an option for me at this time.

It may be a geographical opinion, but I have a funny feeling that there are a whole lot more geographical opinions that agree with me than disagree.

If memory serves, the EVO didn't have a 4G toggle widget when it was first released, & Sprint added it in an OTA update after release.

Thanks Jared. My first (or next) question would be. Once the LTE is turned off, would 'Any' data switch from the market work then, for shutting the 3G off? I use 'Data Switch' now to keep my 3G battery from being taxed, while roaming the hills, on a long drive. Any suggestions anyone?

Me neither. At the very least in the network setting menu have a clearly marked switch for turning off 3G and 4G. Of course coming from the Droid Eris that's where I was looking in vain for these settings. I guess having the data switches in the battery area makes sense but it adds an extra step.

Maybe I just have get used to the Moto way. ;-)

I did this yesterday to save my battery but its not worth it, My bionic is garbage without lte on. When I switch to CMDA only i rarely have 3g and no websites load. I always end up turning LTE back on.

Download "mysettings" from the market and this setting it can be at your fingertips as well as a lot of other useful settings :-D

So, have any other phones been released (Bionic, others) or any known upcoming phones that have the ability to have voice and data over 3G (not 4G) at the same time like the Thunderbolt? I am ready to get rid of my Tbolt due to numerous issues and refurbs, but really like that I can have simultaneous voice/data like on a GSM network.

Replying to your message via 4g LTE while talking to my girlfriend on speaketphone. She's like "are you listening to me???" Lol. Doesn't work over 3g answer your question.

No,so far only the Thunderbolt has that feature(SVDO). The upcoming HTC Vigor will very likely have it though since it's an HTC LTE device.

There are a few shortcut apps in the Market that will take you straight to the CDMA/LTE option screen in just one click. No widget yet, but it saves you a couple seconds of hitting "Menu, Settings, Network, Mobile, CDMA/LTE on/off." The one I'm using now is called "LTE Switch," and it's free. Hopefully a fully functional widget is added to the market shortly.

Thanks for the info on this. Today I tried it and sprained my finger, man I sure hope they bring out a widget for it !

So, get an LTE phone and turn off LTE to save battery life? Isn't that like buying a Ferrari and then never raising the RPMs above 2500 to save gas?

No dcreed, it's like shutting off the Ferrari engine, when going in to see a movie. Much of the battery taxing is done when traveling, or having the phone in and out of marginal area's. Bottom of hills, in the locker at the gym, some desk drawers, basements(lower floors) etc. Some affects 3G more than LTE/4G. If it's looking hard for a good link, it's drawing the juice. If your swimming in the pool, no need to have the 3G-4G/LTE on. But of course you want the phone on, to see missed calls, etc.

Exactly. LTE drains a LOT of juice. Sometimes I don't have access to a charger every 5 hours... That would be like running out of gas in the Ferrari in the middle of the desert. ;)