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The Barnes & Noble Nook Color is a great little $250 e-reader to turn into a decent little Android tablet. But maybe you went just a little too far and borked it. Or maybe you just want to go back to stock because your wife is tired of you monkeying with things. No worries. Android Central Forums member lancelot916 has whipped up a great post describing some issues that may force you to reset things, and he's got great instructions on how to do it. [Return your Nook Color to stock and re-root if you want]


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How to return your Nook Color to stock


Thanks, but I hope I will never need this. Just installed Froyo on the internal flash and overclocked it to 1.1GHz.

Now Angry Birds are seriously flying!

I'm going to have to do this so the wife can look at Nook magazines. Seems the Nook app on Honeycomb doesn't show magazines as an option.

Guys, did you follow these instructions for installing CM7 - ?

I just tried it and run into a problem. After finishing of installation and rebooting Nook shows a message that installation failed and prompts me to try to turn it off and then start again. When I do it, Nook starts to load, shows small "ANDROID" text and freezes.
I tried it with both 8 GB ClockWork and with 1 GB ClockWork, it doesn't make any difference.
Before going back to stock, I'd like to explore what other options are available.

Any advice please?

You could comment here or send me email to vkelman AT gmail.


Just installed CyanogenMod 7 (gingerbread) nightly on it a couple days ago. And to my surprise you can install Adobe Flash 10.1 on it. Wow! I've been bragging about this to a co-worker who grabbed a Motorola Xoom last week; he's still waiting on Adobe to release Flash and for Motorola to get his SD card slot functional. I got my nook as a birthday present from the wife and kid so there's no restoring to stock for me (I hope... fingers crossed... that I don't brick it...). Doing all this rooting, ROM installing is just too easy on these Color Nook's, taking out all the fun... no pain... no gain......

I just got mine a few days ago and put CyanogenMod 7 on it last night. So far I am loving it. I've been showboating it to my wife, who loves her Kindle. This is all that and more for around $250; so I am sure she will be changing her mind soon. Now I just have to figure out how to get wireless tethering to work from my rooted EVO and I'll be set...

Update: Just got Barnacle WiFi Tether to connect to my NC with an average of 5 MB/s (3G).

I saw the tweet that Jerry was buying one last night and then this headline in my Twitter feed and I thought good god what did he do to it overnight that he's writing about putting it back to stock already. Glad to see it wasn't that.

I join the chorus of posters who hope to never use this. My NC is clocked at 1.1Ghz and sporting Honeycomb. It's not without issues, but has been a fun project and a surprisingly useful tab.

anyone been able to actually get the ROM to load to an SDCard yet? I'd rather be able to boot into the stock rom while at B&N by inserting the card.

Yes, booting from the SD card works fine except I was never able to get Market to work. The only issue I had was burning the image with WinImage - it kept failing from my Windows 7 laptop. I switched to my 7 Starter netbook, and everything worked great. Don't know what the problem was, but that was a simple solution.

After doing Honeycomb on the SD, I decided to install on the main memory for speed and Market access. Good luck.

This is exactly why I wrote the thread on restore to stock 1.1.0. Wifey said no more monkeying around. And really its just an oversized android phone so I had to sell...