Quake III Arena

Forget Flash. Who needs Farmville? Here's the only gaming anybody really cares about: Quake III on the Motorola Droid. And after the break, we show you how to do it and have video of the game in action.

Installation on any Android phone running 1.6 or higher (needed for the Open GL graphics) is pretty straightforward, following the instructions from the kwaak3 project. Here's all you need to do:

  1. You're going to either need an original Quake III CD (remember those?) Or you can download the Quake III Arena demo. Install the game to your computer. Then download and install the Version 1.32 updater.
  2. Download and install the kwaak3.apk file to your phone.
  3. Now you need to make a "quake3" directory on the root of your storage card. And create a "baseq3" directory inside of that. (If all this directory talk scares you, think of them as folders. You need to make folders on your SD card. If you need help accessing the storage card, try this tutorial.)
  4. Go to where you installed the game on your computer and find the pak0.pk3 file. Copy it to the /quake3/base3 folder you created. Do the same for pak1-pak8.pk3 from the Version 1.32 updater.
  5. Now run the kwaak3 app on your phone. (When you're asked for a CD key, just hit the back button on the phone.) Enjoy!

Quake III ArenaQuake III Arena

Quake III ArenaQuake III Arena

Quake III Arena


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How to: Play Quake III Arena on the Motorola Droid


I wonder if you can do this with any other game? like "worms" or "age of wonders" or ""Diablo 2!!!" maybe....

Nice.. My point was.. is the file that we are to transfer, is it only in the WINDOWS version? If I am on Linux, do I need to do it from a Windows box..

As much as I'd love to download and play this game, my battery will be gone in less than 15 minutes. I would have to only play this while hooked up to a charger.


now all we need is someone to make an app that allows you to use a keyboard and mouse through that mini usb port thingy.

I know wired mice are better for gaming (and so are computers) but how about using a bluetooth mouse and keyboard? Wonder if android can support that BT profile.